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Another Debate… Obama gains a point…

Well since the GOP hopefuls can’t seem to understand WHO the real enemy is, tonight will be another victory for Obama. Yeah that’s some serious cynicism. Romney the front runner who I will be FORCED to vote for in the … Continue reading

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Republican Debate recap.

I watched the CNN Debate from start to finish. The debate was on foreign policy. There’s two most important issues to me when it comes to whom I support. The economy and foreign policy. This is the main reason I’m … Continue reading

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Newt schooling the masses…

Well, I am really shocked. I’m about to say something I thought I’d never say again. Newt Gingrich is the best we got right now. Newt maybe the best hope we have of turning this country around. Somebody slap me! … Continue reading

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Lets build the perfect GOP 2012 Candidate.

Since I’m seriously unhappy about the current field of the GOP Presidential race. I thought I’d take a shot and finding GOOD things about them and trying to mold a perfect candidate. Let’s start with Mitt Romney: His best assets … Continue reading

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