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Good vs Bad in Democrat speak…

Good vs Bad in Democrat speak…

So lets get this straight:

ObamaCare; 1 trillion dollars in debt, costing jobs= GOOD Debt

Stimulus package: 1 trillion dollars in debt, no jobs created except government jobs = GOOD Debt.

Cap and Trade: Cost millions of job, adding billions to the national debt = Good Debt.

Unemployment benefits: 2 years of benefits because of the economy being in bad shape due to the ABOVE policies, adding BILLIONS to the national debt = Good Debt.

Bush tax cuts: Keeping the tax rate the same as it has been for the last 7 years, expected to many private sector jobs, will add 200 billion to the debt (For upper income earners) but will increase revenue by reducing unemployment  = BAD DEBT.

I hope you guys understand the liberpuke mind now.

I don’t think the GOP has a clue of how to go on the offensive. The Obama policies have kept the economy in a ditch. These tax extensions will help but the real job killer is the Obama care package. There will be recovery when that law is repealed and/or repaired.

IF the GOP doesn’t repeal that health care debacle, and if they cave to this so-called compromise with Obama I think a 3rd party option is going to be necessary in 2012.

For GAWD SAKE, a third party needs a strong candidate though. Someone better than Bob Barr or Ralph Nader…. I’ll tell you this, if Allen West ran as a WHIG party candidate I’m voting WHIG….

Another thing I’m really sick of hearing about and it’s making a comeback. “Obama inherited this economy” is a good argument for the first year. And if Obama would have NOT spent so much money and time adding to the economy’s woes with healthcare and the other anti-business policies, it may be a good argument. BUT Obama and his far left loons have kept the economy in the crapper and it’s ALL OBAMA NOW! Quit whining liberpukes your hero pulled you out in to the light and now your “Programs” are showing the truth to the masses.

Good bye Democrats and RINO’s America is waking up and we are engaged. No more hiding pork, no more socialism, no more status quo. You are all on notice.

An Open letter to Democrats…

An Open letter to Democrats…

To Democrats of the United States of America;

I thought I’d offer a fig leaf of sorts to you.

I’d like to start this letter off by saying SORRY. I feel your pain. Your party has been hijacked for the most part, though I do realize it’s largely your own fault. I’ve been trying to look at the country’s issues with an open mind, and I have seen a couple of things that you may not have seen. I understand that problem as good as anyone because I was a George Bush supporter. Nuff said.

What I’d like you Democrats to look at is the groups around you. You can tell a lot about the state of your party by the supporters of your party. Your eyes will be open only when you differentiate between those supporters and your enemies. You must decide for yourself the path you choose. I am just going to shed a little light on the votes your party receives.

IF you look closely to the supporting cast of your party NOW vs the supporting cast of Democrats during JFK’s days. You will notice a huge difference, JFK actively defended America against Communists and Socialists. JFK was an American first, he believed in this country and he believed this was the best place on earth. And he fought to keep it that way.

Can you say the same thing about the current President? Can you say the same thing about the Leaders of your party?

Now, before I provide you with a short list of your party’s supporters, I want you to know I am not trying to recruit you to the Republican party. I really have little use for them. The two party system is corrupt from the ground up, but that’s a topic for another time.

Let’s look at the list of CURRENT Democrat Supporters. These are folks that vote Democrat, push the NEW Democrat agenda, and basically fund the Democratic machine. I won’t list all of them, because just like both party’s there are the decent supporters that just get lost in the mix. I want to point out the extreme parts

Freedom Socialist Party

Socialist Labor Party of America

Social Democratic Party (1897-1901)

Communist Party

Now if you look at those four  (there are MANY MANY more) and it doesn’t shake you up a bit, then you are where you should be. You should be a 2010 Democrat. IF it does bother you a bit then perhaps you should consider moving away from that party or fighting to get the party back to where it was.

We “former” Republicans have begun that fight with the tea party. Yes, there was some Democrat collateral damage. I am truly sorry that some GOOD Democrats lost in the 2010 election. However; They allowed the NEW Democrat party to push them around and manipulate them. A Lesson maybe? We also managed to re-elect some of the same old tired Republicans that got us in the mess we are in. For that I’m truly sorry too.

