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The V.A. Scandal at a glance…

A few quotes from the campaign Trail: “As President, I won’t stand for hundreds of thousands of veterans waiting for benefits. We’ll hire additional claims workers. We’ll bring together veterans groups and the VA to work out a claims process … Continue reading

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Gas Prices… Hello?

I had to fill up the tank on my SUV last night. OUCH. It got me thinking a bit (Which is seriously dangerous) about the reasons for the spike in prices. Here’s what I see: Gas prices generally rise in … Continue reading

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The Execution of SEAL TEAM 6…

Cross posted from TexasFred, who got permission from ANN BARNHARDT to post the entire article. The Execution of Seal Team 6. You’re damn right I said it. On May 5th I had an email conversation with a retired military man … Continue reading

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Obama’s Tax Policy has been a failure…

As if anyone on the right had any doubt. Watch this: Penn and Teller help with the explanation. (Language warning) HT to The Macho Response [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=491_5WxfcgI&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Yep. And in 08 WE told everyone, WE the new media saw it coming, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Arrogant Press Conference.

I heard pieces of it on the way to the range. The funniest part during his speech was the Radio DJ saying, haven’t we heard all of this before? Is this a new speech?… I got home and tried to … Continue reading

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Obama’s Speech in OH….Campaigning again.

Watching the L.I.C. go on about his visions of America. I’m hearing all these plans and what the Democrats want for America….There’s a HUGE difference between this election cycle and the one in which Obama claimed power. Obama and the … Continue reading

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Obama LIED, the hell you say…

So now that Obamacare has passed and is law, the truth is finally coming out. We got tax payer abortions, we got a new TAX that was not a tax during the debate…AND many more “Truths” that we conservatives had … Continue reading

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Presidential Address…

Said a lot of good things, didn’t say GWB by name, tried to say we need new energy, acted like he was in charge…Yep typical teleprompter in chief, made his point for green energy, didn’t take blame for anything he’s … Continue reading

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