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Romney’s Taxes vs Obama’s Records…

Romney’s Taxes vs Obama’s Records…

So the cry of the left is now “Romney needs to release his taxes” Not to mention “He may be a felon” This is hilarious to people who pay attention to news from other sources than Colbert and the alphabet networks. To people who get their news from UNBIASED sources this comes off as petty and hypocritical.

Not to mention Obama’s backing of Eric Holder’s fast and furious scandal which is responsible for Brian Terry’s death, as well as 300+ Mexicans. But lets talk about ROMNEY’S TIME AT BAIN and his SWISS BANK ACCOUNT! LMAO.

Then news broke the other day showing that Nancy Pelosi/Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Obama himself profited from over seas investments/loopholes/tax breaks. The glass house is now just a frame.

If Romney loses this election or even if he wins and it’s close. It’s a direct result of the media’s failure to do its job. The STATE RUN MEDIA has been running cover for the democrat party for a long time and it must stop. Unbiased reporting is the cornerstone of our democracy. When PRIVATE citizens are doing the job of journalists it should be telling. It should signal that the media industry has been found to be unreliable at best and dangerous at worst. Credibility is missing in today’s media so look for other avenues for your news. All you have to do is apply the bullshit test. If it smells like Bullshit it is probably bullshit.

We the people will get our nation back on track this year. IF we fail at it this nation is destined to end up like Rome did.


Romney vs Obama 2012!

Romney vs Obama 2012!

Well, that’s where we are. Many of us knew it would be these two on the ballot. Many of us did everything we could to pick a better conservative to challenge. We failed in that effort. But what we did by trying should not go unnoticed. We the People made our voices heard by Romney and he’d better listen.

And here’s where I’ll give some credit where credit is due.

Thank Ron Paul for moving the FISCAL discussion in the right direction. The crazy uncle is right about a couple of things and Romney needs to be very in tuned with those. They would be monetary policy and government overreach infringing on our rights. IF Romney can ingrain some of those into his platform, Romney can pull in some of the die hard Paul supporters and that will be helpful in Nov.

We will need every damn vote we can get to remove this tumor from DC.

Romney vs Obama: On The Issues…

Romney vs Obama: On The Issues…

Okay folks, here it is. As clear as I can lay it out.

Mitt Romney’s web site, “The Issues:”

Barack Obama: “The Issues:”

These were screen shots from both of their campaigns. What do you notice?

Education/Energy/National security-defense is represented by both. But what’s missing? GUN RIGHTS and CONSTITUTIONAL view is missing on Obama’s talking points. Instead he focuses on “Civil Rights” which is encompassed on Romney’s site in several areas. Romney breaks it down to its lowest common area which is a GREAT way to do it. Obama lumps it all in one. This is NOT leadership this is a cookie cutter philosophy that has been tried in Europe and elsewhere with a big FAIL after it…

I’d like to focus on one aspect of the difference between these two candidates. And those of you who know me, know exactly what area that is: GUN RIGHTS!

Romney’s gun right views are not as strong as I’d like but they are a damn sight better than McCain or Obama for that matter.

Mitt Romney on Gun Rights

A few quotes from his campaign:

“Mitt strongly supports the right of all law-abiding Americans to exercise their constitutionally protected right to own firearms and to use them for lawful purposes, including hunting, recreational shooting, self-defense, and the protection of family and property.”

“As president, Mitt will work to expand and enhance access and opportunities for Americans to hunt, shoot, and protect their families, homes and property, and he will fight the battle on all fronts to protect and promote the Second Amendment.”

Read the rest here

Now if that’s his view on Gun Rights and we contrast that with Obama’s views and ACTIONS. How is Obama even close to being re-elected?

There are over 80 million legal  gun owners in our nation. IF you LEGALLY own a gun, your pick is very clear. If it isn’t you are the problem in this country. You have allowed your elected officials to confiscate your rights and you have nobody to blame but yourself.



The Case for Romney…

The Case for Romney…

I can not make a case for Mitt Romney absent of a common enemy. Mitt Romney is NOT the ideal candidate of which I’d seek to have run this nation. That being said, we don’t find ourselves in a position to wait. We have a choice to make thanks to a gutless GOP, a media of questionable actions and a relentless liberal/progressive machine of lies. We have to make a choice between two evils. One we know vs one we don’t know.

We have but one states record for one candidate and three years of ruling a nation by another. I would ask that we look carefully upon what we are faced with.

Mitt Romney, who has been measured in his conservatism during this primary. While trying to balance his want of power and his reach to the middle ground.

Romney who had to deal with a very liberal state legislature in his time as Governor. Did in fact make strides in the right direction for the economic growth, while giving ground in other areas. We on the right view the ground given as hallowed ground that should never be sacrificed. This weighs heavily on the minds of true conservatives. Would Mitt Romney dare to give that very ground as POTUS?

Obama who has given that hallowed ground freely with no gains on the right to be balanced. Obama who has taken our national debts to heights not seen and seeks to grow it further. Obama who appointed Eric Holder as attorney general and has stood by his treachery at every turn. Obama who has appointed two extremely liberal SCOTUS judges to the highest court and who will be deciding suits that mean a great deal to us on the right.

These are but a few examples of the choice we must make. We have some issues with Romney and I have a serious issue with the GOP for giving us this decision that must be made. But I will hold my nose vote for the opponent of Barack Hussein Obama. I hope we have learned from the mistakes of the past. I hope we can unite behind the R and try to sway him to the right path. Which is the other choice we must make…

Will you vote for the R in the general election and turn a blind eye if he does what most think he will do? As many of us did for GWB during his second term, I will not. I will be as ruthless in slamming the R should they win in 2012 as I have been with Obama.

I would suggest ALL of us on the right side of the aisle take that approach or risk losing more before 2016. We must evict the tyrant from the WH by ballot box and in a very decisive manner. If not we will see the errors of this administration multiply by ten fold…