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Sunday’s Quicky..

Sunday’s Quicky..

I was checking out a few things around the net early this morning, I was having trouble sleeping so I fired up the intel box and did some traveling…I found Sgt Freedom, I had seen video’s of this guy before and I got admit sometimes he is a bit over the top, this particular video is NOT one of those times:


All I can say Sarge is I hope McCain listens.

And not to be forgetting Mr Barack HUSSEIN Obama: Here is one of his first 100 days as President plans:

ACORN’s, Going to get a seat at the big table with Iran, N.Korea and I’m sure anyone else that has the urge to destroy our country. :straightfaced:

I’ll be checking in off and on all day, IT is Sunday and that means FOOTBALL for you knuckleheads that don’t know… Yeah, I know it’s the Lords day too.

Go Carolina!

Have a great day Yall.. :dancinghappy: