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Oct 2nd, One Nation Astro-Turf, the definition…

Oct 2nd, One Nation Astro-Turf, the definition…

On October 2nd, hundreds of paid protesters will stand on the national mall proclaiming their political beliefs. Does this help or hurt the nation? Lets look how they are doing it.

From Big Government:

Astroturf? Thousands Given Free Bus Rides by Unions & NAACP to One Nation Rally

In response to the success of the Tea Party rallies in April 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused the nascent movement of being “astroturf”–a political term of art for a faux movement funded by traditional powers to give a cause the appearance of independent grassroots support.

Pelosi repeated the “astroturf” slur in August 2009 as Tea Party activists showed up in large numbers at healthcare townhall meetings.

Five national tea party-related rallies have been held in our nation’s capitol in the past year and half. If there was evidence that thousands of tea party activists were getting free bus rides to these rallies, surely the media would have made certain the whole world knew about it.

These groups, these supporters and these organizations are behind the rally. That’s fine with me. I really have no problem with anyone getting together and rallying in support of their beliefs. What I do have a problem with is the typical Democrat/Progressive/Liberal lies of “We are for America” when they are anything but.

The groups that are pushing for attendance are about the destruction of this nation PERIOD. You can tell a lot by the company one keeps. Since ANSWER, NAACP and United Socialists are involved as well as many other LOONY LEFTISTS, and George Soros is a large part of the money behind it, I must question the group as a whole. They are providing free bus’s and all kinds of incentives for those that would attend.

How many incentives did Glenn Beck offer? If I remember correctly, he told folks bring your kids, leave your signs. He had help there to assist the elderly and handi-capped but I didn’t hear anything about free bus rides, or plane tickets or flags or anything for the attendees…Odd huh? And they according to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were astro-turf? WOW.

So what will we see on Oct 2nd?

Prediction: A bunch of signs about rightwing extremists, anti-tea party signs, Republicans in effigy, Glen Beck insults, and a lot the signs will be professionally done and duplicated.

I hope they have a wonderful time and it will be interesting to see the arrest reports, and the condition of the area after the “rally”. I predict they will have about 20 to 30 thousand in attendance and it will be reported as millions.