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Nikki Haley and Romney?

Nikki Haley and Romney?

Here we go again. Letting the Democrats PICK the narrative. Have you heard that Republicans want to kill all Women? This is a Republican war on women dontcha know?

Haley on Romney’s ‘golden bullet’

Washington (CNN) – South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday the leading Republican presidential candidate was carrying a “golden bullet” to connect with women voters.

Speaking on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” the Palmetto State Republican said Mitt Romney’s wife Ann, along with the candidate himself, would need to answer women with concerns about his platform. Polls released in the past week show Romney trailing President Barack Obama by a large margin among female voters.

“If Gov. Romney has not related to women, he needs to get out there and talk about the issues they care about,” Haley said. “They care about jobs and the economy, and raising their families and all of those things. But they are obviously not relating to him as much as we want them to. That means he has to work harder, he needs to continue to do that, and he needs to bring that one golden bullet he’s got, which is Ann Romney.”

Now let me be perfectly and undeniably clear on this: I don’t dislike Nikki Haley, I respect her and I am glad she’s on our side. But the problem I have is the GOP’s thinking. Here’s my take on it:

The democrats are saying we hate women so we better get a woman to run with Romney. But, we also hate Muslims, Blacks, Latino’s, Grandma’s, Puppies, Cripples, fat people, kids, bunny rabbits, gays, asians, flowers, walks on the beach, the sun, monks, Catholics, Christians, soccer, crumpets and probably a few other things according to the Democrat party. So are we going to find someone who encompasses the opposite of that hate???

My advice to the GOP if Romney is the guy, pick a very strong CONSERVATIVE for his running mate. I don’t care what’s under the waist or up top. I care about someone being one step away from POTUS who is BETTER than Romney to run the nation.

There’s very few on the short list I’d like to see in that spot and as of right now, Nikki Haley isn’t one of them. Neither is Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman. My list includes folks like Jindhal, West, Bolton, Rubio, Ryan or even Rand Paul, These folks have conservative records. They could bolster the GOP’s base into action. Another McCain/Palin will not do it.

Sarah Palin see’s bear Liberals upset…

Sarah Palin see’s bear Liberals upset…

Liberals/Progressives are pissed the bear didn’t eat her….I’d envy the bear, just sayin…

Personally I don’t give a damn what folks say about Sarah Palin, she’s at least AMERICAN. She’s an outdoorswoman, she’s a STAUNCH supporter of the 2nd amendment, and she’s put up with the most vile attacks from the enemy of the country ever.And most of it was uncalled for, and unproven AND flat out lies.

Think about this; IF Obama was face to face with a bear (Or for that matter, a gold fish) in the wild, do you think he’d be as calm cool and collected? Sarah baits her hook and fishes, Obama would be trying his best to do as the left claims he can, WALK ON WATER to get the hell out of there…

I personally will pull the lever for her IF she’s the nomination come November. I won’t be voting for her in the primaries, and I urge all right minded individuals to consider very carefully your pick in the run up to 2012. IF Palin is the only one with an “R” left standing in the general election, I’m thinking Obama will be secured for a second term.

I know some people will decide to vote Indy or not vote if Sarah Palin is the choice and that’s fine. The most important thing is to have a stronger candidate TO VOTE FOR!

The one thing to consider in all of this (The 2012 election is a long way away so lets not get too far into the debate over it) is the SCOTUS. With the 2008 elections, we missed a golden opportunity to set this nation up for REAL SUCCESS. We let Obama poison the SCOTUS with 2 liberals. IF McCain would have won, at the very least the SCOTUS would now have a damn near PERMANENT Right tilt. IF we lose in 2012, the court goes HARD LEFT for many many years. And with that goes the first and second amendments.

It will be hard to vote for ANYONE other than a “R” knowing that fact.

Signs…Signs… Everywhere Signs.

Signs…Signs… Everywhere Signs.

Candidate Banners Can Leave Clients, Businesses Bruised

The sign went up Sunday evening, bold black letters against the stark white background of the marquee at the Colony South Hotel & Conference Center in Clinton: “Country First. McCain/Palin.”

By daybreak, pandemonium had broken loose all across heavily Democratic Prince George’s County. Many local supporters of Democrat Barack Obama, jolted by the message as they headed down Branch Avenue on their Monday morning commutes, grabbed cellphones and BlackBerrys to notify friends. Operators of neighborhood e-mail group lists cried foul to their memberships. The NAACP logged calls. Community leaders demanded boycotts of the hotel, a common venue for Democratic events.

