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RNC Closes out. Cruz, Trump rift still on.

RNC Closes out. Cruz, Trump rift still on.

Well, I don’t post here as much as I should. If anyone is still getting the feed, here goes some thoughts on the Republican National Convention that just ended.

Melania, gave a speech, I heard she gave a really good speech, it is very hard for me to listen to her because she is so damn HOT! Also heard she “Stole” a part of it from Michelle Obama. Which should be okay since that skank stole her’s from Saul Alinsky.

MSNBC host’s broke down in their safe spaces over Hillary merchandise.

Some moron lit a flag on fire and with it, himself. Good.

Sheriff David Clarke… WOW. STANDING OVATION.

Rudy, Rudy.. He knocked it out of the park.

A bunch of others landed truth bombs all over Cleveland.

Now onto Ted Cruz…. As anyone that knows me understands, I was on the Cruz crew all the way through the primaries. I voted for him even after he dropped out. He gave a great speech but nobody heard it. People were on the edge of their seats to hear him endorse Trump or to call out Trump by name in an insulting way. He did neither.

Cruz was never going to endorse Trump, Trump knew it. He read the speech before hand and allowed him to air it out. Trump didn’t stop it, didn’t even respond to anything Cruz said in his speech. Cruz was absolutely RIGHT in what he said. “Vote your conscience” is what we all should be doing. Trump exercised some leadership qualities I didn’t think he had by allowing Cruz a platform to air it out. Its not pretty, its downright ugly sometimes but the result may be a SCOTUS position or some other appointment requiring congress approval.

Trump took the high ground away from Cruz by letting him decide on national TV where his conscience and principles are. Will it end Ted Cruz? Doubt it, he gained a lot of respect for not bowing down to the king as Sanders did to the queen.

Trump’s speech: Said a lot of good things, went left as I figured but it’s understandable at this point. The NEVER TRUMP crowd means he has to replace them with the somewhat normal thinking centerist’s. Trump has to pull in to the tent. The unifying factor is COUNTRY and it always should be but it hasn’t been for the last two Republican POTUS candidates. Trump might have moved the polls a little to the Republican side but the DNC will likely move it back.

The thing people need to understand is: Romney was Hitler, McCain was Hitler, Ryan was Hitler, Boehner was Hitler… So when you hear “Trump is Hitler” you must ask yourself if its true that all the opposition is Hitler?… IF Kasich, Graham, Rubio, Walker or any other candidate was the nominee, the attack plan is the same. Let that sink in.

November can’t come soon enough, either we have Trump or Clinton. And as you remember from my way earlier posts, I was just fine with either Cruz or Trump so I’ll jump on that Trump train and hope we get CROOKED HILLARY IN PRISON rather than the White House.

Pray for our nation, pray that Trump wins or its truly over.



The Circus is a Rerun.

The Circus is a Rerun.

And we’re off.

Donald Trump is leading the polls. Enter the GOP establishment to insert their power through a debate moderator. Megan Kelly, normally a great voice for the right thinking Americans in this nation, also a fairly straight forward no-nonsense news/opinion host. She inserted herself in the debate. She made the story about her and Trump rather than substance of ideals, policy differences and records of leadership. Instead, Mrs Kelly asked questions of Trump that were at best MSNBC like, at worst a tabloid reporter. Mrs Kelly did as she was told at best, at worst help craft that line of questioning for ratings.

The fact that she went to this level to trip Trump up, shows you how fearful the GOP/RNC/Elite media are that someone other than Jeb or Christie might actually have a shot.

Now for Trump: Trump didn’t handle the attack well. Sometimes a nod and a smile work better than a confrontation. This was a good time for Trump to say something about not having Carly on the stage could be labeled as a sexist action. Maybe just a “Well, there’s been some evolving” type comment. But you can’t attack Mrs Kelly and gain supporters you can only lose them.

