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Islamist Riot, Obama Can’t Lie enough.

Islamist Riot, Obama Can’t Lie enough.

Been kind of quiet about the Obama administrations “Explanations” over the Libya consulate attack…

Now that the official story has come out and it’s no better than the original story, I want to ask my liberal readers a question.

When is enough, enough? Another lie, another failure. Over the last four years just off the top of my head:

Obamacare “Won’t raise taxes on middle class” “Will save billions” “No doctor shortage” “Waivers” “Read bill to find out what’s in it”…etc.

Anthony Weiner: “My phone was hacked”

Elizabeth Warren “I’m 1/32 Cherokee”

Fast and Furious… Yeah, this is a treasure trove of LIES and DECIET.

Muslim Riots “Caused by a youtube video”

And there were MANY MANY more… The lies of this administration are so blatant they are basically calling you too stupid to notice.

Is it time yet to remove this idiot and his cronies? I would say so unless you are so stupid that Obama and the democrats are right in their assumption about you.

Race and the Dictator in Chief.

Race and the Dictator in Chief.

Well our Racist in Chief is at Martha’s vinyard for a little R&R…Much needed I might add. Destroying a nation is hard work. Making everything about race is hard work, Going around congress to enact laws you want is hard work, going around congress and not prosecuting laws you don’t like is hard work, campaigning 24/7 is hard work, keeping up with your hypocrisy and lies is hard work…

Found at Nice Deb

Yes those are acts of a dictator…

Then you have the racial tension that’s happening across our nation.

Barack Obama is the head racist. He and his D.O.J are at the trigger for racial payback… They are deliberately turning a blind eye to justice in the name of race unless it involves WHITE folks, Rich Folks, Conservatives, Republicans of any race…. So the nation is following suit.

Did anyone notice how MSNBC picked up Al $harpton only after it was pointed out that THEY had NO BLACK NEWS FOLKS… After years of calling Fox racist, they were in fact one of the only news organizations that didn’t have BLACKS in their payroll. Funny how they picked the number 1 racist in the nation for that job.

Did anyone notice the unemployment in the so-called minority communities? I didn’t because unemployment is high everywhere. But it’s important to point out WHO THE VICTIMS are in this day and time.. You must be the biggest victim so uber liberals can feel sorry for you and make dumbass accusations so you come off as “NOT RACIST”… Um, note to all of you, you are enablers and the biggest racists on the planet.

The black community is the recipient of BILLIONS of dollars every year to “Help them” or is it? Those Billions are to keep them secured in their cages by the Democrat party. Those of us who believe a person is responsible for their own lives see the enablers for what they are. Back in the days of racial strife slavery, up until lets say for the sake of argument the 80’s, there were racist elements all over and one couldn’t say in fact that racism was dead… NOW?

Since then we’ve had black leaders from POTUS down in high power positions.That’s not enough to say that racism is dead I guess. Exactly what will it take to put racism out of the equation in politics and otherwise? I guess when “Whitey is dead” then racism won’t be the charge.

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Tea Party Downgrade… Um NO.

Tea Party Downgrade… Um NO.

After listening to the Sunday morning show recaps, it appears the liberal/progressives have their talking point memo well in hand.

John Kerry (D-umbass) Said “This is a tea party Downgrade”.. David Axelron (Ex-Obama adviser) said it, DNC Chair Debbie Whatshername Shmuck said it, it’s a concerted effort to paint “ANYONE ELSE” as the blame for reality… Never will you hear “Yeah, I guess our policies have not worked” or “Yes, I think trying to tax rather than cut was a bad idea” or “Yeah over regulation of businesses, and making the people that HIRE people the enemy may have been a bad decision”… No that can’t be it…

Blaming the Tea party:

The tea party according to ALL the lefty polls they keep trotting out to the media, are only supported by between 15 and 30 percent of Americans. The tea party according to lefty’s is a “Fringe” element that really has no sway in politics… The Tea party according to lefty’s are just racist white old rich people who are terrorists….

The Tea party is NOT an organization that can be attacked as a whole. The looser left can’t get a handle on the groundswell of Tea party activists. They can’t pin point any leader (Other than Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann) and they are losing their minds trying.

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Obama vs Bush in the Media

Obama vs Bush in the Media

I’ve been very critical of Obama’s handling of the gulf oil spill, and we will see very shortly that his inaction will cost the region dearly. The liberpukes in the media are so quick to defend their idiot in chief,  but when GWB was in charge during Katrina these were some of the headlines….Double standard or just ignorance of a free press?… I say we have no need for Hugo Chavez type governance, the media is already state run.

Hurricane Katrina: George Bush And The Party Of “I DON’T CARE”

George Bush, Katrina Is Calling

Katrina Timeline

Bush Katrina Ratings Fall After Speech

Bush Katrina Cop Out

Katrina: How Bush Blew it

Stupid Quotes About Katrina

Bush and Katrina why it’s his fault

Was Bush Behind Katrina?

MSM reporting

Katrina victims suffer, Bush plays Guitar

Bush rejects Responsibility for Disaster

Hurricane George

Oh and everyone remembers that George Bush hates black people…