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Ground Zero.. Ferguson.

I have waited to post on the Ferguson issue, as I’m a fan of letting evidence and facts evolve past the emotional outbreak… So here goes. (Note to the perpetually offended, you will be offended again) Mike Brown was an … Continue reading

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America Lost A Chance

America elected its first Black President in 2008. Unfortunately the one elected was a far left liberal Democrat. He was elected by white guilt liberals, 95% of African Americans, Hispanics and the wishy washy center left people in this nation. … Continue reading

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The more interaction one has with the liberal mentality, the more “Equality” becomes an issue. After one such encounter, I had an epiphany…   If you are white, you are born racist. You can’t help it, it’s a birth defect. … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl was a blow out of epic proportions. I felt pretty bad for the Bronco’s really, they were out played from the National Anthem to the Trophy presentation. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll for a … Continue reading

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Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Just using what we know of Obama as a barometer here, but think about this: Barack Obama has taken NO BLAME for anything. The past 4 years have been an epic failure by all measures and he’s blamed everyone else. … Continue reading

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O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

The story: Officers injured during clash with ‘Occupy’ protesters at California Capitol SACRAMENTO, Calif. – At least two law enforcement officers were injured during a clash with members of the Occupy movement who were at the state Capitol to protest … Continue reading

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Democrats War Plan in Effect…

For anyone who is paying attention, the Democrats have laid out their “war” strategy. First strike was the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) traveling around the country to the inner cities and blaming the tea party for everything. At the same … Continue reading

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Obama’s Legacy video… Awesome.

This is only a small part of his asshatery. But it’s a good start [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQD9IaGoLWk&feature=player_embedded#at=217[/youtube] Push this video across the interwebs… Viral is needs to be (Yoda)  

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