We need a strong American Democrat party. We need a strong Republican party. We need the sharing of ideas. However; The Democrat party has become the party of the deranged. The Democrat party has become SOCIALISTS at all cost in most things, and Communists in others while being UN-American in all. America is not built to be governed by elitists. America was not founded on the “Live off the backs of others” mentality that is sweeping the nation. America was made great by hard work, integrity, responsibility and honor. These traits are being forced out. The world has lost a great deal and only time will tell HOW great the loss.

You need to see the direction the New Democrats are headed. I want you to look at your leading House Democrat and the area of the nation she represents. Is that the America you want? Would you be happier if the entire nation was a mirror of Nancy Pelosi’s district? Take it a step further, would you be happier if the entire nation was a mirror of Chicago? These are where these NEW Democrat’s hail from and that is what our nation is to become under their leadership.

Please. I ask you to consider opening your eyes.

IF you took the leading Democrats districts and compared it with the leading Republicans district where would you rather live? IF you were to stand side by side with the supporters of each representative who would you be more comfortable with? IF you honestly answer Nancy Pelosi’s supporters then I say goodbye to you and have a nice life. IF you even thought for a minute that John Boehner’s supporters would be a better fit for you then I suggest you fight very hard to switch course of your party or leave it.

These days are trying times for all TRUE Americans, and I hope that the Democrat party will become an American Political Party again. Right now though I fear the Democrat party is being ran as an ANTI-American Party.

We as a nation do much better when we have center/left Democrats and Right Republicans. For far too long we’ve had far Left Democrats, and Center Left Republicans. And it’s not going well at all from Coast to Coast and abroad.

I ask you to think back to the days when we fought about things without calling each other names. I want you to think about the version of America your leaders want and compare them to what you want. IF you still say you are a Democrat and will follow their lead then I bid you farewell. IF you want to fight it and get the party back, I’ll support you.



The Home Stretch: Will We Do it?

The Home Stretch: Will We Do it?

The tea party, the one force in this nation with the numbers and the will to affect change is about to prove it’s value. In just 5 days, Americans will go to the polls and VOTE for their version of where we need to go. Democrats will vote for Democrats, Republicans will vote for Republicans….What will you do?

I don’t give a damn about the polls. I keep hearing about all the seats the Republicans will win. To that I say good. But I also say it’s not a given.

I say IF the Republicans take over, then we must stay vigilant. We must hold the Republicans feet to the fire.

I say IF the Democrats remain in power in all three branches, We are screwed. Because for two years we have shown proof of the idiocy rampant on the left. We have been factual, accurate and there is ample proof in the world as to where the path takes us. And if the voters don’t see it. We are screwed.


I fear this election. I fear it because I live in California. Here in California Boxer and Brown will probably both win their races. This tells me that there are so many liberal/progressive party first idiots in one of the most populated states in the nation, that hope is lost here.

I fear that result because California sends MORE politicians to DC than any other state.

I fear this election because the Democrats are in control and we have seen them in action over the last 4 years.

I fear this election because if we don’t fix the mess now, it will not be fixed in our lifetime without bloodshed.

Get out to vote and bring your friends and family with you. We will need every vote because the Democrats are bringing the dead back to vote again.

Independents rule this election cycle, and if they don’t come out in force hope is lost. The inner cities and blue states are GONE for the most part because they are stuck on the plantation. They are getting the government reach around and they aren’t willing to step out on their own.

Get out the vote!

Oh and a word of caution to any moonbat liber asswipe that would be outside or inside of my polling place on November 2nd:
Keep your mouth shut and keep your hands to yourself. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Start something; Good lord help you because that’s the only one that will be able to.

In 13 days, the Tea Party work begins..

In 13 days, the Tea Party work begins..

If you think the last 18 months has been tough, you haven’t been paying attention. We the People’s job just started. WHY?

The easy part is tearing down the ruling class, the easy part is pointing out all the stupid actions and speech of our elected officials. It’s very easy when you have such corrupt elected officials. The left did exactly the same thing in 2006 and 2008. It’s EASY people.

The left didn’t think we had the balls to do as they did. They were wrong. The left used every attack known to man to rid the nation of Republican power and it worked. They lowered the bar as far as “Respectful discourse” during debates and dialog. During the 2006 and 2008 election cycles the hate filled speech coming from irate liberal/progressives was by far the worst in history and it lowered the standards of what you are allowed to do/say in disagreements.

