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Obama Takes on the GOP

Obama Takes on the GOP

Well I watched a little bit of the exchange and while I think Obama handled himself pretty well, his message was absolutely classic OBAMA. He disavowed himself from any blame, he cast all the blame to the Republicans for the mess we are in. However a little common facts and knowledge should not be forgotten.

1. YES in 2000, GWB came into office with a surplus. And since Obama didn’t seem to think it was a real big deal I’ll point out that in 2001 we had a little issue with planes hitting buildings in NY. Not just any buildings but the financial heart of the world. By far the worst economic crises EVER was averted by GWB using the same analogy Obama uses now. Oh an YEP congress was a majority Republican. Not the SUPER MAJORITY though. One more fact that is left off is NONE of the legislation passed in the time between 2001, and 2005 were totally partisan, democrats and Republicans were included in drafting legislation that gave us a robust economy during the same time frame. And I can’t think of one time that bribes were elicited to get Republicans on board with GWB’s agenda, at least to the extent of the cornhusker and LA purchases. And I also don’t think the doors were closed and locked for the opposition party during debate…But I understand the illusion Obama is under, his boy Rahm is a selective memory type dude.

2. Our economy by all accounts was in good shape UNTIL 2006 the voters decided to believe the media’s bullshit and we elected a majority DEMOCRAT congress and senate. ANY legislation passed during that time is NOT all the republicans fault…So WHO should shoulder the blame? BOTH parties, however you will not hear that from Obama. It was all the Bush admins fault. It had nothing to do with the bank regulations chaired by Barney Frank that opened up taco bell employees to the world of 500K homes…Of course not.

3. The “Join with me” Obama is only interested in help from Repubs now because he sees his poll numbers dropping with every policy he employs. He understands now that Mass. was a benchmark of what’s to come. Obama had a super majority in the senate. He should have been able to get EVERY ridiculous tax and spend policy he and his SCIU friends wanted BUT he couldn’t. He couldn’t because some of the “D’s” are actually GOOD AMERICANS. They understand the one concept Obama is missing. Spend what you take in, do not spend more than you have.

We removed the “R’s” from power in 2006, and 2008. Obama did not vote on several bills that came before him in order to be able to say he didn’t support the cause of the day. BUT his fellow Democrats that occupied seats between 2006 and now DID. Including the current speaker of the house and Senate majority leader. THEY are actually MORE responsible for our economic collapse than GWB is. In case you folks are not aware, CONGRESS is in control of the purse strings. CONGRESS is the deciding factor in our economic well being. AND IT HAS BEEN UNDER DEMOCRAT CONTROL SINCE 2007….

FACTS are a mutha aint they Obama?

This November, throw them all out! Every last one of them. Remove any incumbent that had anything to do with congress during the last 4 years. A change in management is what is required when a company ceases to be prosperous, efficient, and  manage it’s assets.  I’d say that about explains congress over the last 4 years.

This is not a REPUBLICAN vs Democrat thing. This is a Common sense vs IDIOT thing. There are at least 7 Democrats in Congress that I would have no problem voting for if they were in my district. That being said, there are ONLY about the same number of Republicans that I would gladly vote for. The rest of them seat fillers should be tried for treason!