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Resting and Relaxin

Resting and Relaxin

Today, unless something really news worthy pops up today, I’ll be a football watching redneck. There’s a few games I’m looking to see today.


Cleveland hasn’t played real well, Pitt’s QB is hurt.. Rivalry game, hard nosed smash mouth football! Should be good.

And this one:


Division game, Atlanta has been kickin ass and takin names all season. Tampa needs this and they’re at home. Should be a battle.

The New Orleans vs Frisco game this evening should be a good game, but San Fran’s defense should shut down that Drew Brees offense. We’ll see.

Have a great Sunday folks.

Are you ready for some Football?

Are you ready for some Football?

I’m sure as hell ready for kickoff!

For our armed service members that are out of the country:

carrier field

I really hope this doesn’t happen this year… 🙄

I wonder if there is one of these games on today?
hot football

Have a great day ya’ll…

Carolina-26 San Diego-24

Carolina-26 San Diego-24

Absolutely AWSOME! The game was incredible, I am absolutely stoked about this season.

IF you are a football fan this is for you, if you are a sportsman, this post is for you, if you are one of those gang-banger wannabe pieces of shit that cant take a loss, or a win without being a douchebag, this post is also for you.

On 9-7-08, 4 Panther fans, dressed in Carolina Blue and Black visited San Diego Charger land.  (Both my sons, a fellow Panther fan and myself)

San Diego (Qualcom) stadium is one of the WORST stadiums to get into as far as parking, once we got in, we were greeted with the usual boos, the usual Charger rah rah, whatever. That was actually kind of cool, the charger fans in the parking lot were a lot of fun, most of the ones I talked to were very knowledgeable about FOOTBALL and that is always common ground. We had a few other Panther fans in our parking area along with SEVERAL Charger fans, the cops came up to check on us, hell we were sharing beer, brats and watching the game in progress on someone’s TV. All was good. We are football fans.

We parked about a mile from the stadium entrance and we began our death march around 11:00, I say death march because we had to walk the parking lot in a line, in front of the DIE HARD Charger fans partying on the side. They wait for opposing team fans showing their colors (Wearing Jersey’s) and hurl the usual insults and what not..
We were 30 strong on our way to the Stadium, and we didn’t get into the tit for tat insult thing. WE wanted to see football. That effort was met with a HUGE roar from the crowd as we approached the end of the walkway. We heard cheers of “Good Job, Panther fans.” One Charger faithful ran under the barrier and gave my son a beer and a pat on the back, I thought that was awesome. Most of the insults were just the “Panthers suck variety” and you really can’t expect much else in an opponents house.

Finally, we got into the stadium:

I have got to send out HUGE KUDOS to those military members in our seating area, five Marines and 2 Navy guys shared our 14×14 area, and needless to say, those guys got the few beers from the Bushwack family, we had a great time. (A special note to Kevin who is serving in the Navy and headed to the gulf: The Jersey in route first thing this morning).
It was surely not football weather, it was HOT on the field, the breeze was missing most of the day, but the game was WELL worth the 3rd degree sunburns we got.
We had a good mix of Charger and Panther fans in our section so the rhetoric was very civil, until we started our trek out of the stadium.

Watch the video if you want to see a TERRIFIC Highlight reel of the game. AWESOME!!! THE Cardiac Cats are BACK BABY!

On the way out we were met with SEVERAL real football fans, both Carolina and San Diego offering high fives, and hand shakes for a great game, and that was very cool.
We were also introduced to the biggest idiots known to man, and again they were both Carolina and Sand Diego Fans.
I will start with the Carolina fan that was running in the hallway at field level section “A” talking all that shit about “We F*** y’all up” and screaming like a 12 year old.
You deserved that wall kiss, Dumb ass. You are in an OPPONENTS house, the game could have gone either way, and you made an ass out of yourself! You don’t deserve to wear that jersey. You are the type of idiot that gives football fans a bad name and YOU are the type of MORON that causes stadiums to have to quit selling alcohol.
YOU, Mr brand new Carolina “Peppers” Jersey wearing idiot that can’t just say “Great game” when a SD fan says “Good game”, You have to say “YEAH, WE FUCKED YOU GUYS UP!” If he wouldn’t have planted your face in the wall I would have. I was the one that picked you up, and sat you by the wall… You are damn lucky I had a moment of compassion, or I would have left you there ass up face down.

Then there were the San Diego versions of the Raider fans, Yep, Short, Shaved head, Hispanic, five deep and all of them look alike, except for one girl with them who looks like she had her face painted by Earl Sheib (Car body painters in So Cal.) They had to walk by us, and the shortest one walks up to me not quite in right hook range, but close enough, and says “FUCK CAROLINA” I started laughing, loudly, you know the Eddie Murphy type sarcastic laugh? that pissed them off. One guy asked “What U laughing at homey” I said something to the effect of “I thought we were at Football game and they let the circus out” That was met by laughter in the hall, that didn’t make them happy..

Anyway they decided they would follow us out to the parking lot, not a very wise move, and once we got out of the stadium they found out that intimidation shit don’t play well with a redneck with some anger issues…They were dispatched rather abruptly by a few SD and Car folks that enjoy football.

There were a lot more of the “Gangbanger wannabe’s” in the Charger seats than usual, but as it was, the SD fans were very well represented, I am glad Carolina won, but I am even more glad that I met some good folks wearing the best jersey’s of all… THE AMERICAN JERSEY! The Marine’s the Navy, the AF and Army were all around us and represented well.

I go to a few Charger games during the year, and I root for SD. (Unless they are playing a team that impacts my team.) For the most part SD fans are some of the best in the country, I hope they don’t become like the Raider nation, we don’t need anymore teams in the NFL that have that kind of reputation.
BTW-No offense to my friends that are Raider fans, but you know as well as I do that the reputation is earned.