Since Obama, Pelosi and Reid have been in charge, they have made it easy to attack their policies, and since the bar for conduct in disagreements has been lowered by their supporters, they have got HAMMERED! and they are upset about it?

This is what the American people see, the American people see that Democrats are the elitists. In a democrat mind “The rules are made for YOU not me” and “I can do it but you should be better than that” We are better than that. We conducted ourselves poorly at times, in regards to some candidates or some issues. But Poorly was the new norm for the liberals in 2006 and 2008.

In 2010, we are going to get power back to the people. That’s where we need to start working very hard. Again I say THE WORK JUST STARTS ON NOV 3rd.

IF we let the Republicans operate without the same scrutiny we put the Democrats under we will have accomplished NOTHING.

Democrats in Bell California arrested!

Democrats in Bell California arrested!

This is the biggest story of the day and what you don’t hear is “Democrats.” Every one of those arrested are D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-S….Why is the State run media ignoring it?

Bell officials arrested as prosecutors are set to file criminal charges [Updated]

At least eight city of Bell officials were arrested Tuesday morning, a source said, as L.A. County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley prepared to announce criminal charges in the municipal salary scandal.

[Updated at 10 a.m.: Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo, whose high salary sparked the outrage that led to the investigations of the city, was among those arrested in the sweep. No details have been released, but a source not authorized to speak publicly about the case said that Rizzo; former Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia; Mayor Oscar Hernandez; Councilmembers Luis Artiga, Teresa Jacobo and George Mirabal; and former Councilmembers George Cole and Victor Bello were among those arrested.

[Updated at 11:22 p.m.: Cooley filed charges against eight Bell officials Tuesday, alleging that they misappropriated $5.5 million in public funds. Rizzo has been charged with 53 counts of misappropriation of public funds and conflict of interest.

Among those arrested were former city administrator Robert Rizzo, former assistant city manager Angela Spaccia, Mayor Oscar Hernandez, councilmembers George Mirabal, Teresa Jacobo, Luis Artiga and former councilmembers George Cole and Victor Bello.

“This is corruption on steroids,” Cooley said.]

I wonder, if these folks were “Republicans” how many times during the story would they spell it out? When a Republican gets caught J-Walking, or even a possibility of misdeed somewhere in his/her life the first thing the media does is make sure REPUBLICAN shows up first in the article. However, I guess if you are a Democrat you get a pass. Even when it’s as corrupt as these Bell morons.

I guess what this type of media bias should tell people is: Democrats are the most unethical and corrupt party. So when they get caught it’s really not a shock. When Republicans do something stupid and get caught it’s big news because they are not supposed to be corrupt and unethical. Which brings up this question:

Why the hell do people vote for Democrats? Why not vote Republican and keep watch for the failures, instead of voting Democrat and knowing what you will eventually get?

The Bell issue is actually small potato’s compared to the national stage.

An Americans advice to the Republicans.

An Americans advice to the Republicans.

Kicking off the political season is usually Labor Day. I think this year it actually started about a year ago because WE saw where we are headed. At this time I’d like to offer a little advice to the Republicans that are set to regain power in the House at least.

The AFLCIO, ACLU, SEIU, Sorros, CODE PINK, HUFFPO, LGF, LaRAZA, ANSWER, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, Many UNIONS, DEMOCRATS, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NYT, LAT and several other groups are kicking off this election cycle with rallies, and speeches and the usual arm twisting tactics. Did you think they would just sit back and admit that their “Views” are truly out of whack? They are countering the Beck rally, they are countering the facts with feelings. Count the times you hear “Children” in their speeches… So bring your A game Repubs.

Advise to the Republicans seeking to get elected.

1. Increase the pressure on the Democrats, especially if they are incumbents. Keep reminding people that THEY own this economy, THEY own the problems in the world, and THEY are the owners of the direction. Remind people that the democrats have been in power in the house since 2006 and remind them what the house actually does and the power it wields.

Yep, they have sent bills to the POTUS since 06, and look at our economy….Yep the POTUS signed them, but they wrote them. Which tells you where their mind is. We got rid of Bush, time to remove the rest of them.

