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Islamization of America…

Islamization of America…

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Now, before you check out Part 2. I need to ask a few questions.

Geert Wilders, is a marked man. Entire Organizations, countries, gangs and groups are actively trying to silence him. He has been branded a “Hate Monger” and “racist” and all the other monikers the Islamic followers can come up with. WHY?

The criticism of the Catholic, Christian, and Jewish faiths are blasted across the television screens daily. They are the butt of jokes, Jesus Christ is often portrayed in Movies and plays in a very unflattering light and NOTHING is done or said. That alone should beg the question WHY is Islam so sacred? WHY must no criticism of it’s belief structure be leveled on it? WHY does the world tap dance around the destructive nature of it’s followers?

The solutions Geert comes up with are bit extreme. But at the current rate of Islamization WHEN will those “Solutions” be the only way out?

I ask folks to look at this Ground Zero Mosque issue. I ask you to objectively think about WHY this is even a topic of discussion. I ask you to look back and ask your father, grandfather what the chances would be that 9 years after Pearl Harbor the Japanese would build a monument to Hirohito 2 blocks from the Arizona’s hull. This is exactly what the Mosque is. It’s a symbol of victory over a conquered people. It’s a thumb in the eye of the victims. And it’s a very telling indicator of the contempt Muslims have for this nation and the world as a whole.

Geert is right about a lot of this, and what I’d ask is that people understand the fight we are in. It’s a two pronged attack and it’s going to require a lot of sacrifice to fix it. We are torn, between an Invasion of SOUTH AMERICANS (Catholics mostly) and the Muslim invasion. White Christians can not keep up with the population. We are not having enough babies to even the field. We need help and that’s where the south Americans come in. We can stave off the Islamic infestation if we can get the Immigrants to assimilate. IF we keep allowing ILLEGAL immigration and do not require the assimilation into our culture, WE will cease to have a culture.

This is not a pressing issue. This is not an election issue, this is an issue that will have to be dealt with at some point. And I’d really like to know how the “Elite” “Intellectuals” will deal with the “Overly Religious” likes of Islam when they take over their arena’s. Right now it’s all about tolerance. Islam has very little tolerance when it is the dominate culture in a given area. So tell me, how will the gay and lesbian community handle the change? How will the Feminists handle the change? How will the Journalists handle the change?

I know the answer now is “Your are just afraid” or You are fear mongering, or the ever faithful “Racist” cries…But what if? You can look at France, the UK and Geert’s home country for the answer….It can happen.

Terrorist Threat on the border.

Terrorist Threat on the border.

Well isn’t this just terrific. I guess the reporter didn’t get the memo about the word MUSLIM or ISLAMIC…

Tell me again why we still have our border open? Oh yeah, just peaceful hardworking people coming in to do the jobs Americans wont do. That theory kind of goes out the window now doesn’t it? I mean the liberpukes are now doing the job that the Islamic radicals have been trying to do.. Destroy America.

The Democrats LOVE it when things are bad.

The Democrats LOVE it when things are bad.

A while back I stated that when the election starts to get close, things are going to get real bad in the area of the Economy, and Terrorism. Remember this post Obama said to the leader of Iraq NOT to push for our troop withdraw yet…Until after the election. Remember that? Of course no MSM speaks about it.

Defeat and dire straights are great tools for the Democrats, as long as there is a REPUBLICAN in the Whitehouse. Democrats (Not all, mostly the far left Democrats) benefit from the anguish of Americans for political gain.

I have been watching for the terrorists activity uptick and after I posted that story we got these.

Saturday September 13th, a coordinated bombing attack took place in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Five bombings within 45 minutes struck busy shopping districts in India’s capital, killing at least 23 people and injuring more than 60.

A little known group calling itself the Indian Mujahideen asserted responsibility for the attacks, saying in e-mails sent to several news stations: “Stop us if you can. We strike with message of death. We are terrorizing for your sins.”

The Kenyan Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistani was on Saturday night damaged in a terrorist attack on the nearby Marriot Hotel.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Mwangi Thuita confirmed the incident but said nobody in the Embassy was injured in the attack.

Mr Thuita told Sunday Nation that the blast shattered windows and doors of the Embassy building.

AFP news agency reported that at least 60 people were killed and over 100 others injured in the attack.

Deadly bomb hits hotel in Pakistan capital
A huge explosion ripped through part of a luxury hotel in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, today, damaging buildings in a wide radius, killing scores and injuring many more.

The blast, one of the biggest seen in Pakistan in recent years, took place at the Marriott hotel. The hotel was left burning fiercely all along its facade with fears that it could totally collapse.

And we all see how the economy is doing according to the media… BUT lets look at the truth for a change:

The unexpected 228-205 defeat of the housing bailout in Congress yesterday threw a curveball across Wall Street. It contributed to a large sell-off on Wall Street, where the bailout had already been “priced” into the market. The Dow shed just over 6 percent, the 18th largest drop in its history. But given the dire warnings about financial chaos that would result unless there were a bailout, this seems fairly modest.

Let’s be clear: This is a Wall Street crisis, not a national economic crisis. The overall economy, while a bit weak, is still growing. Some politicians are comparing the current environment to the Great Depression. But in 1932, when the federal government last moved to bail out the banking sector, economic output had fallen 45 percent and unemployment was a staggering 24 percent. Today, economic output is actually up and unemployment is a historically modest 6.1 percent.

The overall economy doesn’t even face a liquidity crisis in the current turmoil. Consumer, commercial/industrial, and real estate loans are all up over last year. Main Street is doing fine. The liquidity crisis is confined to Wall Street, between and among investment banks, insurance and securities firms, and hedge funds. There is the possibility that the contagion could spread, but in a global capital market, this is hardly certain. Source

While this bailout is occupying all of our attention, the Democrat leaders including the OBAMAMESSIAH are sticking it to us, they are complaining about “Fairness” in Missouri (Which is basically the suspension of of free speech in order to make sure Obama carries that state)

The VP debate that is being moderated by a book writing OBAMA supporter, I think we need to prepare for the ultimate possibility that Obama is going to be president. I think competing with Soros’s minions is not possible in the framework of the law.

So the cards are stacked against the McCain/Palin ticket. The Media is picking our president and the AMERICAN voter is being led by the short and curly’s to vote for a socialist. I think it is amazing that the MSM is fawning over Obama, they do not see that an Obama presidency comes with some regulations on MEDIA… They will be told what they can not say.

We are very possibly going to have the most liberal President in the history of our nation, and while we can blame the current administration for a large part of it, we must also realize that if we had Obama sitting in the oval office on Sept 11 2001 we would have likely been attacked again, and again. So now that GWB has done the lions share of the work against Islamic Extremists, Obama can come in and proclaim his messiahness…..

I hope we can sustain America through the socialist/Communist Obama regime, and then MAYBE we will get a “Reagan” type conservative in the WH.