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Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Predicting Obama’s Speech.. Tea Party’s Fault…

Let me go ahead and predict the content of his teleprompter led speech:
There will be roughly 23 “I’s” in it.
There will be 10 to 15 references to the “Extremists” with in the party’s… Which is Democrat speak for TEA PARTY.
There will be 10 to 15 “Compromise” in it. Which is code word for “Republicans won’t do what I want”.
There will be 5 to 10 references to “Economic disaster” if debt deal not reached.
There will be 5 to 7 references to “Inherited problems” code word for all of this is Bush’s fault.
There will be 5 to 10 statements about children, the poor, minorities and seniors paying the bills
There will be 7 to 10 references about the rich, the corporate wealthy, oil companies etc.

I won’t be watching this repeat of every crisis hyped BS from the hypocrite in chief. But I guess I’ll see how close I was to accurate tomorrow morning.

To those of you who count yourselves as Tea Party patriots. You are enemy number 1 now. You are the problem. You are aligned with the shooter in Norway. I am VERY PROUD to count myself as an AMERICAN TEA PARTY SUPPORTER. (Not a member of any group since my local chapter is a real tea party more than an activist group) But I fully support the values of the tea party. WE HAVE DONE GREAT WORK! Look at the conversation and how its changed from “Spend it all” to “CUT IT ALL.”

Jump on board folks the Tea Party train is picking up steam all over the nation. You don’t have to do anything other than support candidates who support the values of the tea party. Small/limited government, fiscal responsibility, free market solutions, National Security…

Obama’s Arrogant Press Conference.

Obama’s Arrogant Press Conference.

I heard pieces of it on the way to the range. The funniest part during his speech was the Radio DJ saying, haven’t we heard all of this before? Is this a new speech?…

I got home and tried to listen to his majesty speaking and answering questions. It was tough. I wanted to shoot the TV! The arrogance of this man is beginning to really set me off. He tells congress to get to work, he’s busy campaigning, golfing, lying, deceiving, dictating and basically being who we knew he was.

Obama is nothing more than an absent president at best, the destroyer of our nation at worst. I’m betting on the latter.

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He’s starting the ever useful class war, blame the rich, make the GOP the bad guys, don’t cut your homie’s welfare checks, just make the big companies pay more.. And then BITCH when they leave the nation and take jobs. California is a good road map to our national issue. But nobody wants to look. The GOP better stand up to this asshat or we’re screwed. IF you are an Obama supporter you are my sworn enemy. You are lower than scum in my book so tread lightly in my presence.