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After Election Random Thoughts

After Election Random Thoughts

Trump won. holy crap, TRUMP WON! I had bets he was going to lose big time. I fell for the media’s and others ploy and figured all was lost. TRUMP WON!!! whew.
So a few random thoughts I’ve had over the last week or so..

  1. I have only TWO expectations of Trump, anything above these will be icing on the cake: 1. Put conservatives/constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. 2. Support Israel. After 8 years of sitting back and criticizing every action Israel took to defend itself, what’s coming now will need a strong U.S backing.
  2. Hillary Clinton sure made a mess out of this election. A lot of revelations came up during this election and the more information that came out, the more people realize Obama was a major part of most of it. IF the Republicans don’t go after both of them they’re missing a golden opportunity.
  3. Trump has made a few cabinet selections, some I like, some I don’t but as I voted for Trump, I’ll try and be neutral on his help selection. But once he gets sworn in the clock starts and he’s on the hook for who he picked.
  4. A lot of liberals are pissed off and in the streets protesting fair democratic elections.. Right after the media warned that Trump supporters would be protesting in the streets if Hillary won.
  5. There’s now a recount in Wisconsin because Jill Stein say’s there may be some fraud and abuse of our election. Funny, she didn’t get more than a few votes but wants a recount? Odd. If I didn’t know better I’d think maybe Hillary was behind this except she criticized Trump for not saying he’d honor the results. Couldn’t be her..
  6. Fidel Castro died, that’s awesome. Well, for most people who know real monsters exist and have any history knowledge before liberal revisionists white washed the books. Trump/Rubio/Cruz and MILLIONS of Cuban American’s seem very happy about it, liberals like Pelosi/Obama/Jill Stein seem to have lost a friend.
  7. I have noticed a lot of “Never Trump’rs” are searching for validation for not voting for Trump. Every decision/statement/tweet of post Trump makes, brings out the “See, we told you he wasn’t a conservative”.. I never thought he was a conservative, most people didn’t. But we knew he would fight the fight that needed to be fought and not lay down like Romney and McCain.
  8. Obama said he’ll speak out against Trump if he thinks Trump is going against “American values” Note to Obama: YOUR American values aren’t AMERICANS VALUES, if they were, Hillary would be POTUS and you wouldn’t be the SCFOAMF and the worst President ever.

Obama is on the way out and personally I can’t wait. But there’s about 57 days before he’s gone and he can do a lot of damage. Pray we make it to the party.

Randomness from A&P

Randomness from A&P

There’s so much going on these days it’s information overload. I wonder if it’s by design..

Lets start with Foreign uprisings and threats to our way of life..

Iran: We’ve sent ships into the straight of Hormuz. Yesterday one of those ships took out a dinghy that wouldn’t heed warnings. Was this a test of our Navy? Doubtful, the world knows our navy is the best in the world and if unleashed would clean the seas in short fashion. I think it was a test of our leadership. Iran wanted to know would Obama give the okay and risk an incident. Personally I don’t think Obama was notified until after the shots were fired and the persians were dunked.

Egypt: When an Iraqi threw his shoe at George Bush democrats loved it and thought it was funny. So I’m thinking the hundreds of shoes thrown at Hillary must have caused hysterical convulsions among the left. right? Nah, probably not.

Syria: Yeah still fighting. Russia and China helping the oppressive regime to kill the protesters. Personally, I give less than a crap. Let them all burn in hell for all I care, but what I do care about is consistency. IF you are going to tell us the reason we’re bombing Libya without consulting congress because civilians will be killed. Then why are you doing nothing in Syria? Either you’re a liar or a hypocrite or both.

Mexico: Yep still no information for Brian Terry’s family. I guess if Brian Terry looked like Obama’s son we’d get some closure.

Now to the election: Here’s the bottom line: I will happily vote for Romney/?? over Obama/Biden. I am NOT happy that I have only that choice. I have NO ILLUSIONS that Romney is going to be the conservative hero we need. My standards for Romney are very low. And in order for me to be somewhat happy with my vote for him, he must only do a few things:


2. He must DECREASE REGULATIONS so businesses can be profitable enough to hire people.


4. He must STOP THE SPENDING SPREE congress is on.


That’s it. IF he does those five things my vote and your vote will not be in vain. But also know that he will likely do things that will piss us off.

The other thing that bugs me about this election is the media and the Democrat party’s insistence on knowing every detail of Mitt Romney’s past. I guess the only way we’ll ever know about Obama’s past is if he switches party’s and runs as a Republican. Funny how that works huh?

Last but not least there’s a new Blog site that you should check out:

Not a NEW BLOGGER, a new site. BZ has moved away from Google’s “Blogger” and joined the WordPress universe. Please check out his new site and change your bookmarks accordingly.


Some Random Thoughts

Some Random Thoughts

Sunday brings a time of reflection. A time to look back at the week.

The week was pretty good, Monday was a holiday and I had a chance to watch a lot of football. New year started with Family hanging out at our house and BBQ’ing up some good grub.

Then reality hit, Tuesday back at work and the butt kicking machine was well rested and hungry…

Iowa caucus showed their irrelevance in today’s world. They picked Romney/Santorum as their guy and it showed me that this entire debacle is outdated and means NOTHING anymore. Romney, Santorum? Really?….

Iran is playing games again. Seems a lot like de-ja-vu to me. Iraq played games with the world for 12 years and finally enough was enough. What will it take to drag these 7th century assholes into the 21st century? I think it will take a war to end all wars. One of those SUBMIT or die moments from one side or the other. There’s going to have to be a VICTORY by one side or the other to end this crap and the only way that happens is if you actually FIGHT A WAR to win, not to make friends.

LEO’s are getting killed in the line of duty… Just like last year. And folks are talking about gun control because of it… Let me point out that Gun Control won’t stop criminals from getting guns. Locking up or KILLING criminals keeps them from getting guns.

There’s a lot more but it’s too early in the year to be this pissed off.