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Obama’s Solution to ISIS

Obama’s Solution to ISIS

I have listened to Obama discussing the non-islamic Islamic State issue, it seems to me that theres a simple solution that is being complicated by ideology and denial.


First it was the “JV team” Then it was “I ended the war in Iraq” to “It wasn’t my idea to end the war in Iraq” Now its ISIS needs jobs and education, that will fix it.


I’ve about heard a damn-nuff.

Here’s the truth. ISIS is Islamic and here’s the best way to prove it.

If ISIS were to take over a nation, say they win in IRAQ, they kick every US soldier out, they become in charge of the entire state. What kind of governance do they bring to Iraq? Will it be the same type that Saddam Hussein had? Will it be western style? Or will it be closer to the taliban or Saudi Arabian type SHARIA law…. You answer that question honestly, you will see ISIS is a completely ISLAMIC organization.


Now, to listen to Barack Obama’s view of the cancer, you would think they’re just looking for jobs and opportunity in order to be able to sit at the big boy table.

ISIS is the military arm of ISLAM. ISLAM is a violent religion disguised as a religion of peace in order to continue amassing the force needed to dominate every where they infest.

So as every democrat, liberal, progressive falls all over themselves to excuse the evil of the Islamic State, they should realize that they will die horrible deaths should they fall into their hands..


As you enable evil you get more evil. If Barack Obama really believes that ISIS is just acting out because it has no jobs. Try this: Quit dropping bombs and drop EBT cards and Obama phones and buckets of money, see if they stop… Maybe they’ll appreciate it so much that they’ll just stop killing people. sigh.


Benghazi= Youtube video… FtHood= Workplace Violence.. Boston Bombing= Criminals etc. Every ATTACK BY ISLAMIC RADICALS has been excused and not named. However, Obama has no issue jumping to conclusions in Trayvonn, Ferguson, 3 Muslims killed in Chapel Hill, Calling tea party racists, Republicans are hostage takers… No bias, no ideological governance here.. nope. LOL

When even MSNBC is questioning what you’re doing Obama, you have a real problem.

Lady Gaga… Courageous.

Lady Gaga… Courageous.

Yeah real courage huh? I think not. Real courage would be standing up to those of a certain religion that STONES her kind. The LBGT Group LOVES to bemoan the Catholic/Christian/Jewish religions, they will go out of their way to do things that offend the sensibilities of those religions. But do you think they would have the courage to do it Islamic believers?

Lady Gaga outrages Catholics during Holy Week with new single ‘Judas’

Pop provocateur Lady Gaga has managed to outrage and insult many Catholics by leaking her new song, “Judas” just two days before the start of Holy Week.

“It’s always edgy and always (about) our religion,” Bill Donohue, spokesperson for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said about frequent pop culture attacks on the Church. “(And) all during Holy Week.”

See putting up something like this with the Muslim religion would require REAL COURAGE. What you have here is the bully mentality. The Mob mentality is evident. They can do this stuff and appear “Courageous” to their like minded fans and friends, yet the world as a whole sees it as ridiculous, cowardly and not worth the time to watch.

The entire thing makes me sick, not because she is a no talent bitch, but because she has no courage, she and those like her are nothing more than enablers to the Islamic cult. I guess if Christians decided it was open season on entertainers and started bombing, beheading and stoning all that insulted Jesus Christ perhaps this stuff would stop all together? It’s worked well for Islamapukes. Fear is a serious problem in this nation, our entire entertainment industry is so scared of the “Wrath” of Islam, that the only way they can denigrate a religion is to target us.

Is it time to fight fire with fire? Is it time to run amuk in the streets and proclaim we are the religion of peace too?…


The face of Islam…

The face of Islam…

Jewish Couple and 3 children SLAUGHTERED in West Bank.

A Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in a West Bank settlement in what Israeli officials said Saturday was an attack by one or more Palestinians who broke into their home.

Pay real close attention folks, this is what we are dealing with. This is what is NEVER MENTIONED by our current leaders. This is what Islam is. This is how they roll:

I make NO apologies for showing these pictures. I make NO apologies for not warning you first. I want people to SEE this. (HT Theo Spark)

This was not done by your average run of the mill serial killer going nuts, this was not done by some estranged family member over a debt or relationship problems. This was done in the name of RELIGION. This was done in accordance with the Koran and it was done by the followers of the death cult of ISLAM.

I know you guys are saying “You are way off base, Islam is the Religion of Peace and you are just Islamaphobic” Well then see who took responsibility for it:

Al-Aqsa Brigades claims responsibility for West Bank killing

Nablus, West Bank – The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Fatah movement, claimed responsibility on Saturday for killing five Israeli settlers near the West Bank city of Nablus.

A member of the al-Aqsa Brigades attacked a house in the Itamar settlement, south of Nablus, the group claimed in a statement sent to reporters.’The mujahid killed all who were in the house at around 1:15 am local time (2315 GMT) at predawn on Saturday’, the leaflet said adding that the attack was carried out successfully thanks to Allah.

