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Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Since the raging Ragheads are still raging over a perceived “Wrong” committed against a book. I thought it appropriate to bring a little more TRUTH to the discussion. The truth being, Islam as an entity in the world has been hijacked to some degree. While I DO SERIOUSLY believe that Islam is a cult. All Cults are not dangerous. And I also know there are some fine Americans who happen to believe the Quran is the truth. While I disagree with them on philosophical and spiritual lines, they have that right as Americans.

Islam as it is practiced in the Middle East is NOT compatible with the 21st Century. It will never be compatible. Afghanistan for all of our effort will NEVER be anything more than a 7th century country and the population of those nations do not wish to evolve.

Let’s understand a couple things. Islam is at war within the religion and without. Sunni’s Shiite’s all kinds of different factions within them and all kinds of fragmentations along tribal lines in the very rural areas like Somalia, Afghanistan etc.. The only thing that binds them together is the enemy. We are the enemy. Any nation which doesn’t bow to the Islamic teachings without question is the enemy. To which extent the enemy is hated varies. We Americans have sided with Israel so we are the sworn enemy of Islamic Radicals across the globe.

Those three paragraphs are just to set this up:

How do you deal with the enemy if you don’t understand or comprehend the enemy? You can’t fight an enemy if you can’t name the enemy can you? How long have we been putting up with Islamic destruction/terrorism? I’ll be nice, 40 years. I’m setting something up hang in there.

40 years ago or so, Iran was holding hostages, gas prices through the roof, gas lines, inflation, high unemployment and the talk was “We need to get off the tit of foreign oil”….

We’ve been openly and covertly fighting with Islam at the very least that long.

it is 40 years later, gas prices are through the roof, inflation, high unemployment and the talk is “we need to get off foreign oil..

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We all Know Progressives want Amnesty..BUT

We all Know Progressives want Amnesty..BUT

When a California Senator pays Illegal Immigrants to hold signs protesting her competitor, it’s pretty much out in the open now:

Boxer’s Mexico-Turf:

If you are a democrat in today’s America, you are the problem with our nation. IF you are a Bill Maher, Ed Shultz, or Chris Tingles fan, you are the problem. IF you are a Progressive/Liberal I wish you a painful death or a trip to France, Spain, Greece or Belgium, whichever comes first.

The Purge!

The Purge!

A short post since I’ve been busier than an incumbent Democrat running for office…

The Purge continues. I read on several blogs, the anguish over the latest upset in Republican party. The O’donnel thing got Karl Rove and Charles Krouthammer all in a tizzy. I’d like people to understand one basic thing.

This is a purge. This is how you PURGE the disease that has become D.C. You disregard the capitol letter after the name, and you say: Bye Bye to anyone that has abandoned the core values of the Republican party. You say Bye Bye to those Dems that voted for socialism over the last 4 years. You PURGE. You stick a giant finger down your throat and do what the runway models do, you PURGE the crap that makes you fat. Right now, the Government is getting that finger.

We have a large battle coming up. We have a lot of time before the Nov.2 election where the PURGE needs to continue. We need to KEEP IT UP!

Karl Rove, listen up. STFU. Steele, and the rest of you embedded SOB’s that think YOU hold sway in the nation, STFU. You guys that were in office through the GWB years are part of the disease. You will be removed with your Democrat counterparts. There is a way to save you. YOU need to come out and take responsibility for your actions, explain to the nation how you’ve learned your lesson and perhaps you will avoid the PURGE! Some have done exactly that.

Learn the lessons GOP, and realize you will be held accountable if you haven’t learned, you will face an engaged electorate. You will face an informed electorate. We will not stop after we right the ship, if you hold your job it’s because WE THE PEOPLE ALLOWED IT! If your actions are against the will of the people YOU WILL SEE THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE!



