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Vote Tomorrow

Vote Tomorrow

I’m not as optimistic as most Republicans seem to be, I’m a realist and from what I’ve seen the American people haven’t got a brain transplant. The folks I talk to about politics for the most part are educated voters. They KNOW what’s going on and they’ve deciphered the bullshit accurately. The bottom line for them is results:

Obama took office and unemployment was at 7.8% 4 years later no change. It’s obvious to MOST that if 7.8% is the BEST spin the administration can put on the number it’s MUCH HIGHER in reality. That is why they are NOT voting for Obama. Benghazi? Fast and Furious? Social issues? Obamacare? energy costs? national debt? All of those line up against Obama but not the reason for the Romney support.

IF there’s one issue it’s the economy. All the other crap the Obama campaign is throwing out there mean very little to the common sense voter. IF America has retained a little common sense, tomorrow will see a landslide victory for Mitt Romney. If not, President Obama for 4 more years.

I want everyone to vote, I don’t care WHO you vote for, vote. Otherwise don’t talk to me about America or politics. You don’t care enough to vote, you don’t get the right to discuss the direction we travel.

IF you vote Obama be prepared to defend it, if you vote Romney be prepared to WATCH HIM CLOSELY and be as vocal if he fails to deliver. If you plan on voting 3rd party, stay home you’re brain isn’t functioning well enough to drive or walk without stumbling.


Mitt Romney goes into the NAACP Den

Mitt Romney goes into the NAACP Den

Now if you know me, you know I’m not a “Romney fan club” member. I think we got an “Electable” Republican rather than a “BEST Leader for our nation” That being said:

:clap:  :clap: For Romney’s speech at the NAACP.

Every politician since the NAACP has been an (cough, hack, cough) organization has pandered to them. Everyone of them have gone into the “Gimme more free stuff” caucus and offered them the world.

One of the things I wish he’d have said is “This is a sting, the officers in the back will be booking you into detention”…

The NAACP is the leading racist organization in the nation. They are hidden by the media but their actions have been by all measures RACIST. As far as I’m concerned as long as we have the Congressional black caucus, the NAACP, La Raza etc. There will never be racial unity.

Anyway Kudos to Mitt Romney for his truthfulness in the enemy’s camp. There’s no possible way ANY in that auditorium are going to vote for him anyway. He’s white, there’s a black guy as his opponent. So who is the racist again?

If Romney would have came in and promised them reparations, unemployment benefits for life even if you’ve never had a job and free healthcare they still wouldn’t be voting for the white guy. It would be different if it were two white or black guys duking it out for the nomination. It’s not. So paint job wins.

What a Week!

What a Week!

Sorry for the absence folks. Been a bit busy around here. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be slowing down much. Lets get to the meat of the problem in our nation.

Emotions are running amok. People from Right to Left are PISSED OFF! And rightly so.

IF you are not pissed off YOU are not paying attention:

Eric (with)Holder was in front of Congress this past week. What did we hear? “I don’t know” “I didn’t do it” “Bush did it” was the basic premise of his retorts. Brian Terry’s family deserves better. So does the 300+ Mexicans the guns HOLDER KNEW ABOUT killed. (Since the left believes GUNS KILL PEOPLE, should they try to stop those runaway Walked Guns and find out why they are running amok?)

Then there was the “Private sector is doing fine” speech from Obama. Now that my friend is OUT OF FKN TOUCH.. BUT then, Obama Doubles down on that doozy of falsehood.

Obama “Executive Orders” Amnesty for a Million Illegal Immigrants. Wha? Oh yeah he did. But he failed to mention if those million “New workers” will immediately lift the unemployment numbers to 8.6% or will they be “Uncounted/Undocumented workers?”

Anyone latino/Hispanic/Asian immigrant who entered this country LEGALLY should be livid at this action. Not that it’s a horrible idea in part (I fully agree that an illegal kid brought here by his/her parents should be citizens if they SERVE IN THE MILITARY) But the timing is questionable at best.

Think about this: GWB and a DEMOCRAT majority in both house and senate tried to pass an amnesty it was blocked by AMERICA. Then Obama had two years with MAJOR MAJORITIES in both house and senate… No effort to pass this “Comprehensive reform” NONE. But just before an “Obama fundraising speech” to the “Latino community” an executive order is “the right thing to do” BUUUULLLLLSSSSSHHHIIIIITTTT.

But what I see is even more distasteful. This action does NOTHING to help the economy. Matter of fact it hurts the nations infrastructure and it’s economic prosperity. For what? To keep King Obama in power by any means necessary. What’s that tell you? Obama would rather rule over rubble than not be in charge and see America succeed. How is that a leader?

One thing I caution all my friends who are PISSED about this action. It’s a trap laid by emotionally based professionals. If Romney comes out against it too strong. He will pick up support from us “Extremists” but he will lose the wishy washy gooey centered indy’s. Romney needs the Indy’s to oust Obama. And we need SOMEONE by GAWD ANYONE at this point to OUST OBAMA. What I know is this: The trap laid was a brilliant NUCLEAR OPTION by Obama. I Also know that using that option so soon will backfire on his ass if WE DON’T LET THE TRAP SUCCEED. We need to remain united in the face of this divisive tactic. And that’s all this was. A divide and conquer tactic to split hard core conservatives/Ron Paul’s supporters/Moderate R’s/Indy’s and Blue Dog Dems.

It’s up to us to remain focused on what is important. The Obama administration must go. And we must not let them play us like they are playing the lemmings.


Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum bails out of the Presidential run. Personally, I couldn’t get excited about Santorum as a candidate. I don’t think he could have won the general election. I’m pretty sure the script for Obama vs Santorum had already been written and given to the state run media.

