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Marco Rubio’s Weekly Address:

Marco Rubio’s Weekly Address:

This guy has a bright future.
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But the GOP’ers would find away to crucify him too. Already I’ve heard folks who claim to be “Republicans” say this: “Well, his parents had money, that’s how he got over here” And “He’s tied to Jeb Bush”… See what I mean.

Rubio and West should walk away from their seats and join up to run for POTUS/VPOTUS in 2016. That ticket would produce more head explosions than Janet Brewer’s finger pointing episode. But We may not be around to see it. You see, America is at the crossroads of history. We have a chance to save this nation or push it further into the abyss. We are failing to save it and I for one will not be the one to tell my grand-kids that I was silent when Obama got his second term.

I will hold my nose and vote for whoever is left standing opposing Obama in November. I did it in 08 to no avail but I think anyone with a clue knew Obama was going to win no matter what we did. And I THOUGHT a powerful message to the GOP was sent. Evidently not powerful enough. The GOP is willing to do 08 part 2 with Romney and I think the result is likely to be the same.

Marco Rubio on the ticket will help more than Sarah Palin helped McCain. I’m not sure it will be enough to get the win. But it’s worth a shot. An Allen West on that ticket could also help. But I’m wondering if Lisa Murkowski or Olympia Snowe is more aligned with Romney’s views… What bothers me is the GOP is this stupid.

This last 3 years what have we lost? We’ve lost 2 seats on the SCOTUS (Among other things) Think about that. Yeah they replaced Liberals so net even, BUT WE HAD A CHANCE TO SWING IT FULLY RIGHT FOR YEARS TO COME! A net loss. Are we willing to give up a third? Are you willing to see a black man/woman (Obama has appointed a “Wise Latina” and a “Lesbian cracker” the next in line is obvious) from Berkeley who is openly against guns and pro-abortion take on a Republican majority in the senate? Can you imagine the media’s hype over a republican inquisition of a black appointee to the SCOTUS who is more left than ANY in the history of our nation?…. How long do you think it will take the R’s to fold and approve the appointment?…

Are we willing to say that Romney’s pick would be worse than that?… I’m not. I’ll take my chances with the unknown vs the known. We KNOW what kind of SCOTUS Obama will appoint.

Debate Recap…

Debate Recap…

I got home from work last night and nothing else was on TV. I wanted to enjoy an adult beverage and watch something that took my mind off the troubles of the day.. I flipped channels and ended up on the ABC GOP debate… sigh.

Well, it took my mind off MY problems, these idiots got problems…

My opinion on the entire debate can be summed up in a few words: Typical instigation, sound bite fodder and media intrusion.

First off, the questions asked were intended to knock down the frontrunner not build up the bottom dwellers. That’s typical. Eat the rich democrat principles. Bad, evil, successful frontrunner.

Secondly, The Ron Paul answer to Newt about him taking “Our tax payer money” from Fanny and Freddie… Um, WHO GAVE IT TO HIM? If you offer a service for a price and you get what you paid for who’s fault is it? IF I could get 7 figures to offer “Advice” to someone I sure as hell would do it. Tax payer money is the charge of the government. Blaming a PRIVATE entity for providing a service that the GOVERNMENT is willing to pay for is NOT the PRIVATE entity’s fault. ITS THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT FOR BEING DUMB ENOUGH TO PAY FOR IT.

I’d ask Ron Paul how many clits he looked at when he was a gynodoctor that were paid for by a government program? Like medicaid/medicare/welfare etc….Should he give that back too? Tax payers paid for some of them to have their coochy inspected….just sayin.

Perry did pretty good this round. He’s still very shaky on stage, stutters a lot, gets lost often. He’s still better than most of them.

Bachmann hammered the leaders. She bashed Romney/Newt relentlessly and for that she’s off my wish list. She didn’t need to go as far as she did to promote herself. She’s pretty much cemented herself as the crazy lady even though I do like her, I think bashing your fellow competitors in that manner turns folks off when we need a LEADER who will stand. You need to show YOU are the one because YOU are the best, not because THEY are not the best.

Newt handled the onslaught of media led attacks better than any of them would have. I can’t wait until Bachmann, and Paul get their chance to be in the middle. (IF they did) Paul would get so flustered his eyebrows would straighten out. Bachmann would pull out the sexist card… Bet on it.

Santorum may have done the best of the night. He is likeable but I’m not sure how he’d be received in the general election. IT all depends on where we are in June or so of 2012. IF we’re no better then than we are now, Charles Manson will beat Obama. IF we’re better off, then it’s going to be a tough road for ANY GOP Candidate.

Republican Debate Note to Candidates.

Republican Debate Note to Candidates.

A special note to Bachmann and Romney. IF you attack Perry on his record that’s fine. IF you take a page out of the liberal group think tank, and parse statements with LIES,  you will lose ALL support from MOST of us on the right. At this moment I’d vote for Bachmann, after this debate we will see if that’s still the case. Rumor has it they will be attacking Perry for his “Social Security Statements.”

They better make their case for why they are better than Perry without disparaging Perry. Just a little advice from a voter who can be very nasty to folks who are nasty…


Didn’t see the debate, but I read enough about it to make an informed opinion.

Bachmann: Trying to remain relevant attacked Perry on his executive order involving vaccinations. She neglected to acknowledge that Perry also admitted his error and included an OPT-OUT clause. That puts the decision back where it should be with the parents.

