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Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum bails out of the Presidential run. Personally, I couldn’t get excited about Santorum as a candidate. I don’t think he could have won the general election. I’m pretty sure the script for Obama vs Santorum had already been written … Continue reading

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Serious Question:

If Romney is “Almost Obama” and Santorum is “Too Christian”.. Why isn’t NEWT pulling ahead? Newt is the complete OPPOSITE of Obama in almost every way. He’s made some mistakes in his earlier positions but he’s also got a federal … Continue reading

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Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Allen West by most measures is the best hope for a resurgence in American values leadership. However; given the current state of the GOP he’d be drug through the mud and raked over the coals for one thing or another… … Continue reading

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Iowa Debate Recap

Great debate tonight. It started off with Newt bashing, went into Obama bashing, came back to Newt bashing, then Obama took a standing eight count, then Paul was voted most likely to succeed as Iran’s next president… After about 20 … Continue reading

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Debate Recap…

I got home from work last night and nothing else was on TV. I wanted to enjoy an adult beverage and watch something that took my mind off the troubles of the day.. I flipped channels and ended up on … Continue reading

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