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Ground Zero.. Ferguson.

Ground Zero.. Ferguson.

I have waited to post on the Ferguson issue, as I’m a fan of letting evidence and facts evolve past the emotional outbreak… So here goes. (Note to the perpetually offended, you will be offended again)

Mike Brown was an 18yr old man. He was a big dude. he was not a little kid, he was not a choir boy, he was not a boy scout, he wasn’t a college student, a honors student a volunteer at homeless shelters. He was an 18yr old man who had just committed a felony via strong arm robbery of a store. This is a fact. Non debatable, discussion on what Mike Brown did in the minutes prior to his being shot is KNOWN.

Darren Wilson was not a member or leader of the Ku Klux Klan. He was not a rogue cop with a racism problem. He wasn’t an abusive cop, he wasn’t a man who got up in the morning and said “Today, I’m going kill a black man because I have this badge and this gun and I can” He is a cop who went to work, like every other day, pays his bills, raises his family and answers calls for help for a living.

So with those two players involved in this incident, you will have to forgive me if I give the cop a little leeway before I jump to a conclusion about what happened.

To this incident: The facts that are known:  A man walking down the street was stopped by a cop. After the incident there was a man laying dead in the street and cop was visibly shaken. That’s ALL WE KNOW.

We have eye witness testimony of people who didn’t see anything until after the shooting. We have a friend of Mike Brown who was an accomplice to the strong arm robbery telling his story. And we have a dumbass police chief who has no clue how to run an investigation. We also have a community who hates and distrust cops.

I know this and any normal thinking person will agree. IF Mike Brown doesn’t commit the Strong Arm Robbery, the Cop doesn’t stop him in the street and Mike Brown is alive today.

the FBI is now investigating this incident. Which means IF Darren Wilson (The Cop) was not a Gay, Illegal Immigrant, Obama donor he’s about to get butt raped.

The DOJ is ran by a man who allowed the black panthers to intimidate voters. Do you really think he’s going to let a white cop off with this guilty or not? I don’t.

Sorry Darren Wilson, you’re done dude. My advice is run for the hills. No matter what happened you’ve already been tried in a court of the White House like Zimmerman, Like the cop who “Acted stupidly” you’re already guilty of being white and an authority figure.


America Lost A Chance

America Lost A Chance

America elected its first Black President in 2008. Unfortunately the one elected was a far left liberal Democrat. He was elected by white guilt liberals, 95% of African Americans, Hispanics and the wishy washy center left people in this nation.

From the minute Barack Obama stepped into the White House, race has been the cause of the day. Disagree with Obama, you’re racist. Cop doesn’t treat black professor with kid gloves=Acted stupidly and racist. Trayvon Martin, Voter Intimidation etc. Everything has revolved around the color of Obama’s skin. Barack Obama had an opportunity to show young Black Americans that the highest offices in the land are available if you work hard and obey laws.. BUT:

America has been told, Racism is the cause of everything. More blacks in prison because of race, education failing black folks because of racism, jobs are not in the hood because of racism etc..

If a Republican Black man/woman had been elected first POTUS of color, would it have been different? I contend YES. And I use Condoleezza Rice as an example of the type of person a Black POTUS who was PRO-American would act. Instead of blaming hardship on racism, would instead find solutions. Instead of relishing the victimhood would point out how they’ve risen above it. The type of person that would have propelled the African American community to a much better place than this current idiots has moved them.

The worst part is, we the people will remember how the charges of “Racism” divided this nation in the false narrative and it will take a generation or two before its repairable.



The more interaction one has with the liberal mentality, the more “Equality” becomes an issue. After one such encounter, I had an epiphany…



If you are white, you are born racist. You can’t help it, it’s a birth defect. From the first breath you draw, you hate black people, you hate Latino’s, you hate Asian’s. You are also Homophobic. It’s like a cocktail of flaws that you are born with. You hate anything that doesn’t look like you. You also have a fear of Islam evidently. All of this happens the minute you clear the birth canal. When the doctor smacks your ass, you’ve already oppressed millions of black people… But there’s a medical cure for this problem that you’re born with.




Its called COLLEGE EDUCATION VACCINATION or C.E.V. But you must sign up for the treatment. You must agree to suspend facts, deny the truth and base all your actions on what “Feelings” you have been told are acceptable. This treatment will take 4 to 10 years and it will require you to watch endless amounts of the mainstream media to learn what you did before you started the program.


About halfway through this vaccination you will most likely want to kill yourself because of all the stuff you did while being a white racist from birth.

