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Why is America so divided?

It’s a trust issue. I firmly believe it’s because the American people have lost trust in leadership. Not only lost it, but everyday become more cynical. This is dangerous, but expected. We trusted Reagan, and he really never lost that … Continue reading

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Tax Cut EXTENSION goes to Obama…

Now that the House caved to the will of the senate and Obama how will this be framed for discussion in the next election? As Tax Cut Bill Heads to Obama’s Desk, Partisan Debate Rages On WASHINGTON — As President … Continue reading

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Liberal hypocrisy…The hell you say!

I’ve been perusing various websites the last couple of days and I even put on a hazmat suit and jumped into the swamp. The swamp being places like the KOSacks, and HUFFingPaint… Once I deloused, and sanitized my eyes with … Continue reading

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Now this is a great video HT to IOW

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New Leadership is a HARD TURN LEFT!

THIS is the real deal folks, OUR way of life is in the balance and this is the most dangerous time WE as Americans have EVER faced. This time pails in comparisson to the Vietnam era, the cold war, or the age of terrorism Continue reading

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