2. Stay away from the “Personal” attacks, stay on policy differences, stay on the votes the opponent made while they were in office. IF they voted for Obamacare, remind people about the reason unemployment is almost 10% is because of the 2000+ page bill that was passed with bribes and back room deals is in large part the reason the economy is still a disaster. IF they voted for Cap and Trade, tie that in to the economy. Stick on the economy and their record, do not let them blame Bush without reminding people of the POWER in congress for the last 4 years. Remind them where the economy was before the Democrats took over power in the house.

3. Come out and take a stand on these three issues in no uncertain terms. The Ground Zero Mosque, The war on terror and Illegal Immigration. Make it perfectly clear to the masses that YOU will stand with the American people on these issues and call on the Dems to make a stand too. Trust the people to make up their minds based on those answers. On the Illegal Immigration front, you MUST come out as a BORDER SECURITY Proponent, all the other discussion about guest worker or path to citizenship is contingent upon our security. Stand with America and YOU will succeed.

4. Take on the unions. Take them head on. Don’t let that AFLCIO idiot Trumka distort the facts without a direct challenge. You need to explain to the voters that UNIONS don’t hire people. Unions while necessary, have become too much of a political force (And do it using dues, whether or not you agree with it or not) and they are hurting our ability to actually recover our economy. Unions, not all but the BIG Unions, have destroyed the auto industry, they have exploded state budgets, and they are doing the same thing federally. Show them the data. Let the voters know about state and federal laws that make UNIONS almost useless now, other than an arm of the democrat party. Take them on and have your facts right.

5. And finally, Make sure you state clearly your vision and plan for a better way. Right now the Republicans are about to take over, only because the democrats are so inept. Republicans have a lot of ill will left over from the last go around, so you better be ready to back up your talk with actions IF/When you take over power. This could be the last chance you get for 100 years.

Keep your foot on the throat of the Obamabots.

Game ON!

I’m NOT Donating to the RNC!

I’m NOT Donating to the RNC!

So the RNC decides to go to Alaska and assist one of their RINO’s in counting the ballots. Not for “Fairness” but for HOPE that their RINO wins. The RNC needs to butt out and let system work. The RNC under Michael Steel has been a nightmare. They have drove the republican party into the abyss. The people have spoken NO MORE RINO’S. And they keep pushing them upon us.

From the Angry White Dude:


If anyone out there is stupid enough to believe the Republican party elites care about conservatives, they’re probably stupid enough to still give the RNC money. In some cases, they’d probably be just as well served giving their money to the Democrats! They both serve the same purposes!

Case in point, Lisa Murkowski, RINO-AK. Murkowski would have a hard time convincing anyone she belongs in the party of Reagan. Of course, the party of Reagan died after Bush I took office. The Republican party has been traveling down (and I mean down!) the slippery slope into being Democrat lites ever since. Or, in the case of Murkowski, a Democrat in good standing with George Soros.

Murkowski’s Senate voting record leaves no doubt to why she had a challenger in Tuesday’s primary. It also leaves no doubt why she is losing. According to a report from Ken Emanuelson of the Dallas Tea Party:

In 2008, the taxpayer-watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste issued Murkowski a Lifetime rating of 54 percent–a score that put her five points ahead of Arlen Specter’s 49 percent rating. National Taxpayers’ Union was a bit more generous to Murkowski, awarding her a ‘C’.

On immigration, NumbersUSA rates Murkowski a C- overall, with a D on reducing illegal immigration at the borders and an F on reducing illegal immigration rewards.

Murkowski is trailing her challenger Joe Miller by 2,000 votes with 100% of the precincts reporting. Now she’s praying on massive numbers of RINOs sending in absentee votes to keep her in office. She’s already said she would pull a Charlie Crist and run on another ticket if she loses the primary. Love that Republican loyalty! But in Alaska she would only have the Alaska Secessionist Party or the Libertarian Party to go to. Neither fits her record and neither would have her. So she picks up the phone and here comes da RINO Republican elite! The Dallas Tea Party report continues:

Sean Cairncross, the general counsel of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is headed to Alaska at the request of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) to help provide guidance to the GOP incumbent who finds herself trailing attorney Joe Miller (R) by roughly 1,600 votes.

Cairncross will spend several days on the ground in Alaska as Murkowski and her campaign prepare for the counting of as many as 16,000 absentee ballots — a process expected to start next Tuesday and continue through early September.

Read the rest HERE

To Hell with the RNC. Never will I send them a nickel and GOD help the moron who calls and asks from the RNC…You have been warned.