“Businesspeople have to be mindful of the sentiments and sensibilities of their market trading area, and Prince George’s County is overwhelmingly for Obama,” said community activist Arthur Turner of Kettering, who was among those advocating a boycott. “People I have talked to look at the sign as a slap in the face. They feel it was blatant disrespect. . . . I have heard people say they will no longer patronize Colony South because of that disrespect.”

The outcry over the hotel marquee tapped into the passion — and sometimes anger — that has characterized this fall’s presidential campaign. Supporters of Republican candidate John McCain have vented their rage at rallies this week, applauding thunderously as McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.”

Prince George’s, though, is clearly Obama Country. As the nation’s wealthiest mostly black community, where about 77 percent of registered voters are Democrats, residents have Obama placards in their yards, bumper stickers on their cars and the candidate’s visage on their T-shirts.

The marquee supporting the GOP ticket in “an area that is strongly African American was like putting a stink bomb in the middle of the living room,” said University of Maryland political Professor Ron Walters. “What it does show is the emotions that are around this campaign and this election.”

Colony South General Manager Alan Vahabzadeh said that the hotel, one of several Washington area businesses that has dared to venture into the political thicket, got the message after about 100 phone calls and three dozen e-mails. The sign came down Wednesday afternoon.

We have all heard about the McCain/Palin signs being removed from yards and what not.. But this to me is FUBAR. A business owner puts up a sign supporting their candidate, so what?

I have walked into businesses that I KNOW are Obama supporters, I have seen pictures of OBAMA and Signs saying Obama/Biden in front of Businesses. IF I need something from the businesses that support the democrat candidate, I don’t give a damn about the signs…So I go right on in to buy my porn, have an abortion or pray to SATAN…

Experience COUNTS!

Experience COUNTS!

The Presidential election was too close to call. Neither the Republican candidate nor the Democratic candidate had enough votes to win. There was much talk about ballot recounting, court challenges, etc., but a week-long ice fishing competition seemed the sportsman like way to settle things. The candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win the election.

Therefore, it was decided that there should be an ice fishing contest between the two candidates to determine the winner.
After much back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest take place on a remote frozen lake in northern Minnesota.

There were to be no observers present, and both men were to be sent out separately on this isolated lake and return at 5 P.M. with their catch for counting and verification by a team of neutral parties. At the end of the first day, John Mc. returned to the starting line and he had ten fish.

Soon, Obama returned and had no fish. Well, everyone assumed he was just having another ‘bad hair’ day or something and hopefully, he would catch up the next day.

At the end of the 2nd day John Mc. came in with 20 fish and Obama came in again with none. That evening, Harry Reid got together secretly with Obama and said, ‘Obama, I think John Mc. is a low-life, cheatin’ son-of-a-gun. I want you to go out tomorrow and don’t even bother with fishing. Just spy on him and see just how he is cheating.’

The next night. after John Mc. returns with 50 fish, Harry Reid said to Obama, ‘Well, tell me, how is John Mc. cheating?’

Obama replied, ‘Harry, you’re not going to believe this, but he’s cutting holes in the ice’.

Experience DOES Count!

Sent to me by Southern Sass.

Race War Coming

Race War Coming

Some so called columnist named Fatima Ali, that OBVIOUSLY supports Barack Hussein Obama writes:

We need Obama, not 4 more years of George Bush

“If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!”

Well I knew it, I think a lot of folks are thinking it, and I just hope the MAJORITY of Americans are not worried about it. I don’t give a damn one way or the other. If Obama doesn’t win, and some of his supporters start burning and breaking stuff in my area they will be dealt with. IF Obama wins and his supporters start burning and breaking stuff in my area they will be dealt with. I have a BFG and a BFD and the will and ability to use both in defense of my family. (Big F-n Gun, and Big F-n Dog.)

The media is playing it’s usual roll of deflecting questions away from Obama, and right onto Palin, I knew it would happen, and I am extremely disappointed that the major news stations are sucking Obama’s teet as publicly as they are. This will backfire on the Demorat’s and so far the HIGH road is occupied by Palin, and McCain.

The sewer dwellers that are members of CNN, MSNBC, Sorros, KO’s, and HUFPO, will wish they stuck to the issues in November. because attacking the daughter of a candidate shows exactly how “Elite” the Demorats really think they are. Democrats aren’t terrible Liberal’s are, the difference is the Democrats that are sticking to the issues, KUDO’S to you. The Libtards that are all about Palin’s daughter are the Sewer Dwellers.

