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Progressive’s Heads EXPLODING!

Progressive’s Heads EXPLODING!

Paul Ryan has done exactly what Sarah Palin did in 2008. And that’s not where the comparison ends. Some folks hate Sarah Palin (My most bestest bud TexasFred can be counted in that camp) Some folks Lover her like a fat kid loves cake. I fall in between the two extremes.

In 08, Sarah energized the base and gave some of us some hope that Obama wouldn’t win. It was a fleeting emotion. Very soon after Palin’s RNC speech (Which by the way was absolutely AWESOME) The media went into full on attack mode. Not just the Democrat spin machine, but the “SUPPOSEDLY UNBIASED NEWS MEDIA.” as well.

Not objectifying at all…sigh.

This is about where the comparison ends.

While Sarah Palin was Governor of a state, she had limited exposure to DC and she was sheltered from media scrutiny until her launch in 08. Ryan on the other hand has been vilified, demonized, castigated and the victim of media’s BIAS for a very long time. He’s still standing in his position.

Sarah Palin was by all accounts raped by the media and left for dead out in the back of a bowling alley. Partly because of her responses to questions, partly because of the GOP’s lack of support for her, Partly because of us believing what we heard from a very biased media. Paul Ryan will not go out like Sarah Palin.

I say all that to get to the meat of the situation:

Romney is by all accounts a bit of a RINO. He’s NOT most conservatives first or last choice. He’s NOT the version of conservatism we would like to see. Of Course the version we’d like to see is a mixture of Ted Nugent, Joe Arpaio and Allen West with a dash of John Bolton, but that’s not going to happen. We are also realists and we know Romney is the last chance to remove the cancer the GOP let infest this country.

I say that to get to this:

I do think Romney is a bit better than McCain as far as conservatism goes. Not much, but better. I was very concerned about his 2nd Amendment stance. With the Paul Ryan pick, and Ted Nugent’s support, those worries are now gone. I’m all in with this ticket and happy about my vote going to a leadership team with real ideas and solutions not slogans and false promises.

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