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Vote Tomorrow

Vote Tomorrow

I’m not as optimistic as most Republicans seem to be, I’m a realist and from what I’ve seen the American people haven’t got a brain transplant. The folks I talk to about politics for the most part are educated voters. They KNOW what’s going on and they’ve deciphered the bullshit accurately. The bottom line for them is results:

Obama took office and unemployment was at 7.8% 4 years later no change. It’s obvious to MOST that if 7.8% is the BEST spin the administration can put on the number it’s MUCH HIGHER in reality. That is why they are NOT voting for Obama. Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Social issues? Obamacare? energy costs? national debt? All of those line up against Obama but not the reason for the Romney support.

IF there’s one issue it’s the economy. All the other crap the Obama campaign is throwing out there mean very little to the common sense voter. IF America has retained a little common sense, tomorrow will see a landslide victory for Mitt Romney. If not, President Obama for 4 more years.

I want everyone to vote, I don’t care WHO you vote for, vote. Otherwise don’t talk to me about America or politics. You don’t care enough to vote, you don’t get the right to discuss the direction we travel.

IF you vote Obama be prepared to defend it, if you vote Romney be prepared to WATCH HIM CLOSELY and be as vocal if he fails to deliver. If you plan on voting 3rd party, stay home you’re brain isn’t functioning well enough to drive or walk without stumbling.