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Tea Party is Racist, head tea party figure uses N-WORD!

IF that was true how many days would we be subjected to the “Racist” calls from the LameStream Media? This is a clip that should concern ALL Americans. It shows exactly how the double standard and the state run MSM … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s Predominatly WHITE Rally

That’s the headline to most liberal leaning media outlets. After further review I’d like to weigh in on the racial make up of the two rally’s. Al Sharpton had the same amount of time to plan his “Reclaim the Dream” … Continue reading

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After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

Details are starting to trickle in from the Glenn Beck Restoring honor rally in DC. The latest update involved the Al Sharpton march: When the Sharpton rally reached the mall, most of the crowd from Beck’s rally had begun to … Continue reading

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The Race Card

Is MAXED OUT! The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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ACORN might crash tea parties?

Well I don’t doubt that ACORN is upset with people that are tired of paying so much taxes…The money WE pay to FEDZILLA goes to make sure those lazy, worthless, crack addicted, Obama supporters can continue to suck the Government … Continue reading

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