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Extremist, that’s the new label for anyone who opposes the liberal agenda of Obama. Anyone who opposes tax hikes anyone who refuses to compromise with the “Accepted” norm of the liberal progressives in congress. The media is happy about the … Continue reading

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Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Let me add a few more salient thoughts on the murder of 93+ people in Norway yesterday. The anti-gun zealots seem to be latching on to this incident as a reason to add more stringent gun control measures in the … Continue reading

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Message to the “Moderate” Republicans and Democrats…

In 2008, Democrats voted for Obama. Most Independents voted for Obama, Republicans voted for McCain. These are the biggest voting blocks. Liberals/Progressives/Blacks, other minorities (legal and illegal) and the dead voted for Obama. We’ve had nearly 3 years of Obama, … Continue reading

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More Islamic Rage over Koran burning…

I’m seriously enjoying this. But then again I’m just a common sense kind of guy. I see this entire thing as a REASON we should be fighting and killing these bastards with extreme prejudice. Quran-Burning Protests Rage In Afghanistan (From … Continue reading

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Hypocrite ALERT… Well, we should be used to it.

To all you Obama supporters that are “Supporting” this “Kinetic Military Action” or whatever they are calling it; How can you support this and NOT any of the “Actions taken by GWB? How can the approval rate be 60% for … Continue reading

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Good vs Bad in Democrat speak…

So lets get this straight: ObamaCare; 1 trillion dollars in debt, costing jobs= GOOD Debt Stimulus package: 1 trillion dollars in debt, no jobs created except government jobs = GOOD Debt. Cap and Trade: Cost millions of job, adding billions … Continue reading

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Note to the GOP: Remove your head from your…

Okay here’s where we are: A lame duck congress full of OUTGOING liberals/Democrats Are pushing amnesty cloaked in the “Dream Act” The GOP’s leaders have decided to “Compromise” with the POTUS and give us a trillion dollars more debt in … Continue reading

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Liberals are pissed at Obama

Does that mean they are RACIST? The only reason liberals are mad at Obama is because he’s a black man plain and simple!

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