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Palin strikes back.

Palin strikes back.

Now I know this is going to be quite a shock but Sarah Palin is not my number 1 candidate for 2012 POTUS. She’s be better than Obama, Romney, McCain or Huckabee but so would Mickey Mouse, Lucy Ricardo or Bozo the clown… That being said, her comments today were dead nuts on.

Now, after 3 days of liberal/progressive media attacks, Palin defends herself against FALSE accusation. Well done.

NOW the same liberal/progressive media attacks her again for ” FInding a way to insert herself into this tragedy” WHAT? Oh yeah we’re dealing with the liberals here, no reason, no logic, nothing but ignorance… WOW, that’s gotta be a sign that something is really wrong in Liberpuke land…

Here’s what is happening: Many RIGHT people are rallying around Sarah Palin. And rightly so. We need to circle the wagons around this lady… Whether you support her for POTUS, or hope she stays on the sidelines, what the media and progressives are doing to her is DEAD WRONG! But, it also shows how SCARED the liberpukes are about Sarah Palin, they will blame her for everything and their lapdogs in the media will carry the water…

I’m not asking for unity around Palin’s push for POTUS, I’m asking for unity around her on this issue. Please understand the difference. The campaign season hasn’t started yet, so it’s very easy to back Palin against the media.

Palin derangement syndrome is wide spread, but the level of hatred showed by the communist, socialists, democrats, progressive, media matters, daily ko’s freaks and their national media wing the MSM has been brutal, and many on the right are allowing these attacks to go unchallenged.

Note to Sarah Palin from a few folks on the west coast…

Go get em lady. We got your back.