And this brings me to the next logical extension of the liberal causes conglomerate. If Racists are born racist, its not their “Choice” so there needs to be EQUALITY for racists. We should not discriminate against racists because they were born that way. To attempt to “Change” them is WRONG because its natural. We should allow for Racist Marriage, Racist Judges, Racist POTUS’s we need RACIST teachers, RACIST Scout leaders, Racist Business owners etc.


There is a bunch of sarcasm here. It’s also based on the democrat/liberal/progressive debate answers. Its based on any debate/discussion between a white person who doesn’t support Obama and anyone who supports him.

A RACIST is a white person who is against Amnesty. A  Racist is a white person who doesn’t think Obama is the best president ever in the history of the USA.. IF you fall into this category you must get vaccinated. You can atone for your racism by using your whiteness to spout talking points from the DNC and saying “ONE OF US, ONE OF US” at democrat meetings on college campus’s.

I hope this helps you folks in your next discussion. Get vaccinated or stand up for what’s right. Its a choice.



The Super Bowl was a blow out of epic proportions. I felt pretty bad for the Bronco’s really, they were out played from the National Anthem to the Trophy presentation. Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll for a NO DOUBTER win.

After the game, the biggest discussion was around the COKE commercial:

Did you find it offensive? It was designed to help the democrat party in their push to label everyone who doesn’t toe the line as racists and extremists. It worked to some degree.

Multiculturalism is the underlying issue. IF you don’t approve of other cultures you’re racist. This is a fallacy argument.

There’s another part to the Immigration/Multiculturalism debate. Its ASSIMILATION. That has been missing in America for many many years and the results are evident.

Let me give you my view and you can agree or disagree if you wish… Here goes:

Multiculturalism can be GREAT for countries OR it can be the catalyst for a country’s demise. When a country allows immigration of all cultures, without assimilation the power of the country’s policy makers is swayed by the largest numbers of the same immigrants. Think about this: IF the majority of immigrants to America were Japanese, instead of from South America, our politicians would be falling all over themselves to appease Japanese folks rather than Hispanics. The greatest number equals the greatest power.

IF assimilation was truly required and only one language was acceptable/used in public etc, then every immigrant would have to learn English. What we have done is made it possible and acceptable to speak your native language with out hardship. (Spanish for the most part because as I said, the greatest number) Then we allow them to fly their flag, demand we change our culture around theirs etc…

Multiculturalism is now ingrained in America, now its a fight to see which culture wins. If you watch the Coke ad, it shows plenty of cultures and most of them are compatible with American culture. American culture is a mesh of several cultures anyway, BUT… What we did was quit taking the BEST of other cultures and melting them in with ours, now we are taking the WORST of other cultures as well because if you object then you’re RACIST.

The multiculturalism experiment has been going on in Europe for a while now. The English are finding out, France is finding out and America will find out that unfettered immigration without assimilation is a disaster.

Assimilation is the answer to the multiculturalism. IF it were required that you learn english within 2 years of immigration, if we expected and received Americans, our nation would be united, we’d be moving mountains together instead of having a nation divided by the amount of immigrants who hold on to their own nationality above America.

Where we are headed is: America is being pushed into the nation that the greatest number of Immigrants left. We are losing our sovereignty because of political correctness and feel good policies. Our education system is a prime example of where we are headed. Look at California for the greatest example of where multiculturalism without assimilation takes us.

Its much too late to fix it now, it would take real leadership to right the ship. It would take Americans to wake up. It would take the IMMIGRANTS to wake up and say “hey, we left our nation to come to a better place, this place now looks like what we left” It will take Americans to quit being worried about being called Racist for wanting America to be the best nation on earth again.

I’m not optimistic.


Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Just using what we know of Obama as a barometer here, but think about this:

Barack Obama has taken NO BLAME for anything. The past 4 years have been an epic failure by all measures and he’s blamed everyone else. Specifically, he’s blamed George Bush, the Republicans (Except the RINO’s) he’s blamed the rich, the Europeans, the arabs, the weather and the list goes on.

In November 2012, our nation will undergo a severe shift. Either we will go further LEFT into the abyss that so many other great nations have gone, or we will start the treck back to greatness. IF it’s the latter, the excuse for Obama’s defeat will be laid at the feet of Joe Biden. Mark my words.

This is what I see happening should Obama/Biden lose to Romney/Ryan. The left in its infinite wisdom will bemoan not removing Biden from the ticket. Their “Push” to get back into power will include the line “This election was not a referendum on Obama, it was Joe Biden who sunk the party” I post this here and now in order to have this ON RECORD. And in late November I hope to dig it back up and repost it as a “See I told ya.”

