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Charleston and Knee Jerk Reactions…

By now, we all know about the mass murder in the black Church in Charleston South Carolina. Before my rant, let me be clear and concise in my disgust at the animal who committed this atrocious act. My prayers are … Continue reading

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Liberals are pissed at Obama

Does that mean they are RACIST? The only reason liberals are mad at Obama is because he’s a black man plain and simple!

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Another Bill Maher Racist statement.

WOW, within 2 days, this idiot has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is more racist than the tea party he accuses… Well, I guess we should thank Obama’s “White Half” for keeping Obama from really destroying … Continue reading

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Shirley Sherrod, Sorry?

Um No. I saw the video, I heard the story. All one has to do is replace black with white and reverse the rolls in her story and.. Then ask yourself, would this be “Reasoned” away?… The NAACP and the … Continue reading

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Raicist White folks!

Someone please explain the rules to me… Evidently I’m lost! White Tea Party folks, standing in the streets holding signs denouncing big government, taxes and Government over reach are RACIST! BUT, Thousands of Hispanics holding signs denouncing white people, and … Continue reading

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John McCain and Tom Metzger.. Who knew?

A recent story was leaked that John McCain attended several functions over the past 10 years funded by Tom Metzger, John McCain denies these charges but there is photographic evidence showing John McCain and Tom Metzger sharing drinks, laughing and … Continue reading

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Racist White folks Sheeesh.

Woman With Ties to White Supremacists Represents School for Blacks and Hispanics A Florida woman who has been married to both the former head of the Ku Klux Klan and the creator of a notorious white supremacist Web site is … Continue reading

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