Local listeners to KFI-am-640 have been treated to the John and Ken show, those guys are loaded for bear over the RINO’s in California. WE have an abundance of RINO’s around here and when the population of ANY species gets too big for the land to handle it must be dealt with. RINO’s are known to trample on common sense, they destroy HONOR, they eat all the available cash crop to grow their own coffers. They are a menace to society and we must hunt them down and remove them from any leadership position. Heads on a stick so to speak, it’s time for us to unite, and recall all those that do not live up to their stated CONSERVATIVE values. IF they classify as RINO’s they need to be REMOVED ASAP!…

This is a public service announcement for Californians.

Arnie Swarzenegger needs to be removed ASAP he has always been a RINO and perhaps the most RINO like EVER!


Vote out Anthony Adams and Jeff Miller.

This is a good start but there are also the 3 idiots that voted for the STICK-IT-TO-US in the DC senate.

Thoughts on the DNC

Thoughts on the DNC

Since the Olympics are over, and there is very little else on I have listened to the DNC speeches, hoopla, and what-nots… Very unimpressed.

I watched the “Faith” part at the beginning and felt it was more pandering. It looks to me like the Democrats are finding WHOEVER they can that supports their anti-American stance, and places them in the limelight. Case and Point:
The honor guard: The VFW all of the guys well over 65 and CNN cameras gave them as much time as some of the speakers.
The Indian “Council member” singing the national anthem.
The Hillary supporters dancing with Obama Supporters.
The Hispanic Caucus talking about “Humanity”
They are showing as many OLDER people as they can, to try to show that OLDER voters are ready to follow “youth”

These are just opinions formed while having my usual election year smoke enema.

I also got to thinking, What change? Obama/Biden is change? What change exactly?

In 2006 the Senate and the House were changed, they went to Democrats. Change? Yep we got change, we got an economy dropping like Monica in the oval office, we got…..I really cant think of a damn thing that has been done in 2 years of Democrat leadership. They ran on Change, we got changed… happy now? Well if you can reason that it’s all GWB’s fault the economy took a turn then you are a democrat. IF you believe it is a combination of the two, an idiot in the White House, and a Disgustingly Horrible Congress. Then You are a disgruntled voter clinging to religion and guns.

I am seeing a bunch of so-called working class people dancing around the democrat convention floor, talking about “Obama is going to change America”?
What I am seeing is ALL of these folks appear to have jobs or are in college. I heard one lady interviewed saying she was a nurse, and another was working in manufacturing and supporting Obama…but the economy is down and it’s the Republicans fault?

The economy is slow, the dollar value is down, we still have troops in Iraq, we still are fighting in Afghanistan, we have Georgia being swallowed by Russia, Iran is on the horizon and N.Korea and China are still viable threats to our security. These are ISSUES, these are pressing problems that the next president will have to address.
Iraq is MUCH better now than it was in 2006, if you don’t believe me, look at the media coverage of Iraq for the past 6 to 9 months…uh yeah basically NONE, well unless some bombs go off and innocent folks get killed. It brings out all the Anti-American sentiment when it happens, which amazes me… When innocent civilians die because a group of religious thugs want to make a point, it is America’s or GWB’s fault for not protecting them… Only in America.

My point is Iraq is better now than it was in 2006, is that because of the demorat Congress? How much time was spent trying to impeach, cut funds, or surrender by congress over Iraq?

Obama himself has softened his stance on surrender in Iraq too, those that think Obama will remove our troops from Iraq as soon as he steps in office are living a pipe dream, and if you think Obama will pull the troops from Iraq, and all the money to be spent there will automatically end up in your favorite causes wallet, you are smoking out of that pipe.

Here is another thing folks should think about Iraq, They are already deciding when we will leave and how we will do it. IT will be already in the works prior to the next president. AND the only one of the two candidates that actually will benefit from a victorious withdrawal would be McCain, the candidate that benefits from a defeat or just a withdraw and chaos ensuing in Iraq, is Obama.