‘This heroic operation is part of the natural response to the massacres of the fascist occupation against our people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,’ said the leaflet. ‘We tell the criminals of the (Israeli) occupation that their crimes won’t pass without punishment.’

Thanks to Allah? Um, I wonder exactly how long it would take for the media to go nuckin futs if ANYONE, ANY GROUP wasted ANY FAMILY ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD and Claimed responsibility for it saying THANK GOD WE WERE SUCCESSFUL in murdering 3 kids. They held BIBLES when talking and used terms like “Jesus Christ is our savior he will be pleased we slaughtered these Muslims”…. Yeah wouldn’t be much more than a blurb I’m sure. Sarcasm OFF.



Into the Abyss… Israel on alert.

Into the Abyss… Israel on alert.

Well this could get interesting, grab the popcorn:

Israel Warns It Might Act on Iranian Warships Passing Through Suez Canal

Israel is monitoring two Iranian warships about to pass through the Suez Canal for Syria and warn they might act.

Israeli’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says that “Israel cannot ignore these provocations,” according to ynetnews.com.
Read more:

The Middle East is exploding. Egypt is not turning out the way our liberal/progressive friends say it would. I see no campfires where da joos and da Muzzies are sitting singing kum-by-ya… It’s not going to happen no matter how much kool-aid you drink.

The worst thing that can possibly happen is Iran provokes Israel and Israel acts. The second worse thing that can happen is if ISRAEL DOESN’T ACT!

The best possible scenario is Israel meets the two war ships and makes them turn their ass around or sinks them. If Israel does nothing it will be seen as weakness and MORE provocations will come and many lives will be lost. Israel must act and they must act in a way that leaves no doubt of their abilities and their will. I’m sure they would have already acted if the USA had someone with NUTS in charge.
As I said, get the popcorn.

The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

The NEW Christian Brotherhood…

I’d like to announce the formation of the Christian Brotherhood.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is the complete destruction of all things not Christian. Our goal is to die in the pursuit of Divine Holiness and meet our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We will not compromise and we will succeed in our revolution for Christ.

Everyone on the face of this earth will live under Christian laws. There will be no other religion. Any person practicing another religion will be put to death. There will be no homosexuality, any person who lays with same sex shall be put to death. Females will be subservient to their men. Any female who disobeys her husband shall be beaten. If the female leaves her husband she shall be put to death. Divorce is not acceptable in this new Christian world. We will lay out the laws of our Christian Power and only pastors and preachers shall have the power to change these laws. They will be written in stone and all punishments will be carried out in public.

I hope you will join our Christian Brotherhood of your own free will, for soon you will have no choice. There are no innocents in our war against the non-believers. We will sacrifice our lives in order to meet our savior and take many non-believers to hell.

This is a fictional organization and mission statement but could you imagine the outrage in our society if such a group was formed?

Although the KKK exists, they wield no more power than Phred Phelps or any other nut bag group. There are legit organizations that fall under the “Christian Brotherhood” banner but I’ve yet to hear of ANY OF THEM, becoming terrorists, calling for death to an entire nation, or any of the Muslim general mantra’s.

The organizations of  “The Muslim Brotherhood” and “Al Qaeda” and “Hamas” and “Hezbollah” among others, are the epitome of death cults. While I understand the urge to be “Understanding” of others religion, I will not be silent when one particular religion is murdering, raping, destroying civilization in order to rebuild it under their type of religious decree.

In America we placate the Islamic Faith, we appease them, we cater to them and we allow them to fester like a puss ridden infection. When will  we wake? When will we see the danger and react accordingly? There is a way to act, prior to bloodshed on our shores. It’s called “Assimilation”

Assimilation requires people that come here to become AMERICAN first. It requires a consumption of the American culture and an allegiance to our nation above others. IF Assimilation was required, meaning no more “Accommodating” other cultures above our own, it would have an effect on the Islamic population. The ideals of America are NOT compatible with Islam. Freedom itself is counter to Islam.

We are about 20 years late to war with Islamic fundamentals, and for 20 years we have given them more tools to destroy us. We continue to put arrows in their quiver when we should be putting arrows through their heart.

When will we wake up?

Liberalism is the key to our demise IMO. Liberalism by it’s ideology is not confrontational unless it feels threatened by conformity. Islam doesn’t threaten them because Islam has not yet gained a hold on our legislative or judicial system. I ask liberals one question: What if it did? Is it easier to fight the system before it’s a system or after? I also ask you “What if those of us who see the potential for trouble are RIGHT?

Liberalism, Progressives and to some degree Libertarianism (Large L) are aiding and abetting the infestation of Islam and allowing it to become too powerful. The common sense aspect alone should give pause to reasoned Americans. A “religion of Peace” who uses terrorism as it’s communication method should cause people to question. But I guess that’s too much to ask for the intellectual elites.

I wonder if this is how France’s population was split prior to Germans standing under the Eiffel Tower.

Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Son of Hamas Leader speaks out.

Here is a dead man. I wish him all the luck in the world, but I think the religion of peace is not going to take kindly to being “Outed”:

I gotta say if more came out against Hamas and the rest of the “Extremists” perhaps there would be a possible peace. But since it won’t happen, it’s good to hear the truth from Muslims once in a while…

New Year, Same Problem… ISLAM.

New Year, Same Problem… ISLAM.

The new year barely a day old and the Islamic religion strikes again. I wonder will we go another year fighting the same old MYTH that Islam is the Religion of Peace?

Christians are Being Massacred; 21 Now Dead in New Years Day Attack in Egypt

Alexandria (AsiaNews / Agencies) – A car bomb exploded last night outside a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt, just before Mass ended. The death toll from the bloody attack is, for now, 21 dead and 43 wounded. An eyewitness sport to reprters of a real “blood bath”, with dozens of mangled bodies lying on the ground. The explosion was followed by clashes with between Christians and Muslims in the streets adjacent to the church.

A local priest has said the toll could have been much worse if the car had exploded just a few minutes later. After the attack witnesses say that many of the faithful gathered outside the charred remains of the car singing “We offer our lives and our blood through the Cross.” The attack of last night brings to mind the October 31 massacre in Baghdad, in the Syrian Catholic cathedral, and the Al Qaeda threat against Christians in Egypt.

Another “I wonder” IF in the United States of America, Muslims started being massacred would the Islamic world be silent? Would their be outrage in our own media? Would our POTUS mention CHRISTIANS as the culprits?

I say again, if I was in charge things would be a lot different. We have tried the “Extend our hands” we have tried to defuse the turmoil with appeasement. It doesn’t work and it hasn’t work since ISLAM was CREATED. The only thing the Muslim faithful understand is violence. OUR way of dealing with them is FAILING. Time for a crusade to cleanse this earth of the disease known as Islam. Oh I know that’s wrong huh? because Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul were Muslim….

Well folks here’s the deal.

Muslims as a whole seem to be fence sitters. They are scared that their BROTHERS in war will win and if they are seen colluding with the west, they will suffer the wrath. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why “Moderate” Muslims continue to sit out when attacks like this happen. The arguments of the liberal progressives are falling on deaf ears. We have tried to be tolerant we have tried to be understanding to no avail.

IF I were in charge…

An attack of this nature would cost Islam a Mosque. The perpetrators of this massacre worship in a mosque somewhere, and that place would be leveled within an hour of the attack. ANY terrorist attack would be countered with destruction of a mosque. Starting with those in the country of the perpetrators. At first, I’d be nice about it though, I’d make sure the building was empty. After about two attacks, the buildings would be full of ragheads in ass up position.

This is probably the reason I’d never get elected to office. I’d solve the Islamic idiot problem by either pushing it to all out war, in which case it ends when there is nobody left to fight. OR it ends when the Islamic moron cult realizes they can stand with freedom of religion or die. PERIOD.

Welcome to the new year same as the old year….

Whew, America got Lucky again…Or at least the Jooos did…

Whew, America got Lucky again…Or at least the Jooos did…

Seems that a bomb was planted on a cargo plane. Evidently we are getting extremely lucky. Lucky the idiots trying to kill us are inept.

Obama: Suspicious packages are a ‘credible terrorist threat’

Two packages mailed from Yemen and addressed to synagogues in Chicago contained explosive material and represented a “credible terrorist threat,” President Obama said Friday, as authorities focused their investigation on an increasingly lethal affiliate of al-Qaeda.

U.S. counterterrorism officials suspect that the packages, which were intercepted in Britain and Dubai, were sent by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which had already demonstrated a flair for sophisticated bombmaking in an attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day.

This seems a little odd to me. These packages had addresses, they were going too some Jewish houses of worship. But who would want to hurt the jooos? Well I am just stumped. I can’t think of a single group of people who would try to murder the jooos…

The Jooos are the ones doing all the bad stuff in the world right? So could these packages have been headed to the Jooos for them to forward them to Israel, so they can use them on the residences of Gaza?

That may be a bit too much sarcasm but the way our elected officials are treating the MUSLIM’S that are trying to kill us, it’s pretty pathetic. YES I said MUSLIMS that are trying to kill us…Sue me or try to fire me. I give less than a shit.

I say it again, I can’t for the life of me understand why the MUSLIMS that are trying to kill us, continue to try and kill us. Right now, a terrorist attack would quite possibly unite a very large portion of Americans. It would signal the end of “DA WON” for sure, since he refuses to acknowledge the enemy.

IF the Muslims had any brains they would find a cave, hide out and wait for us to devour ourselves. It’s coming,

Thank GOD the Muslims didn’t accomplish their goal on this particular incident. OR did they? Could this have been a test? Could this have been a diversion? Could this be a misdirection? Could this be an inside job to HELP Obama? Lost of questions and only speculations for now.