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Trust is Important…

Trust in family and friends is important. Without it relationships die. Trust in government or politics is just as important. Without it, the nation collapses.. ANY NATION. Unless fear is unleashed and FEAR of government isn’t for the long haul. … Continue reading

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Charlie Rangle: What Would Jesus Do?

Man, you gotta love the liberal mind. HT Weasel Zippers CNN — Veteran Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel made an impassioned plea to religious leaders Friday, calling on them to lobby members of Congress and the Obama administration to remember the … Continue reading

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Why is America so divided?

It’s a trust issue. I firmly believe it’s because the American people have lost trust in leadership. Not only lost it, but everyday become more cynical. This is dangerous, but expected. We trusted Reagan, and he really never lost that … Continue reading

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Tax Cut EXTENSION goes to Obama…

Now that the House caved to the will of the senate and Obama how will this be framed for discussion in the next election? As Tax Cut Bill Heads to Obama’s Desk, Partisan Debate Rages On WASHINGTON — As President … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi: Thanks for the Memories…

While the state I live in sucks, and will be soon forgotten (Hopefully it just falls into the pacific)… The good news IS: Bye Bye Biatch! :rotfl:

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What now? After the stimulus…

Since the Obama administration and a progressive congress passed the 800 BILLION dollar stimulus package to “Save us.” What has it saved us from? We are at 10% unemployment, we have more people on welfare and food stamps than any … Continue reading

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Obama-Care…Here comes the “Facts”

Remember during the healthcare debates, “you can keep your doctor”- Lie. “You can keep your insurance” LIE, “No taxpayer funded abortions” LIE, and so on. Now we are seeing the people that helped pass this law by promoting it’s virtues … Continue reading

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Obama weighs attacking the Tea Party

Evidently what they have been doing up to now was complimenting the Tea Party with cries of RACIST, Extremist, Bigots, ect…. Obama Aides Weigh Bid to Tie the G.O.P. to the Tea Party WASHINGTON — President Obama’s political advisers, looking … Continue reading

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