So here is what we are hearing and the lemmings are sopping it up with a bisquit:
The democrats are going to fix the economy (They are leaving out any mention of Iraq other than the usual “We shouldn’t be there” in 2004 it was “Surrender” they can’t say that now. Even idiots that wanted us to withdraw in 04 want to see it through now.)

So the economy comes out as the #1 issue, but how are they going to fix it? Demorats have been in charge of the house, and senate which has FAR more power in NATIONAL matters than it has in foreign affairs, and our economy tanked since they have been in charge… So do you think the Democrats have engineered a struggling economy to benefit themselves in this election? Do you think Pelosi and crew have left some things off the table that could have stopped the dollars decline? Some say yes.

Your thoughts?

BTW, I can’t wait for the Republicans Bullshit show either.

Game time: Barrak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

Game time: Barrak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

Obama picks Biden for veep

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama selected Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware late Friday night to be his vice presidential running mate, according to a Democratic official, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Biden, 65, has twice sought the White House, and is a Catholic with blue-collar roots, a generally liberal voting record and a reputation as a long-winded orator.

Across more than 30 years in the Senate, he has served at various times not only as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee but also as head of the Judiciary Committee, with its jurisdiction over anti-crime legislation, Supreme Court nominees and Constitutional issues.

So Mr. Hussein Obama picks a 65 yr old CAREER Politician that has been involved in Government for most of his life as his running mate. But wait.. hasn’t Obama been wanting “Change” doesn’t he say McCain is has been in Government too long and is the problem? I am soooo confused now…

IMO Biden is a better pick than some he could have made, but I think Biden’s liberal voting record and his views on several KEY issues will (or at least should) sink the Obama run. The problem will be those “White, religious, gun toting and bitter” voters that will see this as a “Olive branch” I see it as pandering and I see it as an effort to placate the voters that can’t vote for an inexperienced liberal.

I also think Biden’s “Foreign Policy Experience” will undoubtedly be used by the media as a plus. I don’t know enough about his “experience” but I will be looking. There will be a much closer look at Biden now by bloggers, and media. we will see if he can pass that test.

NOW on the other hand we have John McCain that is supposedly choosing Mitt Romney for Veep:

Romney veep speculation swirls

Mark Halperin set off tremors in the political world last night by reporting via two Republicans that John McCain had settled on Mitt Romney to be his running mate.

Top sources in McCainworld, though, say this morning that no final decision has been made.

There are mixed signals at this point as to whether Romney has emerged as the favorite.

That seems to be the “body language” from the small group of aides who McCain is consulting on the decision, a GOP source says.

And that interpretation was reinforced when word spread among Romney loyalists last night that the vice presidential rollout tour included Michigan.

So if McCain chooses Romney, he is choosing a business leader, a “Republican” and a man with experience running a state. not just sitting in a chair and voting yea or nay on legislation, not just bitching and whining about the current administration but actually running a STATE.

I think this is a winning ticket. I am not jumping for joy, but I can vote for McCain/Romney and have a glimmer of hope for the future.

Searchin the Blogs Finding the Treasures.

Searchin the Blogs Finding the Treasures.

With the Russian/Georgia issue, The war on Terrorism, The Economy, Iran, and a host of other issues, Confidence in AMERICAN Leadership is CRUBMBLING,  GWB, the Dali-Obama, Mr McLame, Pelosi and the rest of the idiots in DC have given us NO REASON to believe they can fix anything but their paycheck. We are at a cross roads folks, and I want to let you know of a new push. A push to remove ALL elected officials from DC.

A grassroots non-partisan effort to start over. We have too many elected corrupt politicians tied to big oil, or big corporations. Time for a fresh start. Blowout Congress! (Kicking off Sept 1)

Sports are on the mind these days. If you are a sports buff this is a good time for you. I am a HUGE sports buff, and I am enjoying the Olympics, the Chinese have put on a great show and I think they set a tough standard to meet or beat for the next one.