The other thing folks need to understand is the strategy of the Romney campaign. Think about this. IF you attack ANYTHING related to Obama, you are classed as a racist. Biden? well he’s fair game. Why the difference? Same philosophy, same agenda, the only difference is a paint job. We can attack Biden all day long for parroting Obama’s policies and not be called racists, not become buried in defending ourselves against that label. Issues stay on the forefront because of it. So far I like that strategy a lot.

O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

The story:

Officers injured during clash with ‘Occupy’ protesters at California Capitol
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – At least two law enforcement officers were injured during a clash with members of the Occupy movement who were at the state Capitol to protest a rally by a pro-white group.

The clash erupted about 3 p.m. Monday as California Highway Patrol and Sacramento city police officers were escorting about 35 members of the South Africa Project to a parking garage following their protest outside the Capitol building.

An Associated Press photographer says roughly 50 members of Occupy Oakland began throwing cans and bottles at the South Africa group and at the officers. The Occupy members then rushed the officers as people with the pro-whites group rushed into the parking garage.
A city police officer was injured when a member of the Occupy group jumped on him, and a CHP officer was hurt after being struck by an object. Both were taken from the scene by ambulance. At least two Occupy members were arrested. The violence abated after a large contingent of law enforcement arrived at the scene, about one block from the Capitol. (Bold type MINE)

Now let’s not put the ownership of the violence on OWS.. Of course not, it’s the PRO-WHITE group. The first thing I thought was Neo-Nazi’s or some other Socialist/Racist group… BUT let’s look into the “South Africa Project” for a minute.

From their website: South Africa Project

Right now the South Africa Project with this brand new website is launching a national campaign that will hopefully  set in motion a domino affect, that  if effective, will unleash an outcry from White voices around the world that will thunder the heavens and ring in the ears of honest, decent, caring individuals in and outside of the political spectrum from around the world. Which hopefully will shock the conscience, forging action, that will bring a stop to, the  ATROCITY of GENOCIDE of Whites blacks in South Africa and around the world.

Here’s the mission of the project:

South Africa Project is launching a campaign to draw concerned men and women to appeal to the masses of White Black citizens of the international community, to convince them to ban together, to form a human tidlewave, a tsunami of flesh, a flood  of outrage that will command attention and action from our lawmakers, our congressmen, our senators, our governors, our politicans and media moguls of every strain, to convince, if not convict them, of the growing threat to the White Black South African.

I  struck through  the word “White” from the statement and inserted word “Black” to not offend anyone. See how simple it is? IF black genocide is happening and Blacks call attention to it, then it’s okay. WHITES on the other hand must be racist if they care… Pretty simple once you understand the rules I guess.

Read More Read More

Democrats War Plan in Effect…

Democrats War Plan in Effect…

For anyone who is paying attention, the Democrats have laid out their “war” strategy. First strike was the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) traveling around the country to the inner cities and blaming the tea party for everything. At the same time painting the tea party to racism. This part of the plan is exactly like 2008, except they are separating the “Tea Party” from “Republicans” (Sort of)

The second strike was the “Dream act” end around congress to appease the Hispanic vote. (Notice that happened shortly after Obama spoke in front of La Raza)

The third strike is happening now. Unions from top to bottom are being tasked to “Take the Sons a bitches out” It started in Wisconsin, but NOW it’s going nation wide. They must paint businesses as the bad guys and get all union members to toe the line for the Obama administration.

These are but a few of the tactics in this “WAR” we find ourselves in. The election season has barely started and the liberal loons have shown their cards. Not that it was a big surprise to anyone with a clue.

So to recap the democrat strategy in simple terms.

It’s the same as in 2008 except now Obama can’t runt on the “Hope and Change” he has to run on his record. His record is terrible at best. Anyone who votes for Obama in 2012 in effect is saying “I hate everything America stands for”

While I am some what hopeful that Obama is just stupid and an ideologue, rather than intentionally trying to wreck our nation. I can’t believe anyone that stupid would make it through Harvard. (Even though there’s very few records of his attendance)

I have a message for the 95%ers

You should really consider who you are supporting. The “First Black President” has been worse for your “People” than most before him. Those that are getting paid to keep you in chains thank you for your patronage. We the people don’t see color. We the people are for individual liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all. We believe YOU hold the keys NOT the Government. You who are Americans first will find success. You who hold your “Race” above your nation will be perpetually complaining from the welfare line.

The choice is yours. Break the chains, free yourselves and you will find the best assistance. The assistance of yourself and those who help with hands up not hands out. We the People can do better than the government but you must remove yourself from the tit.

Obama’s Legacy video… Awesome.

Obama’s Legacy video… Awesome.

This is only a small part of his asshatery. But it’s a good start


Push this video across the interwebs… Viral is needs to be (Yoda)