Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Well, it didn’t take long for the super gun grabbers to “Move on” and go “Forward” with their agenda driven, knee jerk policy push did it?


We have a couple of options. “WE” being People who believe the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is self evident and requires ZERO explanation as to its meaning. “WE” being people who will die defending those rights. (There will be blood, right unions?)

Option 1: Fight tooth and nail against every government action involving firearm regulation. 

Option 2: Allow SOME regulation to protect other facets of firearms.

What is about to happen is this. Mark this down because I’ll be alluding to it often in the coming days.

The NRA will capitulate to some regulation is needed it will involve some sort of magazine capacity or rifle style. The government will tout the NRA’s “Willingness” to move on the issue as progress. 

Now, IF this happens, I will renounce my NRA membership. I have seen the baby steps from start till now in California. Option ONE is the only option. WE FIGHT EVERYTHING out of the mouths of these hypocrites in suits regarding guns. NOTHING other than REMOVING gun regulations that have already been enacted need to be discussed.

Let me tell you where I am with this entire situation. The only discussion that needs to be had after the tragedy in Newtown is MENTAL HEALTH and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. 


We can discuss what to do with the nutjobs, how we determine someone is a nutjob and the responsibility of the Fed/state/county/city to care for said nutjob. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT DISCUSSION.

We can discuss criminal punishment, we can discuss the fact that prisons are no longer feared as a punishment. We can make prison time HARD, rather than an institution of higher learning for criminals. We can discuss USING the death penalty for crimes involving guns. We can discuss all of this. What I will not discuss is losing MY RIGHT to own an AR-15 because some asshole did something disgusting.

There’s a lot of talk about the “Need” for an AR15. Let me put that to bed right now.

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Cops have AR15’s MP4’s and even some M16’s. They have some very heavy firepower at their disposal. Why do they need them? If you say to protect US, you’re too stupid to breathe. It’s to protect THEM. And let me say, they do NEED THEM. While your every day American doesn’t go out looking for the bad guy like cops do, your everyday American is always  LOOKED FOR BY CRIMINALS! 

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The SCOTUS and America.

The SCOTUS and America.

After a couple days of thought and listening to various people who are much smarter than me. I have concluded that WE are screwed. We the People took a good shot on the 28th of June 2012. A standing 8 count. So now what?

First thing we must do is realize that THESE FOLKS IN ROBES:

We put them there. We elected the politicians who Appoint/Confirm their LIFETIME membership. They are SUPPOSED to be guardians of the constitution and NOT POLITICAL HACKS. We have allowed a VIRUS to be inserted into the body and then we blame the Virus. This isn’t just about Chief Justice Roberts either. He was one of four who stomped on the constitution. Think about that for a minute.

While Roberts wrote the opinion that was assailed by both sides of the issue, he sided with four judges and made the opinion a majority. Had any of the other four sided with the constitution Roberts wouldn’t have mattered. So it’s NOT ALL ON HIS SHOULDERS.

What do we do about it? Well, we have recently allowed two more judges on the court for life so that’s at least 20 to 30 years of political hacking. Should we allow Barack Obama to pick 2 more? Younger, more political? Or shall we have someone else pick them and a senate full of AMERICANS confirm them through their CONSTITUTIONAL views?

We have a choice to make, we have failed in our choices over the past 30 years and longer in some regards and its an important decision we are faced with this year.

The first step in problem solving is admitting you have a problem and admitting your part in it. I admit mine. I will fix it by getting more involved and influencing MORE PEOPLE. We must fight in the verbal arena before we fight in the streets and fields.


Marco Rubio’s Weekly Address:

Marco Rubio’s Weekly Address:

This guy has a bright future.
Found at The Other McCain

But the GOP’ers would find away to crucify him too. Already I’ve heard folks who claim to be “Republicans” say this: “Well, his parents had money, that’s how he got over here” And “He’s tied to Jeb Bush”… See what I mean.

Rubio and West should walk away from their seats and join up to run for POTUS/VPOTUS in 2016. That ticket would produce more head explosions than Janet Brewer’s finger pointing episode. But We may not be around to see it. You see, America is at the crossroads of history. We have a chance to save this nation or push it further into the abyss. We are failing to save it and I for one will not be the one to tell my grand-kids that I was silent when Obama got his second term.

I will hold my nose and vote for whoever is left standing opposing Obama in November. I did it in 08 to no avail but I think anyone with a clue knew Obama was going to win no matter what we did. And I THOUGHT a powerful message to the GOP was sent. Evidently not powerful enough. The GOP is willing to do 08 part 2 with Romney and I think the result is likely to be the same.

Marco Rubio on the ticket will help more than Sarah Palin helped McCain. I’m not sure it will be enough to get the win. But it’s worth a shot. An Allen West on that ticket could also help. But I’m wondering if Lisa Murkowski or Olympia Snowe is more aligned with Romney’s views… What bothers me is the GOP is this stupid.

This last 3 years what have we lost? We’ve lost 2 seats on the SCOTUS (Among other things) Think about that. Yeah they replaced Liberals so net even, BUT WE HAD A CHANCE TO SWING IT FULLY RIGHT FOR YEARS TO COME! A net loss. Are we willing to give up a third? Are you willing to see a black man/woman (Obama has appointed a “Wise Latina” and a “Lesbian cracker” the next in line is obvious) from Berkeley who is openly against guns and pro-abortion take on a Republican majority in the senate? Can you imagine the media’s hype over a republican inquisition of a black appointee to the SCOTUS who is more left than ANY in the history of our nation?…. How long do you think it will take the R’s to fold and approve the appointment?…

Are we willing to say that Romney’s pick would be worse than that?… I’m not. I’ll take my chances with the unknown vs the known. We KNOW what kind of SCOTUS Obama will appoint.

