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Hillary Clinton Progress!

Hillary Clinton Progress!

Let me get this straight: A secretary of state was subpoena’d to turn over data, over 8 months ago? Now she turns over some files, will give testimony in front of congress for only one day. She’s only giving data that has been cleaned. But she’s one of us?

So to put this into perspective: If the IRS sends you a letter to appear for an audit. Try to tell them you’re receipts were lost when your hard drive crashed. Try to tell them that you have evidence of your receipts and you’ll need 8 months to get that data to them. Then give them the computer with a blank hard drive, no power supply and a hammer through the screen. Do you think you’re going to walk away from that without a major fine and/or jail time? The answer is HELL NO!

Here’s the other piece of “progress”: If Hillary were a black woman, there’d be zero investigation, no congressional demands and if you dared questioned her, you’d be labeled racist. IF this Hillary thing, drops even a breadcrumb of Obama’s name on it, it will be squashed in the media and in congress. Why? Black Privileged Lives Matter.

Bottom line is this: Hillary will not be the Democrat nominee, nor will Sanders. This dog and pony show is designed to make Biden look intelligent. And quite frankly compared to the current idiots on Democrat side, Biden looks like a genius now.

Hillary for Prison 2016!

Christmas with an Athiest, Progressive…

Christmas with an Athiest, Progressive…

We had a terrific Christmas and we hope you all did as well. At our family Christmas dinner we were joined by a relative (a by marriage relative) who is an atheist and a progressive. I was warned by my family that he was always itching to debate people over his views… I was also asked not to oblige him. Well that lasted about 20 minutes…

I’d like to recap a part of the discussion here to give you an idea of what America is up against.

First let me say the man is not stupid. He’s just misguided.

You remember the old joke “And that’s when the fight started?” Well, I was trying to avoid any topic of politics during our visit but the man made a statement regarding Barack Insane Obama that could not stand. He stated that “Obama was not a progressive, he is a republican” My response was as vague as I could be.. “Are you fuckin kidding me?” Now in most adult company that response would have been okay. But in the company of a preacher and a room full of kids it went over like a atom bomb.. Oh well.

So I stepped outside to calm myself before I jumped on this guy with both feet. the dumbass followed me…. Game on. I will refer to the guy in the recap as “DA”

DA“Evidently I hit a nerve, why? I thought it was obvious to everyone”

Me– “Okay DA, here goes nothing. I thought Obama was the dumbest son of a bitch to ever walk the face of the earth, until you opened your mouth. Saying Obama is not a progressive, proves you are uninformed, saying he’s a republican proves you’re an idiot”

DA– “Okay well, Obama is not a good President but I don’t think he’s progressive. He’s in the pockets of big business just like GWB was”

MeOkay, lets eat”…

Trying to not get my blood pressure up, strangling this guy in the backyard of my relative might not go over real well.

We headed back in to eat, sat down at the table and enjoyed a great meal with family… Then as we were just about done….

DA-What do you think about the OWS people?”

I heard my wife say… Uh Oh… all eyes went to me at that point.

Me- “Well, so much for a peaceful dinner, they are a bunch of spoiled, pot smoking unwashed, communists, spurned to action by a non-existent class war started by the democrat party to get the attention off of the disaster they have created” “Oh and I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire”

DA– “Oh I think they are right in protesting big business and they are doing good bringing attention to the corruption of big business”….

My wife at this point was a little worried I think… Maybe it was because I turned the grip on my steak knife from the meat cutting position to the, psycho stabbing position.

Me- “Tell me what big business has done that was illegal” “Tell me exactly how goldman sachs, or any of these big businesses who OWS are protesting did an illegal act and got away with it?  You can’t, let me help… They did NOTHING illegal, they took advantage of a system. You want to fix it, blame DC and protest the WH/Congress. Not shitting on PD cars, camping in the mud smoking pot and raping women. You support that shit? ever been to a tea party rally?”

DA- The tea party? Oh that was all the Koch brothers”…

Me- “And OWS was all Sorros and Van Jones, I went to several tea party rallies and I never seen any “Support” signs from Koch brothers, or unions, or any organizations. I also never saw anyone shitting on cop cars, raping women, or signs saying “FUCK AMERICA” at tea party rallies. We changed DC, we removed the Pelosi skank and took over the house. What is OWS doing? What are their goals? Do you expect to see an OWS candidate?.. Not likely.

