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GOP starting the CAVE Process…

Here we go… Kyl: Republicans Agree to Revenue Increases in Deficit Talks A top-ranking GOP Senator said Wednesday that Republicans have agreed to revenue increases as part of a deficit-reduction measure. “If you add up all of the revenues that … Continue reading

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The fix is in: Dream Act (Amnesty) will pass…

So far I’m batting 1000 on my predictions so far so believe me when I tell you that the Dream act will pass this weekend. Why you ask? Harry Reid pulled the omnibus bill off the floor pretty quick didn’t … Continue reading

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Rep.-Elect Kristi Noem (R-eally HOT)

Aside from her smokin hot appearance this is utter BULLSH*T! She speaks of being “Humble” We don’t want the newly elected to be “Humble” we want them to do as they said they would do. STOP SPENDING, REPEAL OBAMACARE, and … Continue reading

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Note to the GOP: Remove your head from your…

Okay here’s where we are: A lame duck congress full of OUTGOING liberals/Democrats Are pushing amnesty cloaked in the “Dream Act” The GOP’s leaders have decided to “Compromise” with the POTUS and give us a trillion dollars more debt in … Continue reading

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Wikileaked, Earmarks and Foreign Policy…

Been away for a couple of days. Just got back from a very relaxing time in the mountains. The bad part about coming back is you get swamped with good news… Wikileaked a bunch of stuff MOST truly engaged Americans … Continue reading

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Republicans are eating their own?

Just a quick post regarding the Sunday talk show hosts and pundits revelations of the “Donner Party” syndrome. The DNC Chair Tim Kaine (D-ipshit) say the tea party is the new “Donner Party” several of them talked about Miller in … Continue reading

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The Purge!

A short post since I’ve been busier than an incumbent Democrat running for office… The Purge continues. I read on several blogs, the anguish over the latest upset in Republican party. The O’donnel thing got Karl Rove and Charles Krouthammer … Continue reading

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I’m NOT Donating to the RNC!

So the RNC decides to go to Alaska and assist one of their RINO’s in counting the ballots. Not for “Fairness” but for HOPE that their RINO wins. The RNC needs to butt out and let system work. The RNC … Continue reading

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