Mitt Romney: Attacked Perry on his Illegal Immigration (As did Bachmann) IMO only Bachmann has the ground to stand on in this charge. Romney is NOT strong on Illegal Immigration. Although Bachmann has never had to make a decision regarding it and has never had to look into the faces of those that the decisions hurt. Personally I think this is the only area Perry is vulnerable in the primaries. Perry pissed me off more than once with his actions and statements regarding this issue.

Ron Paul: Um… Well, Yeah he actually did say that.

Herman Cain: Yeah I like the guy but he’s not going to get elected.

Huntsman: Um. Well, he’s an idiot RINO with a following similar to Ron Paul.

Santorum: Piled on Perry because “Hey everyone else is doing it”..

Seriously. I don’t think Perry is the BEST man/woman for the job. I think he’s the best we got right now and he’s a damn sight better than the idiot in charge now.

Bachmann and Romney disregarded the basic rules of Reagan Republicans. Don’t talk bad about other Republicans. They pissed away a lot of independent support because of their actions. Bachmann who wanted to strip vet benefits, Romney who started Obamacare for him have little high ground in any debate.



Trump, Romney, Huckabee…. Oh my.

Trump, Romney, Huckabee…. Oh my.

Let’s see, a Birther, a RINO and Preacher walk into a bar…Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. unfortunately it’s reality. These three are leading polls as the “One to take over America in 2012.” If that’s true will we actually be better off?

Trump, A pretty damn good business man, has a lot of things right regarding our economic issues. BUT there are a lot of IF’s behind him. Would I vote for him in 2012? Don’t know. If I do, it would be another “Anti-incumbent” vote.

Romney, another pretty damn good business man, Former Governor,  but he’s got RomneyCare on his head not to mention several issues with “Rinoism” that I am really pissed about. Would I vote for him? Don’t know. If I do, it would be another “Anti-incumbent” vote.

Huckabee, A preacher, a former Governor, who has a moral compass pointed due north. out of the three on this list he’s the one I’d be most happy voting for. That is NOT an endorsement by any means, it just means if I voted for him I wouldn’t cut my own arm off afterwards.

This brings me to the crux of the matter. I wonder if WE Americans will ever again have a candidate that we FULLY SUPPORT. What I mean is, in 2000 we had GWB, he was running against Al Gore and I fully supported GWB, I was pleased with the candidate I voted for in 2000. In 2004 I was extremely HAPPY to support GWB, although not as giddy about it I was still sure he was the man for the job. in 2008, We had little choice.

In 2008, I would be willing to bet my ridiculously low pay check that over half of the votes McCain got were more ANTI-OBAMA votes than they were PRO-McCain votes.

I do not want to go to the polls in 2012 and be so disgruntled at my choices that I pull the lever more for an AGAINST than a FOR. But if I had to bet that’s exactly what will happen.

I think it’s very important that we remove Obama, and I think the GOP understands it has to offer a better candidate than McCain. But it really isn’t the GOP that has power, it’s US. So in the primaries PLEASE people do your research. Do not allow the media to pick our candidate.

Sheesh… That’s what I don’t want. Voting for someone because I don’t like the other guy sucks. The bad part is there are only a hand full of folks I’d SUPPORT totally.. The leader of that list is Allen West or John Bolton… It will be very interesting during the primaries. Stay tuned…

Game time: Barrak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

Game time: Barrak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

Obama picks Biden for veep

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama selected Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware late Friday night to be his vice presidential running mate, according to a Democratic official, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Biden, 65, has twice sought the White House, and is a Catholic with blue-collar roots, a generally liberal voting record and a reputation as a long-winded orator.

Across more than 30 years in the Senate, he has served at various times not only as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee but also as head of the Judiciary Committee, with its jurisdiction over anti-crime legislation, Supreme Court nominees and Constitutional issues.

So Mr. Hussein Obama picks a 65 yr old CAREER Politician that has been involved in Government for most of his life as his running mate. But wait.. hasn’t Obama been wanting “Change” doesn’t he say McCain is has been in Government too long and is the problem? I am soooo confused now…

IMO Biden is a better pick than some he could have made, but I think Biden’s liberal voting record and his views on several KEY issues will (or at least should) sink the Obama run. The problem will be those “White, religious, gun toting and bitter” voters that will see this as a “Olive branch” I see it as pandering and I see it as an effort to placate the voters that can’t vote for an inexperienced liberal.

I also think Biden’s “Foreign Policy Experience” will undoubtedly be used by the media as a plus. I don’t know enough about his “experience” but I will be looking. There will be a much closer look at Biden now by bloggers, and media. we will see if he can pass that test.

NOW on the other hand we have John McCain that is supposedly choosing Mitt Romney for Veep:

Romney veep speculation swirls

Mark Halperin set off tremors in the political world last night by reporting via two Republicans that John McCain had settled on Mitt Romney to be his running mate.

Top sources in McCainworld, though, say this morning that no final decision has been made.

There are mixed signals at this point as to whether Romney has emerged as the favorite.

That seems to be the “body language” from the small group of aides who McCain is consulting on the decision, a GOP source says.

And that interpretation was reinforced when word spread among Romney loyalists last night that the vice presidential rollout tour included Michigan.

So if McCain chooses Romney, he is choosing a business leader, a “Republican” and a man with experience running a state. not just sitting in a chair and voting yea or nay on legislation, not just bitching and whining about the current administration but actually running a STATE.

I think this is a winning ticket. I am not jumping for joy, but I can vote for McCain/Romney and have a glimmer of hope for the future.