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Burn the Koran, Don’t Build the Mosque, Radicals Attack…WOW.

I’m about ready to change my position on the whole Koran burning thing. The idiot in Florida now seems like a Rhodes Scholar. Fire has not met page one in the Koran, yet we have numerous reports of “Islamic Rage” … Continue reading

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Save us George Bush…

You can’t make this stuff up…WOW! To save Obama, Left cries out for … George W. Bush? “It’s time for W. to weigh in,” writes the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd. Bush, Dowd explains, understands that “you can’t have an … Continue reading

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Mosque at Ground Zero, Gay bar?

This may well be a joke, or just a shot at the idiots that support the Mosque being built on the site of MASS murder. But it’s kind of humorous. MONDAY’S GREGALOGUE: MY NEW GAY BAR So, the Muslim investors … Continue reading

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6 American Charity Workers Killed

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the liberal animosity toward a group of RELIGIOUS fanatics that would kill those there to help? 6 Americans among 10 Killed in Afghanistan KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Six Americans and two other foreigners on a medical … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Mosque at Zero and Kagen.WOW

The trifecta was achieved this week, not even counting the AZ law that some activist threw out. This is pretty much a bad week for the Right. We lost a lot of battles this week. Gay marriage (Prop 8 in … Continue reading

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