With that being said, the field didn’t move much for me either way. Carson and Carly both moved up a bit, Christie/Bush were already at bottom stayed there. Paul kept his spot Cruz and Trump stayed top rung. Walker actually left me weakened. Huckabee did well but just too statist for me.

It’s going to be a long year folks, don’t punch out too soon.

I predict Trump will start losing ground to Cruz shortly. And the only way Trump runs 3rd party is if the nominee is no better than Clinton. In which case, the Republicans are going to lose anyway and I won’t have a problem voting for Trump in that instance.

A good start at the RNC

A good start at the RNC

Michael Steele, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, has asked the entire staff to resign, FOX News has confirmed.

The move signals Steele’s plan to reshape the party, which was trounced at the polls in 2006 and 2008.

As a black man from Maryland, a traditionally Democratic state, Steele has already brought a new face to the party.

The RNC has about 100 staff members, many of whom have been told that their last day on the job will be Feb. 15, a Republican source told Politico, which reported the story Thursday morning.

Well you knew you were going to get an opinion from me on this eventually:
Michael Steele is the new boss of the RNC, I honestly believe this is a “We got one too” move by the Republicans. I think it’s transparent, obvious and I don’t give a shit how the republican spin machine puts it, it’s a RACIALLY MOTIVATED move. I don’t have anything against Michael Steele, I hope he can put some “Conservative values” back in the Republican party. It’s doubtful but I guess it could happen.

Michael Steele started off right though, firing everyone in the old staff, now if he could make the fake ass conservatives occupying seats in the senate disappear ASAP he would be my hero. If the Senate passes the current GIVEAWAY plan, I say every one of the YEA’s need to unemployed come 2010.

Wake the fuck up AMERICA!

RNC Protesters, More Media attention as expected.

RNC Protesters, More Media attention as expected.

Some turn violent in GOP convention protests

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Demonstrations near the Republican National Convention site turned violent Monday, as protesters harassed some delegates, smashed windows, slashed car tires and threw bottles. Police using pepper spray arrested more than 250 people.

The trouble happened not far from the Xcel Energy Center convention site where the GOP was starting its four-day meeting. And many of those involved in the more violent activities identified themselves to reporters as anarchists. These protesters, some clad in black, were operating on the streets in addition to a peaceful anti-war march, wreaking havoc by damaging property and setting at least one fire. Most of the trouble was in pocket of a neighborhood near downtown, several blocks from where the convention was taking place.

The main anti-war march was peaceful, police said, estimating about 10,000 people participated. Late Monday afternoon, long after the anti-war marchers had dispersed, police requested and got 150 Minnesota National Guard soldiers to help control splinter groups near downtown.

I had a feeling the Media coverage of the RNC would be far less “Fair” than the DNC.

The SMART and RIGHT call to delay the convention until Gustav was done and the damage dealt with, was met with snide remarks, insults and protest coverage.

During the DNC protesters were granted very little coverage, even though there were many, they weren’t as angry. Partly because Bush is a Republican and he is still in charge, I understand that. The Republican convention offers the Code Pinko’s a stage but it’s the MEDIA that gives them a voice.

I wouldn’t mind if CNN, MSNBC and the other LEFTY News Organizations gave the protest equal time but I think they are going to be far more “Protester friendly” than they were in Denver.

I hope the American voter takes that into account. I also hope the fence sitters see how the Democrat party treats Women, and treats Grandmothers.. They are very accepting of Abortion, but not accepting of a woman that took on the additional duties of a mentally challenged kid. IT would have been easy to flush it, it would be easy to have her daughter flush it, it is much harder to deal with it the right way..

Palin offers the Left a problem, a problem they can’t run away from, and a problem they are trying to deal with… Libards don’t deal with problems well, it is obvious by Clinton’s and Carter’s Problem solving skills, they were great until action is required, if talking is all that is needed than VOTE Democrat. IF you really want to fix problems Democrats arent the way to go.