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Well, Another 4 years.

Well, Another 4 years.

I had to step away from the blog for a couple days after the election. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going postal or in a rage about the results. I am disgusted.

For all the positive things Romney represented for America there was really no way he was going to win. As a matter of fact. Obama has laid the ground work for a democrat president until America is no more. Here’s why:

1st. Obama’s become the savior of healthcare. Americans have a short memory and when our healthcare system becomes the system we know it will, Americans will blame whoever is in charge at the time not the designers.

2nd. Obama’s become the savior of the illegal immigrants. As of now he hasn’t done anything other than grant an executive order to allow the dream act. But in 2014 the house elections he will grant amnesty to all.

3rd. Obama stopped the welfare to work program. He basically cemented the urban slug vote. The good thing about this is, if the next democrat POTUS candidate isn’t black, most will probably stay home like they used to.

4th. Democrats have essentially demonized any women that doesn’t believe in their vision of abortion as birth control. Now if you are a woman and vote republican you’re as bad as a black republican. They have demonized marriage, moral character and truth.

In 2006 I said the nation was headed the way of California. As of right now, the national government is running exactly like CA. Republicans have been fighting for years they’ve been unsuccessful because of the media bias here. Demonized for standing up for hard work and moral fiber is not popular here. Standing up for abortion, gays, illegals is lauded.

My suggestion and this might sound bad but there’s a reason it’s the best course now. The first thing the Republicans in the house need to do is surrender. Don’t fight it in the media anymore. Don’t fight tax hikes, Don’t fight any regulations. When the Democrats put fourth a bill if you don’t agree with it, abstain.

Why would we do that? Simple. We’re going to drown slowly if not. We’re going to be tortured to death rather than a quick painless death. In CA we’ve been slowly drowning for many years and we can’t stop it. We are going to collapse and when we do the entire nation is going to be dragged down. I suggest we get it over with, let the people see where the Democrat policies lead.

They need show and tell, give it to them.

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