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Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Since the raging Ragheads are still raging over a perceived “Wrong” committed against a book. I thought it appropriate to bring a little more TRUTH to the discussion. The truth being, Islam as an entity in the world has been … Continue reading

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We all Know Progressives want Amnesty..BUT

When a California Senator pays Illegal Immigrants to hold signs protesting her competitor, it’s pretty much out in the open now: Boxer’s Mexico-Turf: If you are a democrat in today’s America, you are the problem with our nation. IF you … Continue reading

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The Purge!

A short post since I’ve been busier than an incumbent Democrat running for office… The Purge continues. I read on several blogs, the anguish over the latest upset in Republican party. The O’donnel thing got Karl Rove and Charles Krouthammer … Continue reading

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Local listeners to KFI-am-640 have been treated to the John and Ken show, those guys are loaded for bear over the RINO’s in California. WE have an abundance of RINO’s around here and when the population of ANY species gets … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the DNC

Since the Olympics are over, and there is very little else on I have listened to the DNC speeches, hoopla, and what-nots… Very unimpressed. I watched the “Faith” part at the beginning and felt it was more pandering. It looks … Continue reading

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