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ESPN Analyst Dumps on RG3…

ESPN Analyst Dumps on RG3…

When will it be enough? Have we gone so far off the rails that this is acceptable?

ESPN Analyst Calls RGIII a ‘Cornball Brother’ Because He May Be a Republican

Robert Griffin III is arguably the most popular man in Washington right now. The Redskins’ spectacular rookie quarterback has been winning games, fans, and headlines due to his play this season. Today, he was on the front page of the Washington Post for the third time in a week and a half.

This my friends is racism at its finest. It’s also a classic example of the group think in the Afric..no, the BLACK community. I’m done using “African” when describing those with darker complexions because very few of them have ever been to Africa. Drop the hyphen.

Remember when this network actually did sports? In one week, we’ve been subjected to an idiot ranting about gun control and an even bigger idiot making racist statements about a player. How far down will ESPN go? Stay tuned.

So without any consequences for this can we also point out that several WHITE NFL players are married to BLACK women and they are obviously liberals, maybe they are secretly gay? Would that play well on ESPN?

What we are seeing here is the result of many years of caving to the will of the black community. They have used the crutch of racism for so long they have no idea how to live without it. We have a BLACK president now and depending on which Black pundit you talk to Obama isn’t black enough or he isn’t being given his respect because he’s black. That crutch is about to get kicked out from them. Racists like this analyst are clawing at anything they can to put race in a discussion because without it, they have NOTHING.

The saddest part about this ESPN idiot, the MSNBC moron’s and the MSM as a whole is REAL racists, REAL racism is being diluted because of all of their false cries.