DAThey all do it”

Me- “They all do what?” “You support the OWS idiots? You ever go to an OWS rally? You ever done anything but complain? You sit on your fat ass acting intellectual but you haven’t done shit. You complain, argue and whine about the way things are but haven’t done shit. You put your ass out there for something, stand for something ANYTHING, get off your ass and do something about the problems you see, you pick a fucking side and stand. I have, I’ve put my ass out there several times. You? Not a fucking thing…. It’s all about what you read, and assume accurate. You’re the reason this nation is in a fucking collapse pattern, you are SHEEP, you are moved by emotions rather than facts. You should be out there in a tent with your brethren who want everything handed to them”…

DA“I guess I hit a nerve”…

At this point I think my wife stabbed my leg with a fork and I took my gaze off DA to see the rest of the family sitting with their jaws open…. Awkward….

Anyway, the rest of the night the guy kept his distance from me for some reason. It might have been the blood dripping from my eyeballs….

We have folks in this world who believe Obama is not left enough, There is no GOD, and OWS are legitimate. 3 topics, 3 failures and if I had DA in a room for a day or two I’d be able to get some sense in him. It may be in the form of a .45 cal slug…

More Islamic Rage over Koran burning…

More Islamic Rage over Koran burning…

I’m seriously enjoying this. But then again I’m just a common sense kind of guy. I see this entire thing as a REASON we should be fighting and killing these bastards with extreme prejudice.

Quran-Burning Protests Rage In Afghanistan (From NPR, No Link EVER)

Afghan protests against the burning of a Quran in Florida entered a third day with a demonstrations in the south and east Sunday, while the Taliban called on people to rise up, blaming government forces for any violence.

The desecration at a small U.S. church has outraged Muslims worldwide, and in Afghanistan many of the demonstrations have turned into deadly riots. Protests in the north and south in recent days have killed 20 people.

Deadly Koran-Burning Protests Spread to Eastern Afghanistan

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Demonstrators battled police in southern Afghanistan’s main city on Sunday and took to the streets in the turbulent east for the first time as Western pleas failed to halt the third day of rage over a Florida pastor’s burning of the Koran.

Take a good look at these pictures:

The bottom picture was a fire started with the American flag and an Obama effigy. Can you see the “peaceful” in these guys? I’m looking real hard and I just don’t see it. I also know that the only way I’d have that kind of rage in me is if someone hurt my family. A book burning? hell even a flag burning wouldn’t produce that kind of rage..Well unless I was on scene when some asshole did it.

To my progressive friends..Like Leslie of Oklahoma Is it okay that the Muslims lump ALL of US in as guilty for the actions of One pastor? Is it okay that they blame the entire nation for the actions of a few? I really want your opinion on it, really I do.. 🙄

Remember “All Muslims are not bad” maybe they should understand “All Americans are not burning Korans”… Just a thought.

The other thing that truly bugs me is: The knee jerk reaction that this caused. Our progressive idiots like Leslie seem to think if NOBODY burns a Koran, it makes things safer for our troops IN WAR. This thinking is so ridiculous that I have a tough time even grasping the argument.

Let me try though: Because a man burned a Koran in FLORIDA, the enemy will be MORE inclined to try and kill our troops than they were BEFORE the Koran was burned. Yeah, That’s it right?

Then this makes sense too:

If the pastor in Florida decided to CONVERT to Islam then the enemy would lay down their weapons and quit fighting too right?

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Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

Code Pink and Fred Phelps, two of a kind…

There is very little difference between the two groups. Matter of fact the only difference I see is the use of the word “GOD”. They both hate the US soldier, they both love to incite the public, they both have very little regard for the united states population. They both are self absorbed idiots that have NO CLUE about reality.

They may have a little issue over the “Gay” thing but I’m sure some dialog can overcome that difference…

I give you exhibit A:

A bunch of “Elite” San Francisco “better than you” code pinko’s decide they should go to an area that lived under “Code Pinks” desired world and didn’t like it much…

The outcome was less than friendly. Hahaha. The group that lived under the rule of Code Pinks hero was not a fan I guess, nor did they seem to like “Che” as a role model…Who knew?


