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Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum: Game Over…

Santorum bails out of the Presidential run. Personally, I couldn’t get excited about Santorum as a candidate. I don’t think he could have won the general election. I’m pretty sure the script for Obama vs Santorum had already been written and given to the state run media.

This news is kind of a surprise though. I figured Newt would drop out first. He is bankrupt for the most part. Santorum won 11 states in this years primary right? He had good percentage of delegates. I thought he’d be around at least until the California vote.

Well, IF Newt is still on the ballot when my state votes I’ll vote for him. I think Newt can unite the base better than Romney. I think Newt has baggage but I think he’d be a better conservative choice than Romney. Don’t get me wrong I am under NO illusions that Romney won’t be our “Anti-Obama” I know it’s going to be him. I just don’t like it too much.

That being said, I’ll sign up to vote for that which is not Obama come the general election.  We better or we can kiss what’s left of our nation goodbye.

Serious Question:

Serious Question:

If Romney is “Almost Obama” and Santorum is “Too Christian”.. Why isn’t NEWT pulling ahead? Newt is the complete OPPOSITE of Obama in almost every way. He’s made some mistakes in his earlier positions but he’s also got a federal government record of GOOD things. Why is Newt struggling to be the NOT-ROMNEY? Don’t get it at all.

Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Allen West by most measures is the best hope for a resurgence in American values leadership. However; given the current state of the GOP he’d be drug through the mud and raked over the coals for one thing or another…

Notice how West handles the questions, notice his confidence and his convictions. Notice his statesmanship when delivering his answers. Not rattled, not stuttering. The man has ZERO DOUBT in his views and his beliefs. That alone is very refreshing to me.

Allen West/WHOEVER 2016. (Even if Romney wins in 2012) We need a challenger and I’m sure Romney will screw up as much as he’ll fix. Romney will stop the train from going off the cliff at full speed. But he won’t reverse it’s course. For that we’ll need an Allen West to depose him…. OR if Obama wins, and there’s anything left of America. We’ll need Allen West to take over the reigns.


Iowa Debate Recap

Iowa Debate Recap

Great debate tonight. It started off with Newt bashing, went into Obama bashing, came back to Newt bashing, then Obama took a standing eight count, then Paul was voted most likely to succeed as Iran’s next president…

After about 20 minutes of the debate I got a little fed up and changed the channel to watch the NFL game, Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons.. The debate was more competitive so I switched back..

I’ll start with Newt Gingrich since he was in the center spot:

Newt: He took a lot of shots from many of the candidates. His biggest problem seems to be the “Lobbying” or “Not Lobbying” of Fannie and Freddie. Kind of a Clintonesque explanation of the definition of “Lobbying”…. I think Newt would be better off saying yep I did and I was good at it that’s why I got so much to do it. Newt made up for that issue with the pipeline issue, the foreign policy issue and his stance on abortion. Bachmann tried to hit him over it but he handled it perfectly. Newt took the entire ambush, turned it around positively without any outright attacks on any of them. IF Obama’s machine can only muster that much of an attack against Newt, Obama will be knocked out of the race before it begins.

Bachmann: She delivered a pretty good performance although she had her facts wrong. She attacked Paul with one of the best lines of the debate calling his stance on Iran Dangerous. She went after Newt with false accusations and stretched talking points that have been discounted over and over again. She’s coming across as deranged and unhinged. I guess that’s why Beck likes her.

Santorum: He did get his point across about his record. I didn’t know he did what he said he did. He’s a great conservative candidate for congress or Senate but I don’t think he’d get any love in the general election. He’s a bit rigid in some of the social issues that Obama can exploit in several key states. I like the guy, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat and be damn happy about it. But as of right now I don’t think he’s got a chance.

Huntsman: He had a good debate, he gets on my nerves a bit because of the way he speaks. He’s also a bit left for my liking. I really don’t remember many of his answers except that he noted again that China got the rights to some Afghanistan land to exploit minerals…

Romney: Well, Romney.. Um. Okay this was probably his best debate to date. He was steady, he didn’t overtly attack anyone, he answered questions directly and did very little self promoting which was a nice change. He was gracious in accepting Newt’s compliment and reciprocated by not piling on when he was urged to do so. He may have had the best debate of his career tonight and it pains me to say that.

Perry: This WAS Perry’s best debate to date. He was measured in his responses and he was also direct. He had a few memorable lines and he also stayed away from negativity for the most part. Perry if he can keep this style up may climb back up in the polls. Another candidate I would gladly vote for.

Paul: This was his worst debate to date. I know the “Paulbots” will discount this as a “Rightwing Set up” or something but Paul didn’t help his case at all. Paul needs to expand his fan base to outside of the anti-war crowd. The throngs of Paul supporters had to be cringing at his Iran answer. Paul also went negative in some of his answers and that will not gain him any cross candidate support. Paul showed his weakness in this debate and anyone who says he didn’t is too far gone to see truth. Bachmann abused him and it sent him reeling. When you are called “Dangerous” on a national stage by someone who is considered “Dangerous” by many it can’t help.

As it stands right now I’d say Romney, Newt, Perry all came out winners. Santorum and Huntsman held firm and the losers were Bachmann and Paul.

Debate Recap…

Debate Recap…

I got home from work last night and nothing else was on TV. I wanted to enjoy an adult beverage and watch something that took my mind off the troubles of the day.. I flipped channels and ended up on the ABC GOP debate… sigh.

Well, it took my mind off MY problems, these idiots got problems…

My opinion on the entire debate can be summed up in a few words: Typical instigation, sound bite fodder and media intrusion.

First off, the questions asked were intended to knock down the frontrunner not build up the bottom dwellers. That’s typical. Eat the rich democrat principles. Bad, evil, successful frontrunner.

Secondly, The Ron Paul answer to Newt about him taking “Our tax payer money” from Fanny and Freddie… Um, WHO GAVE IT TO HIM? If you offer a service for a price and you get what you paid for who’s fault is it? IF I could get 7 figures to offer “Advice” to someone I sure as hell would do it. Tax payer money is the charge of the government. Blaming a PRIVATE entity for providing a service that the GOVERNMENT is willing to pay for is NOT the PRIVATE entity’s fault. ITS THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT FOR BEING DUMB ENOUGH TO PAY FOR IT.

I’d ask Ron Paul how many clits he looked at when he was a gynodoctor that were paid for by a government program? Like medicaid/medicare/welfare etc….Should he give that back too? Tax payers paid for some of them to have their coochy inspected….just sayin.

Perry did pretty good this round. He’s still very shaky on stage, stutters a lot, gets lost often. He’s still better than most of them.

Bachmann hammered the leaders. She bashed Romney/Newt relentlessly and for that she’s off my wish list. She didn’t need to go as far as she did to promote herself. She’s pretty much cemented herself as the crazy lady even though I do like her, I think bashing your fellow competitors in that manner turns folks off when we need a LEADER who will stand. You need to show YOU are the one because YOU are the best, not because THEY are not the best.

Newt handled the onslaught of media led attacks better than any of them would have. I can’t wait until Bachmann, and Paul get their chance to be in the middle. (IF they did) Paul would get so flustered his eyebrows would straighten out. Bachmann would pull out the sexist card… Bet on it.

Santorum may have done the best of the night. He is likeable but I’m not sure how he’d be received in the general election. IT all depends on where we are in June or so of 2012. IF we’re no better then than we are now, Charles Manson will beat Obama. IF we’re better off, then it’s going to be a tough road for ANY GOP Candidate.