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The way forward…

The way forward…

After a few brave House Reps and Senators stood on principle and got stabbed in the back by the establishment, many of us are done with the GOP. (See TexasFreds for more on this topic)

The question is now what do we do? I submit we have only three choices:


1. Fight and keep fighting the same way and hope we eventually wake people up. This may be the way for some, for me I don’t think we have enough time.

2. Join the Democrat party and apologize for ever thinking we could stop the train wreck.

3. We fight like there’s no tomorrow to primary out all RINO’s and elect some serious fighters in 2014. If that doesn’t work then from 2014 to election day 2016 we allow ALL LIBERAL LEGISLATION to go through unchallenged. The thought behind this is the same as the “Let Obamacare collapse under its own weight.” crowd.


#3 is where we’re headed. See California for the example of a prolonged fight without honesty in media. CA is totally controlled by far left ideologues now and if you want that for the country, keep doing what we’re doing. The reason I use CA is I have watched it first hand. Think about this:

We fought, we voted for moderate Repubs with business acumen only to have them raise taxes and follow democrat ideology. (Since Reagan) The Republican party spent BILLIONS here to try and fight the liberal scourge only to get to this point. We got here because of give aways to voters. And we’re collapsing now at a rapid rate.


If we allow the democrat agenda unimpeded the damage they will do to their own ideology will be quicker and less expensive. It also removes the blame game. They can’t blame us for the results. In CA every election was NEGATIVE about why Republicans didn’t allow this or Did this or that… Even though Republicans haven’t had a majority in the legislative process for over 20 years.


IF in 2014 we do not change the senate and keep the house, we need to really consider #3. Because show and tell is a better campaign slogan than blame…

Misdirection, Deceit and Lies…

Misdirection, Deceit and Lies…

What we are seeing now is the best effort to hide the lack of leadership our nation is going through EVER. We have the media focused on the George Zimmerman witch hunt and subsequent stake burning, while the White House is on fire… The nation is suffering, the world is suffering but hey, some guy who would have liked to be cop rather than a bad guy shot a thug on a dark night after he was beaten.. OH MY GAWD!

As much as I enjoy a good circus, the Zimmerman trial ended for me yesterday. The defense is on solid footing within the facts, the prosecution on the other hand is emotion first. Emotions are strong motivators but rarely do they lead to good decisions. And that’s where we are now.

Emotions led to Obamacare, which in case you didn’t notice got delayed until after the 2014 elections. Is anyone asking questions? Nope. How about media ask these questions:

1. How can a President delay a law that was signed and SCOTUS approved with a stroke of the pen? Where in the Obamacare law does it state that a President has the right to enact it whenever its convenient? IF Obama can delay it and implement it at will, does that mean the next POTUS can retroactively delay it, stop it, kill it?

2. The Congressional Budget office COUNTED on the 4.8 BILLION dollars of revenue that implementation would generate through business penalties to make Obamacare “Deficit Neutral” without those dollars for another year, what is the outlook for the national debt?

Just off the top of my head….

Then there’s the Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA scandals that have taken a back seat to Trayvon’s rotting corpse… Oh and don’t dare look at the gas prices up to 4.00 a gallon and the job market declining and the food/energy prices rising…  “But hey ya’ll I gotta go to Africa, cause George Bush did good things there…”

Political strategy?

Democrat thinking: IF the senate refused to pass Amnesty, Obama would have implemented Obamacare as it was LAW. But since Amnesty passed the senate, Obama and his democrat cronies aren’t sure what the house is going to do, they are counting on Boehner to kill the senate bill, then the dems will run against racist republicans the same old story that usually works. Right now, the dems don’t know if the house will pass Amnesty and if they do, coupled with OBAMACARE Train Wreck, they think they may lose the house and Senate…I disagree with that thinking.

If the house passes Amnesty, the house is full democrat in 2014. The senate is going to stay majority democrat anyway unless the RINO’s get Primaried. Most conservatives are fed up with RINO’s and Democrats. Enthusiasm is gone for Republicans in the senate.

Your thoughts on any of this?



Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Let me go ahead and predict the content of his teleprompter led speech:
There will be roughly 23 “I’s” in it.
There will be 10 to 15 references to the “Extremists” with in the party’s… Which is Democrat speak for TEA PARTY.
There will be 10 to 15 “Compromise” in it. Which is code word for “Republicans won’t do what I want”.
There will be 5 to 10 references to “Economic disaster” if debt deal not reached.
There will be 5 to 7 references to “Inherited problems” code word for all of this is Bush’s fault.
There will be 5 to 10 statements about children, the poor, minorities and seniors paying the bills
There will be 7 to 10 references about the rich, the corporate wealthy, oil companies etc.

I won’t be watching this repeat of every crisis hyped BS from the hypocrite in chief. But I guess I’ll see how close I was to accurate tomorrow morning.

To those of you who count yourselves as Tea Party patriots. You are enemy number 1 now. You are the problem. You are aligned with the shooter in Norway. I am VERY PROUD to count myself as an AMERICAN TEA PARTY SUPPORTER. (Not a member of any group since my local chapter is a real tea party more than an activist group) But I fully support the values of the tea party. WE HAVE DONE GREAT WORK! Look at the conversation and how its changed from “Spend it all” to “CUT IT ALL.”

Jump on board folks the Tea Party train is picking up steam all over the nation. You don’t have to do anything other than support candidates who support the values of the tea party. Small/limited government, fiscal responsibility, free market solutions, National Security…

Note to the GOP

Note to the GOP

Hang in there. Do not give in. Do not believe the B.S from those with an agenda. We the People NO NOT want “Compromise”. We the People did not send you in force to the house in order to “Compromise” WE the People knew the risks, We the People have taken that risk. We the People expect the government to live within it’s means. We the People EXPECT YOU TO STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. IF that means we default. SO BE IT. Let Obama make a decision on who to pay. LET OBAMA PAY HIS CRONIES. LET OBAMA be OBAMA. It will undo his presidency and it will put us on the fast track to recovery.


CAVE on this important discussion and WE THE PEOPLE WILL REMOVE YOU.

Conservative or Republican?

Conservative or Republican?

Evidently moving toward the 2012 election the distinction between Conservative and Republican will be at the forefront. Not to mention, Libertarian. These three political positions are going to be challenged. Now let me say first off that I consider myself a Conservative.

If you want to know some of my beliefs just click the about the author page up top.

I believe in preserving the CONSTITUTION of the United States, I don’t want it changed, I don’t want it to be “Progressed” I think it’s served us well and it should be a sacred document. Do not mess with it unless you get the consent of the people. (i.e Amendments)

A “Republican” is not necessarily a Conservative. Conservatives just align more with that party than the Democrat party. A Republican is more moderate in some areas and more rigid in others compared to a “Conservative” An example of such occurs when Republicans are in the majority of House, Senate or White House. Conservatives tend to be very critical of ANY elected officials that are not upholding Conservative values. Republicans tend to provide cover for their own party. Now I know that will piss some of you Republicans off, but it’s true. Just look back to 2000 thru 2006 to see my point.

Now, we can look to this election and see the distinction between Republicans and Conservatives. What is really funny is, one without the other will result in Democrat reign for eternity. We are entangled by our vision of our nation, we are together in MOST instances on most every issue that confronts us.

One of the things that sets us apart is: You won’t hear a Conservative say “Well we have to compromise our principles on this issue in order to get something later”… Conservatives at one point did that. (Reagan) Today’s conservatives are pretty much done with compromising our principles. We have had it.

It was possible to compromise with yesterdays Democrats, today’s Democrats are NOT the same. These Democrats today are EXTREMISTS compared to the JFK Democrats. Conservatives have moved just as far right as Democrats have moved left. Republicans have become the Democrats of old. So who is left on the right? US Conservatives.

Let me say this. Conservatives are not looking to “Expand the tent” We are looking to educate the population in our core beliefs and if you agree, welcome brother/sister. If not we’ll see you on the field of battle.

We are coming up on the election cycle for our nation. I would like to see us all push for the same candidate in the general election. But in order for that to happen the GOP must put fourth a VIABLE CONSERVATIVE Candidate. We can’t allow another 2008 ticket, and Conservatives will hold the key. Independents are moving away from Democrats in droves and will most likely vote against Obama in 2012. Conservative turnout is paramount to removing Obama.

