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Super Tuesday Recap…

Super Tuesday Recap…

Romney won 6, Santorum won a few, Newt won Georgia. Obama picks up more momentum.

Delegate count is not decisive. Paul is still there, Newt is still there…Here’s my issue:

Romney is supposed to be the “Elite, GOP Washington establishment guy” He never worked in DC.

Santorum is supposed to be the “Not Romney” but WAS in DC for several years actually VOTED for many STUPID things during GWB’s terms…Are you kidding me?

Newt, who is the complete Opposite of Obama in damn near every possible way is considered damaged goods because of his “Lobbying” or “Past transgressions”…By far the BEST most intelligent of the field is going to be shut out because he’s not “Perfect”…

Paul, Who has been in congress since Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Is considered an “Outsider”… Has the nation gone completely nuts?

Regardless of how this process plays out, Romney will win and I’ll be pulling the lever for Romney. While I understand the urge of the “Not Romney’s” to stay home or vote off ticket, the price of that this year is too great. I won’t be sitting here next year saying “I didn’t do everything short of armed assault to stop the Obama machine”… You guys can if you want but beware. When you come over here and complain about the nation’s direction in 2013, I’ll remind you of your “Stand”

A lot of us voted for other than Obama or McCain in 08. And to tell you the truth, I was okay with it. The GOP needed to be slapped. Obama wasn’t going to lose anyway, it didn’t really matter WHO was his opponent. BUT after 3 years of Obama and you still want to vote off, then you may as well vote for Obama. No difference. Just say, “I voted for the best in my opinion” and I can respect that. Don’t give me the stand on principle bullshit this year. In 08 you could get away with it because of “Hope and Change” you didn’t know for sure HOW Obama would govern. This year you do.