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Obama “Turn off Fox News!”

Obama “Turn off Fox News!”

Obama visited a bar in Ohio while on campaign again. Cruising around on a Canadian made bus talking about everything BUT the TRUE effects of his policies on our nations economy. Now we get the numbers. 8.2% unemployment, stagnant growth, manufacturing declining. SHOCKED I tell you.

So Barack Obama, the most transparent POTUS ever except for that whole Obamacare and Fast and furious thing (Among others) tells a customer to tell the bartender to “turn off fox news.” Now this wouldn’t really concern me if it weren’t for a few things over these three plus years.

Early on in Obama’s term Anita Dunn and Obama declared war on Fox. Since then they have shunned the stations reporters and they have pretty much ignored them at the behest of Valerie Jarret. Why should it matter? Well there are seven major news outlets. SIX of them have been very OPEN about their support for Barack Obama. The six networks equate to state run media. They put the spin on positives for Obama and democrats and spin it negative for Republicans. This is NOT THEIR JOB. But its been PROVEN over and over again.

So now you have ONE network who is DIGGING for the truth. They may over sensationalize stories once in a while. They may over hype it a bit. BUT THEY ARE REPORTING TRUTH. They are NOT COVERING for power. This is the job of journalists. REPORT the truth. Fast and furious is a classic example. Fox News reported it for 3 months before any major news network mentioned it. WHY? If you can answer that truthfully you can answer this next question: Why would Obama want people to not watch fox news? Yep because then WE MAY KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING!

Media bias is as responsible for our decline as the politicians who govern us. Fight them with your wallets. NO CNN/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/CBS they have earned your scorn over these last 5 years. Leave them off your viewing list until they get back to something close to integrity. If you say FOX is just as guilty. Think about how many OPPOSING VIEW people are on FOX’s Payroll. Ask yourself can any of the other networks boast that level of diversity? NOPE. The closest we have to fair and balanced is FOX and until Obama is out of office that’s the only news TV I’ll watch. (I don’t watch much but I won’t be supporting the others in any way shape or fashion) Do as you wish.