Tag: Sitting together is an admission of guilt for Republicans

Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Obama will focus on Jobs in his speech…. Um, yeah same thing he’s done every time he speaks, but the actions don’t match the written word. You can speak about how great you are and how you are christian, or how you were born here or whatever, but until some action is seen your words are uselss.

I’ve also heard that congress will be sitting next to each other rather than split by party. For me this is totally ridiculous. This all came about because of the shooting in Tuscon. Media and liberal elitists two minutes after the shooting blamed “Heated Rhetoric” for the shooting. Sitting side by side with the very same people that made that claim lends credibility to that claim. So unless you are going to sit with your party’s opposition so when they stand up to applause you can yank their ass back in their seat, keep your dumbass on YOUR SIDE OF THE AISLE.

There is a reason the party’s are separated, it’s called checks and balances. IF you are all going to sit together and sing happy songs, then one of you are unnecessary.

We on the “Extreme Right”  AKA “Unapologetic, truthful, unafraid AMERICANS” have become disenfranchised with the idiots in Congress. We have pretty much determined that the two parties are too closely matched. Which makes a lot of sense when you look at where we are now. NO CHECKS, NO BALANCES.

IF the R’s and D’s sit together in the SOTU address, I personally will consider it slap in the face of our founders. And I hope the D’s use this in their campaigns for 2012. And they will.

This sitting together shit is an admission of guilt by the Republicans, the democrats were not accused of “hate rhetoric” remember? It was the RIGHT SIDE of the aisle. And you will help them make their case by sitting next to the children of the corn….

Rant over.