Fred Phelps and his crew of idiots are pretty much the same way. They have no clue about what they preach. They hate “Fags” so GOD must hate fags..

I give you exhibit B:

So when will the “Fred Phelps and Code Pink Rally to restore sanity” be held? and where will it be? I mean there are no two other groups in our nation that compliment each other so much. Let’s get the rally planned yall… Come on hurry, the nation needs you two idiots together quick…




Should Gun stores be held responsible?

Should Gun stores be held responsible?

I saw a poll at the Washington Post.

Please hit this poll.

Are Gun stores responsible for crime.

1. Should gun stores be held responsible for crimes committed with weapons that they have sold?

Yes or no?

Now when I took the poll, the thing that bothered me was 48% said yes. WTF?

So I guess:

A car dealership should be held accountable for wrecks and drunk drivers.

The pound should be held responsible for any dog bites.

7-11’s should be held accountable for any fires that were started by a bic lighter.

The hardware store should be held responsible for the robbery where a hammer was used to break in to the residence.

Add some of your own if you want but this is ruckin fidiculous. 😥

How is it that Americans are becoming DUMBER? What the hell is wrong with people? 48% of the people that took that poll just removed all doubt that idiocy is rampant in our nation. Anyone that would suggest that a gun store is responsible for the actions of a customer has no clue about the word “responsible:” Responsibility is a two way street. IF the gun store followed the “LAW” and sold the firearm LEGALLY, they have met the criteria to do business.

The customer is RESPONSIBLE after he/she purchases the firearm. IF he/she decides to commit a crime after he/she walks out of the store, how is the gun store responsible?

MY GAWD!!! Duct tape is needed to wrap the head…. :gun:

Idiot tried to Book the President…

Idiot tried to Book the President…

For the record I can’t stand Obama. I have no more disgust toward him than I do toward Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. I can’t stand either of them equally. Not personally either. I don’t like their friends, I don’t like their policies and I don’t like what they have done to a once great nation. That being said:

The S.O.B that threw the book at the POTUS should be publicly flogged, beaten with a cane and then shoved in a hole so deep the miners in Chile would be looking down on him. We can disagree on politics and the liberal vs conservative issues thing. But attacking the POTUS physically is off limits.

One Nation Rally had more people than…

One Nation Rally had more people than…

The Restoring honor rally? on 8/29?

Except the Restoring honor rally was held on 8/28.. Just another fail in a long line of fails…

Someone please tell the union thugs, progressive slugs, welfare mugs, and socialist/marxist/communist bugs that this is pathetic. Trying to compare the “Restoring Honor” rally with their PAID to PLAY Soros backed Union rally is really sad. And on top of sad it’s a lie.

So liberpukes, progressives and Demonrats, please stop trying to compare the two it makes you look foolish….You can’t compete, It’s like you clowns are a bunch of frisbee throwing frat boys trying to play football against an NFL team…It doesn’t work.

Oh and one more thing libertrash:
How about maybe, just maybe if it’s not too much to ask… Clean up your mess? I mean it’s you clowns that are pushing the Environmental, global warming hoax…Shouldn’t you try and at least act like you care?

When the Restoring honor rally ended the DC clean up crew had a minor task ahead of them. When the “Environmentalists” left the mall, the task was monumental.

WHY? I guess it’s because of the elite mentality. The “Do as I say not as I do” folks…

Get out the vote guys, if not these are the type of people that will be running our nation for the next four years:

Why is California so messed up?

Why is California so messed up?

This is hard to watch but it’s a fact. You could go into just about any high school in this state and get the same type answers.


Caution a few bad words are uttered during this debacle.

We spend more money than any other industrialized nation on education, why are our kids so stupid? Here’s a thought, the education system is run by elitist liberal DEMOCRATS, so how do you keep DEMOCRATS in power? You keep the voting public stupid.

Do you honestly believe a company can be successful with employees like these? We blame the politicians and companies for jobs going over seas, how would a company compete with these idiots on their payroll?

The fact is our youth are being fed B.S daily in our schools, and when they get out they are even more idiotic than they were when they went in. And LORD help them if they go to college…The “liberalism” is a disease that has affected this state. It’s too late for California but you of other states can save yourselves…Beware the liberal mental disorder…