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Wake me when it’s over…

Wake me when it’s over…

I have done just about ALL I can do to sway the voters around me, I have spoken at length to people that haven’t got a clue, and tried to educate them about this election. I have listened to those that DO have a clue and bring fourth valid arguments regarding the candidates. I have spoke my mind about MY perceptions and MY issues regarding the candidates. It all comes to a stop Today!

Tonight (hopefully) we will know who our President elect is.

IF McCain wins it (Miracle and/or divine intervention) We will be fighting for the next 4 years about stolen election, fraud, and racism.

IF Obama wins, we will be more divided than ever before, OUR nation will be one SNAFU from all out civil war.

I promise to be as nice to Barack HUSSEIN Obama as the libbers were to GWB for the past 8 years.

I will NOT be an Obama supporter, I will not be calling Obama MY president,I will refer to Obama as the chimp in charge, I will use the term fascist/socialist and terrorist when speaking of B. Hussein Obama. HOWEVER; I am not of the libber mentality, so if Obama per-chance does not ruin our nation or send us into chaos, I will give him credit. I will charge VOTER Fraud and accuse the DNC of tampering, and call it the vast left-wing conspiracy if McCain loses, I will call for investigations into everything Obama does.  I will not stop the criticism and outright RUDE treatment of the Commander in chief should Obama take the oath. I will never call him MY PRESIDENT, he will always be YOUR President. I will not give Obama credit for anything and I will ignore congress’s abysmal performance.

Our country is DIVIDED now and it will be further divided after tonight EITHER WAY.

There is no unity in our nation and there will not be until the next devastating wake up call.I think we have lost more than the title “UNITED STATES” We have lost our way of life, and we are seeing jealousy, greed, and poor education cause the UNITED STATES to be worse than France ever was.

We used to reward people for hard work, and good character, NOW we reward people that whine the loudest, and complain the most. We as a nation have become a nation of gimme’s rather than help me’s. This election shows that Capitalism is being shelved for the tried and true failure Socialism. We will pull those that have succeded DOWN, to make those that don’t try feel better about it. We will take from those people that work hard, study and learn from mistakes, and give to those that use color as a crutch and expect money from heaven.

Unity is going to happen, if Obama wins this election you will see unity in the form of Business’s leaving at an alarming rate, the working class will be unified in a retirement age up to 80 because our 401k’s are going to be federalized, and we will be united in unemployment, with numbers rivaling depression era. I am not happy but I am actually looking forward to the revolution…. Nothing lasts forever right?

We may be the UNITED STATES again but It will take an event so bad that 9-11 will be forgotten. IF it happens, we won’t look back and realize WE caused it by voting for Obama, or voting for the better of two evils…We are at fault.

Our nation is on the verge of outright civil war NOW, and after this election, at the first sign of any of the possibilities bantered around the campaign trail coming true, the shooting will start. Trust me on that, I have spoken to enough people on both sides, be prepared.