This news is kind of a surprise though. I figured Newt would drop out first. He is bankrupt for the most part. Santorum won 11 states in this years primary right? He had good percentage of delegates. I thought he’d be around at least until the California vote.

Well, IF Newt is still on the ballot when my state votes I’ll vote for him. I think Newt can unite the base better than Romney. I think Newt has baggage but I think he’d be a better conservative choice than Romney. Don’t get me wrong I am under NO illusions that Romney won’t be our “Anti-Obama” I know it’s going to be him. I just don’t like it too much.

That being said, I’ll sign up to vote for that which is not Obama come the general election.  We better or we can kiss what’s left of our nation goodbye.

The Case for Romney…

The Case for Romney…

I can not make a case for Mitt Romney absent of a common enemy. Mitt Romney is NOT the ideal candidate of which I’d seek to have run this nation. That being said, we don’t find ourselves in a position to wait. We have a choice to make thanks to a gutless GOP, a media of questionable actions and a relentless liberal/progressive machine of lies. We have to make a choice between two evils. One we know vs one we don’t know.

We have but one states record for one candidate and three years of ruling a nation by another. I would ask that we look carefully upon what we are faced with.

Mitt Romney, who has been measured in his conservatism during this primary. While trying to balance his want of power and his reach to the middle ground.

Romney who had to deal with a very liberal state legislature in his time as Governor. Did in fact make strides in the right direction for the economic growth, while giving ground in other areas. We on the right view the ground given as hallowed ground that should never be sacrificed. This weighs heavily on the minds of true conservatives. Would Mitt Romney dare to give that very ground as POTUS?

Obama who has given that hallowed ground freely with no gains on the right to be balanced. Obama who has taken our national debts to heights not seen and seeks to grow it further. Obama who appointed Eric Holder as attorney general and has stood by his treachery at every turn. Obama who has appointed two extremely liberal SCOTUS judges to the highest court and who will be deciding suits that mean a great deal to us on the right.

These are but a few examples of the choice we must make. We have some issues with Romney and I have a serious issue with the GOP for giving us this decision that must be made. But I will hold my nose vote for the opponent of Barack Hussein Obama. I hope we have learned from the mistakes of the past. I hope we can unite behind the R and try to sway him to the right path. Which is the other choice we must make…

Will you vote for the R in the general election and turn a blind eye if he does what most think he will do? As many of us did for GWB during his second term, I will not. I will be as ruthless in slamming the R should they win in 2012 as I have been with Obama.

I would suggest ALL of us on the right side of the aisle take that approach or risk losing more before 2016. We must evict the tyrant from the WH by ballot box and in a very decisive manner. If not we will see the errors of this administration multiply by ten fold…


Serious Question:

Serious Question:

If Romney is “Almost Obama” and Santorum is “Too Christian”.. Why isn’t NEWT pulling ahead? Newt is the complete OPPOSITE of Obama in almost every way. He’s made some mistakes in his earlier positions but he’s also got a federal government record of GOOD things. Why is Newt struggling to be the NOT-ROMNEY? Don’t get it at all.

Super Tuesday Recap…

Super Tuesday Recap…

Romney won 6, Santorum won a few, Newt won Georgia. Obama picks up more momentum.

Delegate count is not decisive. Paul is still there, Newt is still there…Here’s my issue:

Romney is supposed to be the “Elite, GOP Washington establishment guy” He never worked in DC.

Santorum is supposed to be the “Not Romney” but WAS in DC for several years actually VOTED for many STUPID things during GWB’s terms…Are you kidding me?

Newt, who is the complete Opposite of Obama in damn near every possible way is considered damaged goods because of his “Lobbying” or “Past transgressions”…By far the BEST most intelligent of the field is going to be shut out because he’s not “Perfect”…

Paul, Who has been in congress since Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Is considered an “Outsider”… Has the nation gone completely nuts?

Regardless of how this process plays out, Romney will win and I’ll be pulling the lever for Romney. While I understand the urge of the “Not Romney’s” to stay home or vote off ticket, the price of that this year is too great. I won’t be sitting here next year saying “I didn’t do everything short of armed assault to stop the Obama machine”… You guys can if you want but beware. When you come over here and complain about the nation’s direction in 2013, I’ll remind you of your “Stand”

A lot of us voted for other than Obama or McCain in 08. And to tell you the truth, I was okay with it. The GOP needed to be slapped. Obama wasn’t going to lose anyway, it didn’t really matter WHO was his opponent. BUT after 3 years of Obama and you still want to vote off, then you may as well vote for Obama. No difference. Just say, “I voted for the best in my opinion” and I can respect that. Don’t give me the stand on principle bullshit this year. In 08 you could get away with it because of “Hope and Change” you didn’t know for sure HOW Obama would govern. This year you do.


Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Allen West by most measures is the best hope for a resurgence in American values leadership. However; given the current state of the GOP he’d be drug through the mud and raked over the coals for one thing or another…

Notice how West handles the questions, notice his confidence and his convictions. Notice his statesmanship when delivering his answers. Not rattled, not stuttering. The man has ZERO DOUBT in his views and his beliefs. That alone is very refreshing to me.

Allen West/WHOEVER 2016. (Even if Romney wins in 2012) We need a challenger and I’m sure Romney will screw up as much as he’ll fix. Romney will stop the train from going off the cliff at full speed. But he won’t reverse it’s course. For that we’ll need an Allen West to depose him…. OR if Obama wins, and there’s anything left of America. We’ll need Allen West to take over the reigns.