We must remove “Duh Won”  however there is a cost greater than not removing him. That cost would be electing someone worse. Hard to believe that one worse would come from the right. But IMO it very well could.

One thing I don’t want to do is bash any potential candidate (YET) I think I’ll wait on bashing or supporting one. Most have not announced their candidacy anyway. And it’s kind of interesting to see the media attack dogs out in a pack jumping on any “Potential” Republican candidate.

Lets get this one right folks. Lets put fourth a candidate we can fully support rather than a candidate that requires us to vote AGAINST one.



Obama: Everyone has to have a haircut?

Obama: Everyone has to have a haircut?

Does that mean “Duh Won” will be curtailing his golf outings and his vacations? Does it mean Mrs “Duh Won” Will be stopping all her traveling on tax payer money? Does it mean no more free flights for photo’s on Air 1? What exactly will you cutting oh great and powerful OZ?


You know I really do understand the Democrats position on this cut deal. They need to keep their voter pool full. If folks realized they could actually BE BETTER OFF and improve their way of life by WORKING, what would happen to the Democrats?

This entire thing is really pissing me off. Democrats COULD have passed a budget LAST year. But they knew they needed to make cuts to keep the public happy. What to do? Well, just wait and let the Republicans take the blame. In the old days that worked. Today? Well the Republicans would be seen as hero’s if they shut this runaway government down.

Shut it down if you can’t get 61 billion dollars in cuts. NO LESS. And to me it’s still short by about 2 TRILLION right now. If the Republicans compromise past the 61 billion we need a new crew in the House. PERIOD.

Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Tomorrow’s State of the Union Address.

Obama will focus on Jobs in his speech…. Um, yeah same thing he’s done every time he speaks, but the actions don’t match the written word. You can speak about how great you are and how you are christian, or how you were born here or whatever, but until some action is seen your words are uselss.

I’ve also heard that congress will be sitting next to each other rather than split by party. For me this is totally ridiculous. This all came about because of the shooting in Tuscon. Media and liberal elitists two minutes after the shooting blamed “Heated Rhetoric” for the shooting. Sitting side by side with the very same people that made that claim lends credibility to that claim. So unless you are going to sit with your party’s opposition so when they stand up to applause you can yank their ass back in their seat, keep your dumbass on YOUR SIDE OF THE AISLE.

There is a reason the party’s are separated, it’s called checks and balances. IF you are all going to sit together and sing happy songs, then one of you are unnecessary.

We on the “Extreme Right”  AKA “Unapologetic, truthful, unafraid AMERICANS” have become disenfranchised with the idiots in Congress. We have pretty much determined that the two parties are too closely matched. Which makes a lot of sense when you look at where we are now. NO CHECKS, NO BALANCES.

IF the R’s and D’s sit together in the SOTU address, I personally will consider it slap in the face of our founders. And I hope the D’s use this in their campaigns for 2012. And they will.

This sitting together shit is an admission of guilt by the Republicans, the democrats were not accused of “hate rhetoric” remember? It was the RIGHT SIDE of the aisle. And you will help them make their case by sitting next to the children of the corn….

Rant over.

The fix is in: Dream Act (Amnesty) will pass…

The fix is in: Dream Act (Amnesty) will pass…

So far I’m batting 1000 on my predictions so far so believe me when I tell you that the Dream act will pass this weekend.

Why you ask?

Harry Reid pulled the omnibus bill off the floor pretty quick didn’t he? Do you think that there was a reason for it? I bet the reason involved some phone calls to our steel spine Conservatives in the senate like Susan Collins, and Scott Brown… See they were going to vote for the Omnibus bill, but if they did they would have been in very shaky territory and would have to show some “BALLS” on the next bill up for vote. DADT or the Dream act.

I’m thinking the dream act will be supported by at least those 5 “RINO’s” because the Omnibus bill didn’t require them to cast a vote.

IF I’m wrong… Well it wouldn’t be the first time, but I’m betting on 80-20 odds that our famous RINO’s made a deal….