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Colorado Shooting Thoughts.

Colorado Shooting Thoughts.

Okay, I gave it a day or two to let the media led political driven hyperventilation drop off a bit before I opined on the situation. You will notice I’m not offering prayers or mourning for the victims of the shooter on this post. I’ve done that elsewhere and between me and J.C.

First a word of warning: IF you are offended by common sense click off now.

#1. The shooter: A psycho and a very proficient one. He did what he set out to do. He deserves to be placed in a hole, covered with honey and left in the desert to rot.

#2. A guy with this much hatred in his heart was not going to be stopped before he inflicted death on innocent people Someone was going to die in that theater. He may have been stalled and allowed some innocents to get out. He wouldn’t in fact, have killed so many people. But he wouldn’t have been stopped totally.

#3.  Anyone who thinks “If I were there with my GLOCK I’d have ___” (Fill in the blank) is a MORON. The guy had tactical advantage, he’d prepared the area, he had surprise on his side and he had the armament to isolate/eliminate threats. Unless you carry a gas mask with your glock and expected this scenario you’d have likely been gasping for breath and/or shooting randomly which would have made you a priority target for the shooter. But, if the Shooter had to dodge incoming fire, he wouldn’t have been able to kill 6yr old kids and fathers/Mothers/Grandparents at point blank range…. He wouldn’t have had a free fire zone, he’d have had to move/cover/shoot. HE was not a military trained individual. His shots wouldn’t have been near as accurate.

#4.  This is the most important part. People are FREE in the USA. Meaning the shooter was FREE to go about collecting the things he wanted to make this operation such a success in his mind.

This is FREEDOM and WE Americans need to understand that the SHOOTER WAS FREE TO DO WHAT HE DID! The victims were FREE too, they were FREE to DIE UNARMED! They were DENIED THIER RIGHTS TO POSSESS THE TOOLS THEY COULD HAVE USED TO STOP THE SHOOTER FROM KILLING THEM! Denied by the very people we elected to office to protect our rights.

The Shooter bought his guns legally, he bought all the supplies he needed legally. The minute he took those tools into public, HE BROKE THE LAW. Those victims in the theater were DENIED the chance to exercise their RIGHTS TO DEFEND THEIR FREEDOM, by elected officials who believe GUNS KILL PEOPLE.  Law abiding citizens are dead, the criminal is in jail. The criminals parents will be able to visit him. He will be able to talk to friends. Victims? Yeah just dead.

This shooting should wake people up, but unfortunately, it seems Americans are just going back to sleep. The 2nd Amendment is YOUR RIGHT TO NOT BE KILLED COWERING IN A CORNER BY THOSE WHO WISH TO KILL YOU! Be it, Government or some asshole in a trenchcoat or body armor and a firearm.

A lot of folks are wondering if there’s a connection to the UN small arms treaty vote coming up. Sad thing about that is, we trust our government so little that it’s a very possible cause of this tragedy. It’s extremely possible that politics/agenda is behind this act and the bad part is we’ll never know for sure. Think about it folks. Our government has become so UNTRUSTWORTHY because of their actions in the past. Wake up people we need to take our nation back ASAP while there’s still something to take back.

The Victimizing of America…

The Victimizing of America…

This is where I get very pissed off. I’m tired of hearing about:
I’m unemployed, I have bills, I can’t find a job, I have 6 kids, I have a college tuition loan I can’t pay for, I can’t do ___ fill in the blank… OWS is full of that crap.

How about getting off your ass, dusting yourself off and taking a job until you find one you want. How about taking your sorry ass back to school to learn a trade? How about not having 6 kids and no job? How about some personal responsibility you dumb SOB…

I’m also sick of hearing about “WHY” criminals are criminals. We’ve been told from the top down that you are equal in every way, you can compete with anyone for anything. Except when you get caught stealing/raping/murdering then it’s Oh well he was a good boy but he had a bad child hood. He couldn’t find a job, he couldn’t afford those Air Jordan’s so he stole them… BULLSHIT.

Our society is so screwed up now that there’s no way we can reverse this trend. We took accountability from ourselves. We throw these moron criminals in jail for a short period of time where they actually do LEARN. They learn to be stronger and better criminals. But they didn’t have the ability to learn in school? Funny aint it…

Right now our society is geared to protecting the victims UNLESS the criminal is made to be a victim too, in which case the REAL victim of the crime is granted less rights than the criminal.

How do we fix this? We fix it by electing SHERIFFS who are more like Joe Arpaio, we fix it locally by electing strong 2nd amendment supporting DA’s and judges. We fix it by electing strong CONSERVATIVE Governors and it’s high time to fight this “Regressive” type of judicial rule. We fix it by standing up and showing up in every meeting/townhall/council meeting in your area and busting their chops about the issues locally.

We’re so focused on the entire nation (Which is totally FUBAR right now) that we are missing the point that all politics are local and that’s where we have to start.

Criminals are not the victims. I don’t care if they are from a broken home or because they were abused… I don’t give a damn about that part my concern is with the victims of their crimes, they didn’t abuse the criminal or cause them a broken home… Why are they being held responsible for it?

Rant over.

What is a Right? vs What is a Wish?

What is a Right? vs What is a Wish?

This is great explanation of the difference. I found it at “Chicks on the Right” but I posted it here for “Liberaldude”

See “Liberaldude” made a couple of drive by comments that ended up in my spam filter. I thought about releasing them and shining a light on the ignorance of the left. But I decided since the comments were not “Opinions” they were just insults with no basis in fact or reality I’d just send them to the trash.

“Liberaldude” is an internet troll in the same mold as “deaconblew” or some other morons that have visited here in the past. They have no arguments left because they shot their wad during the Bush years. Now their hero is failing miserably while continuing the same policies Bush did. Sad to watch really, the utter destruction of liberalism by the very ones they chose to carry the banner… Pure entertainment.

Liberaldude is one of those folks that believe EVERYTHING is a right as long as it benefits THEM. When it is uncomfortable for them its fascism. Healthcare is a RIGHT, free speech is a RIGHT (Unless you are against endless entitlements and critical of those in power) liberalism is a mental disorder.

Basically the video is a perfect lesson for the liberal mind. A wish is not a right. You have the right to WISH. You have the right to work hard, earn your ability to make your wish come true. For example: IF you want healthcare for the poor, work hard get rich and then pay for the healthcare of the poor in your area. See, that would be noble wouldn’t it?