I am also watching the MLB races, the playoffs are coming up quick and I can’t wait. Football Pre-season has already started and before long it will be full on Sunday Crunch time..

Go Panthers!

My Favorite sports site is Icks Corner

Recently we all moved from a crappy server to a new and improved server, I am happy to report that all appears well at the following Blogs:

TexasFred, Basti Says, Gawfer, Little Ole Lady,  My Wife’s two sites as well as a Community site all running on one server…I am holding spots for Cary at the “O” Word and BZ at Bloviating Zeppelin. Let me know when you are ready to switch Cary, your site was AWOL again tonight. It appears that the earlier issues of CPU exceeded have been addressed, there is NO perfect service but I am very happy with this one.

A quick look around the blogs

Doug at Political Pistachio is talking about Obama’s views that it’s ok to kill children…Oh his buddy Sky Dive Rick (is in Iraq) got some internet access and unloads on a few folks.

I love this part: LANGUAGE WARNING (Yeah I know, like I am actually a “G” rated individual..

Anti-War Liberal shit-heads, Fuck You and your bullshit opinion. I have seen the enemy, and he wants all of us fucking dead. And when someone wants you dead the only way to protect yourself is to kill the fucker before he kills you. That’s how we roll. Don’t like it? Fine, stick your heads in the sand and hand over your guns to the government, or whatever it is you want to do. In the end, despite the fact that you are stupid fucks, the United States Military will still protect your ass, and kill the enemy. Just remember that. Your liberty to be an asshole has been given to you on a silver platter, bought by the blood of my brothers.

Kate at Ol Broad’s Ramblings got a nice letter for the Party collectors..

Jo At Southern Sass has a problem with Ellen getting married (Thanks Cali Supreme Court)

Silent e is on vacation, drinking or tipping spotted bovines…

Isaac at Views Down My Sights linked to TexasFred about the Care Our Vets are getting, and he’s got his own article about our wounded and KIA called They Have Names
Steve at No Runny Eggs has his own “Around the blogs” providing some great links.

If I missed anyone it’s because I got tired and this is a lot of work! :bigeyes:
Besides that I have a ton of links on my blogroll page… feel free to check them out.

Ok one MORE:

Shatner/Hasselhoff 08

Hasselhoff reports for Duty
Hasselhoff reports for Duty

GEORGIA, USA (AP) – Responding to news reports that Russian troops had invaded Georgia, Vice-Presidential hopeful David Hasselhoff (circa 1984) put KITT into hyper-pursuit mode and raced to repel the invaders. Upon their arrival, however, the crime-fighting duo discovered that, aside from the occasional Waffle House waitress, there were no Russians to be found.

“They must’ve heard we were coming,” noted Mr Hasselhoff, “because there’s no tanks with big red stars here at all. Way to go buddy!”

Presidential hopeful Williams Shatner, responding to journalists who pointed out that the Georgia being invaded was a little further east, replied, “let him have his fun.”

:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:



Just in case anyone (like a certian liberal professor retard in Southern California at American Fucknozzle or any of his friends) would like to see what Real Right-Wing extremist views are I finally got around to my ABOUT page for American and Proud. About American and Proud

IF you are offended by those views, LEAVE, very simple. IF you are not a wimpy little bastard from Long Beach Community College, feel free to hang out and debate, concur or otherwise shoot the shit..I am actually a nice guy my wife says so.

The link to the ABOUT page is on the menu bar and will remain there for the life of this blog, it will have additions and edits as I see fit, because it is MINE. If you don’t agree with those views, SO what? Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

In the case of my esteemed stalker Donnie, who’s opinion is the only one that matters, I am sorry if I offended your metro-sexual feelings, I hope you can see your way clear to forgive my transgressions and maybe we can meet over a nice cup of chamomile tea and discuss our feelings?

Grow a set you faux intellectual, RINO with liberal tendencies prick.