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Islamist Riot, Obama Can’t Lie enough.

Been kind of quiet about the Obama administrations “Explanations” over the Libya consulate attack… Now that the official story has come out and it’s no better than the original story, I want to ask my liberal readers a question. When … Continue reading

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Race and the Dictator in Chief.

Well our Racist in Chief is at Martha’s vinyard for a little R&R…Much needed I might add. Destroying a nation is hard work. Making everything about race is hard work, Going around congress to enact laws you want is hard … Continue reading

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Tea Party Downgrade… Um NO.

After listening to the Sunday morning show recaps, it appears the liberal/progressives have their talking point memo well in hand. John Kerry (D-umbass) Said “This is a tea party Downgrade”.. David Axelron (Ex-Obama adviser) said it, DNC Chair Debbie Whatshername … Continue reading

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Obama vs Bush in the Media

I’ve been very critical of Obama’s handling of the gulf oil spill, and we will see very shortly that his inaction will cost the region dearly. The liberpukes in the media are so quick to defend their idiot in chief,¬† … Continue reading

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