One other thing:

Has anyone took into account that Anbar has been turned over to Iraqi’s? That is HUGE but th eMSM is not mentioning it? it is going to be US folks, it is going to be up to US the RIGHT side to get the message out because the Media is so far left it will have soluting the “One” in no time.

Sarah Palin is more ready than Obama.

Sarah Palin is more ready than Obama.

Sarah Palin isnt ready.

The libtards are showing their ignorance, the liberal morons at Move-on, the asshats of Soros, and all the moonbats of the Obamamessiah are equating the teacher with student. The teacher is the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, the Student is the VP. Well unless you are the Democrats, then it’s totally backwards… sheesh It’s hard to keep up with the rule changes in this election.

The VP is a future President that should take the time as VP to be mentored and groomed for the job by the president elect. The President should be the most seasoned of the two candidates because on DAY 1, he or she will have to make decisions that affect THE WORLD.

Obama is at the top of the ticket, his VP is the same “old guard” Obama rails against in the media. So I guess if Hussein Obama is elected he will leave all the decisions to Biden? not likely, Joe Biden is as much a token white guy pick as Palin is the token woman pick. So if you can’t take that Demorats then STFU.

Sarah Palin has WAY more experience than Hussein Obama has in Government. Does the HUSSEIN OBAMA camp really want to play the “Not ready” card? They were playing the “RACE” card so well earlier, I think that’s the one they should stick with..

Sarah Palin is MORE capable of dealing with problems than ANY of the Demonrats, Palin did something that YOU NEVER hear the Demorats do without being pressured to do it. SHE took on the corrupt members of her own party, she got an OLD guard RINO indicted and removed…

Palin is a fighter and I can’t wait to see Biden tap dance on stage in the VP debates. Palin is tough, Palin has more balls (figuratively speaking) than any man on the Demorat ticket. I for one will sleep much better at night knowing that if McCain was not able to function as President, Palin would be in charge of the most powerful nation the world has ever seen. If Obama is elected I will be less optmistic of our survival as a nation than at any point in my life. EVEN THROUGH CARTER.

Just a few problems on the horizon:

The Economy,

Obama pipe dream or McCain’s long term fix (I do agree more with his “Jobs for America” (jobsforamerica) aproach more than Obama’s divide everything up evenly and support everyone while singing “its a small world” other wise known as “obamablueprintforchange“)


McCain and Palin want Iraq to be self sufficient, Palin wants us to leave Iraq in a way that does not create more problems later, that is called forward thinking, that is called an eye on the future.They both want ground conditions and Generals to dictate when we leave. They both want to make every effort to fix the mess WE created.

Obama and Biden want to cut and run NOW, well they did until the SURGE and now they want to withdraw in 16 months. They both want to appease their moron base and run away from our responsibilities in Iraq, lets not forget BIDEN helped BUSH in his Iraq quest,  BIDEN, Clinton, Pelosi, BOXER and a host of other DEMOCRATS gave the President full authority to go into Iraq… Running away from your responsibilities is a typical democrat trait but it makes for poor leadership qualities.

The Russian Resurgence, Georgia:
Obama is ready to talk, so Obama will break bread with Medvedev and Imadinnerjacket and Kim Ill all cozy like..

McCain will talk too, but when he talks they will know they are talking to a man that will not hesitate to go all out for what he thinks is right. While talking to Obama they will be confident they can convince OBAMA what is right.

Abortion, Gun Rights, Crime and Punishment, are all issues that the Obama/Biden ticket fails to impress, and quite frankly McCain left doubts too. But when he picked Sarah Palin it showed a lot about who McCain is, while I still don’t like the “Amnesty” or the “Feingold” or the “Gun Grabbing” I will hope as the Demorat’s HOPE, the VP will have some influence with President.

I will HOPE, I will Pray, and I will do everything in my meager power to make sure that McCain/Palin is the clear winner in November.

Personally I think we have the ticket backwards, Palin should be running for President, then we could have the “Who’s ready” discussion, but as it sits now, McCain is ready Obama isn’t, Biden is ready Obama isn’t, BUT Biden is not running for the President.

I do know that there is some shadyness with Biden, and if Obama gets elected, I would suggest Obama get extra security cause Biden REALLY wants to be President.