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The NFL was AWESOME Today.

The NFL was AWESOME Today.

I finally got a full day to enjoy my favorite pastime. The NFL…

The games today were absolutely terrific for the most part. That Seattle blowout of Arizona not withstanding. My favorite team (Carolina Panthers) won, The Raiders lost (Thursday) and that always makes me happy.

But by far the best games today were:

Redskins/Raven game (Redskins win in OT) RG3 got hurt, Baltimore’s kicking team failed big time in OT and the Redskins won.

Bengal/Cowboy game (Cowboys win with Field Goal final play) I hate Dallas with a passion, but credit where it’s due. A tough week for the “Boys” and they overcame the emotion and played well enough to win.

Titan/Colt game (Final drive Colts win) That Andrew Luck is the man, although he only completed 50% of his passes today, his leadership in his rookie year is showing. 9-4 after a 1-16 year last year… KUDOS.

Eagles/Buccaneer game (Philly wins) While neither team stands a chance at making the playoffs, the game was awesome to watch.

And my favorite game was the Packer/Lion game (Packers win) in the snow in Green Bay. The Packers are hurt, they have a lot of folks on the injured list but they’re starting to get healthy.

Since my team will be watching the playoffs just like me, I’ll be hoping for a good game in the Superbowl. I’d like to see a Houston/Atlanta match up but there’s some good teams in the hunt for the AFC. Denver with Peyton could be a surprise and New England with Brady is always a test.. Houston has the best Defense in the league and they are my pick to win the AFC.

The NFC is a jumbled mess. Atlanta on top but the way they played today makes me think they are going out quick. The 49ers with their new QB look like the odds on favorite but the Giants are peaking now and the Packers are getting healthy.. I’m taking the NFC to win the Superbowl no matter who represents the conference.

I hope Monday nights game is as good as most of the games were today. It should be. Houston vs New England… Might be a preview of the playoffs.