SCOTUS Hearings and other B.S

SCOTUS Hearings and other B.S

Just a quick note to let my friends know that I am paying attention to the SCOTUS hearings and the other news of the day…Here goes my take on it:
1. Judge Sotomeyer is getting her ass kissed by all politicians because of the hispanic vote. The Ass kissing is epic and legendary. Take a look back at the DEMOCRAT’s questions and attitude during the Estrada hearings….Big difference huh?

2. While we are all focused on the SCOTUS Circus, the HOUSE is pushing through another NAIL IN THE COFFIN of our nation in the form of health care reform. The Democrats are on pace to ruin this country and turn it into France as fast as possible.

3. Nancy (Fuckin hag) Pelosi is wanting to investigate a plan that never happened regarding KILLING OUR ENEMIES….We can’t have that now can we. Nancy Pelosi should be shot for treason, as well as most politicians currently holding office.

4. The vandals in Texas that are burning the American Flag should be hung by their nuts from an oak tree and beat with a cane until dead… I’m offering my services in the event that someone in this nation wakes up and sees this atrocity for what it is! A slap in the face for all vets and currently active service members.

5. America used to be the land of the free, home of the brave and the land of opportunity. However; under our new leadership we are now the land of classes, home of the Politically Correct (As long as it suits us) and the land of limits on your success. We have decided to make the poor rich by making the rich poor. We are doing the same exact thing that other nations have done and their demise was certain. We are allowing a Marxist/socialistic government to run rampant and unchecked. We are allowing an ILLEGAL President to ram his liberal baby killing/country ruining agenda down the throats of the population and the sheep are following him.


Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.

Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.

On November 4th 2008, Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT be named the president elect of the United States of America. The world will not end… Trust me.

What will end is this:
Hope that abortion as a birth control method will end. Barack Hussein Obama openly supports abortion and the extreme version of abortion surviving babies not granted medical care. HE supports the “Leave them in a closet to die” bill of Ill.

Our right to keep and bear arms will be changed by the future SCOTUS appointments, I don’t believe John McCain is worse on this issue than Barack Hussein Obama. I honestly believe a Sarah Palin in the cabinet does nothing but strengthen our stance on this issue as conservative Americans. BUT, in an Obama cabinet, our RIGHTS as gun owners will be CHANGED. The reason I am confident is saying that is: Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid are far more against the gun owner than McCain, Palin, Pelosi, and Reid. At lest with the latter we have a voice. ONE voice granted but a voice just the same.

Barack Hussein Obama has stated he will increase the taxes on those making 250k a year. No one is really thinking about this part.. Most folks DO not make 250k a year so for them it’s no big deal. Students, the working class, Military, and a host of others don’t make that kind of money.. Who does?
Well Doctors do, what does that do to private practice Doctors? Well it increases their care costs, so who pays that tax? WE do, the patients, our co-pay goes up and the insurance goes up….So what does that tax really do? Cost US more.
But Barack Hussein Obama says FREE health care for all?? Exactly how does that work if there is less revenue going into the governments coffers. Look at California for an example of when the coffers run dry.

Businessmen: Some make 250k a year, those that own small businesses, they make a lot of money if they offer a good service, lets look at the car repair guy that owns a garage, he’s had a good business he works hard he earns 270k a year and he has 4 employees… His tax goes up, so what happens to his prices? They go up…who pays? We do.

How about Plumbers, Carpenter’s, Independent Truckers, What happens to them? they have to cut back, or jack up prices or CLOSE shop. It Forces only the large corporations to be able to weather the storm of tax increases.
Large Corporations: CEO’s some higher management, I am all for them paying more taxes and me paying less… BUT what really happens? The truth is, they will cut cost to keep their bottom line. That means increasing co-pay’s for health care, decreasing staffing, increasing product pricing, so who pays for the increase in taxes? We do.

Basically: The tax proposals of Barack Hussein Obama are “GREAT” during lip service to the masses, but the truth of the matter is WE are going to experience a LARGE tax increase under Obama. We being the folks making LESS than 250k..

I really DON’T think the world will end if Barack Hussein Obama gets elected but what will happen is CHANGE, and the CHANGE we will get is not necessarily the CHANGE we will want. The CHANGE Obama is bringing has been tried before, it was Jimmy Carter and we got Reagan from that debacle. So there is a bright side.

IF Obama wins, ON Nov 5th. The drive to find a CONSERVATIVE President starts.
IF McCain wins, the drive to find a conservative president can wait a week.

I will still vote for John McCain, based on the alternative.
I know a few folks that I truly respect will be voting for someone else, or staying home or writing in, oh well your call, but I can’t do that in good conscience. I can’t think of a worse leadership crew than Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in a term that 3 SCOTUS appointments will come up…

One bit of advice:
Do not tell me I am “Not a conservative” because I am voting for McCain… That dog don’t hunt here.

HERE are my votes for the Nov 4 2008 General California Election:
Mccain/Palin  (Obviously)
Anyone other than Ken Calvert for Rep.
NO on 1
No on 2
Yes on 3
Yes on 4
No on 5
YES on 6 (Police and L.E. funding)
NO on 7
YES ON 8 (a yes vote protects Marriage, a no vote supports same sex marriage)
YES on 9 (Victims rights)
Split on 10 but leaning YES
YES on 11
Yes on 12
Those of you in California please let me know if you agree with the propositions, and if not tell me why, I might be swayed (other than Prop 8, 6 and 9)