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Hypocrisy on the left… AGAIN!

Hypocrisy on the left… AGAIN!

Funny thing about the liberals, they don’t see the humor in this at all:

F*&K the President

The frustration with President Barack Obama over his tax cut compromise was palpable and even profane at Thursday’s House Democratic Caucus meeting.

One unidentified lawmaker went so far as to mutter “f— the president” while Rep. Shelley Berkley was defending the package the president negotiated with Republicans. Berkley confirmed the incident, although she declined to name the specific lawmaker.

“It wasn’t loud,” the Nevada Democrat said. “It was just expressing frustration from a very frustrated Member.”

When the senator from South Carolina CORRECTLY yelled “You lie” at the POTUS in the State of the Union address, the liberals went NUTS calling him everything from racist to anti-American. But saying “Fu*K the President is just frustration? Wha? :rotfl:

Man I tell you if this wasn’t real it would make for one hilarious sit-com. Our liberal elites that have convinced themselves that keeping the poor, poor is good for the nation, have also convinced themselves that keeping the tax rates the same during a major recession is a bad idea. They believe giving more money to poor and paying people not to work is a better idea than making the business environment more conducive to hiring those out of work…. BIZARRE.

In a liberals mind the more unemployed the more votes they will get in the next election. The more welfare money that is shoveled into the poor areas will result in more votes. I think that time has passed. I think the narrative has switched.

Think of it like this: The liberal argument that “Trickle down economics is a failure and it’s proven now” is the same argument about the liberal federal funding of their special projects “Giving people money to not work is a failure”

IF I was elected and sitting in the senate I would not vote for this tax cut “Compromise” Unless as I stated in the below post, it was gamesmanship. I would vote to not give Obama a damn thing. I would vote to let the tax cuts expire. I would vote to not do a damn thing until the next congress session. Then I would work for a solution and that would include retroactive tax breaks.

Truthfully I am enjoying to no end the liberpuke head explosions that are occurring across the nation.

Note to Sarah Palin, you are now free to take a vacation we have Obama now.

Double Standard or Hypocrisy?

Double Standard or Hypocrisy?

I’d sure like to know how liberals feel about these little examples:

When GWB was in office, the patriot act was “The most intrusive anti constitutional invasion of privacy ever” and George Bush was becoming Hilter, he was running us into a fascist state. He was authorizing wire taps of Americans and it was deplorable.

We Americans didn’t like it, but we understood some of the things that were going on defended it. I say we as Conservatives. We had issues with wiretapping but it was pretty much believed that a certain amount of profiling was being used.

Now Obama has been in Office for 2 years and he’s continued the Patriot act, and he’s authorized our military to KILL AMERICAN citizens. WITHOUT a TRIAL.  Silence from the left…WHY?

When GWB was in office, removing our shoes at the airport was UNACCEPTABLE to liberals because it was an invasion of privacy. It created long lines and it was unnecessary because only one terrorist tried and failed because we Americans are smarter now…

NOW, Obama is office for two years and we are being strip searched before boarding a plane and it’s “Okay because it keeps us safe” WHY?

When GWB was in office Gitmo was a terrorist torture facility and the inmates should be tried in American courts, and the prison should be shut down.

NOW, Obama has been in office for 2 years and Gitmo is still open, there has been one trial in American courts and the murdering muslim got off on all counts except one due to the reluctance of evidence sharing by the prosecution. Safety concerns trumped justice and that’s okay now….WHY?

When GWB was in office we were inundated with casualty figures from every military operation from Iraq to Afghanistan. Front Page stories of the men killed in battle and never ending opinion about how the war was going bad and our brave men and women were fighting a useless war.

NOW Obama’s been in office for 2 years and casualties from Afghanistan and Iraq are on the back pages of newspapers, the main stream media mentions it only if it’s been put out by Fox News. Any story about the war itself is followed with positive attributes. WHY?

I know you think you are supporting your boy but if you can’t admit this is seriously WRONG you are lost and should be shot for ignorance unbecoming an American.

I understand your reluctance to join the “Right” but at least admit your failure in remaining impartial. Any liberal that doesn’t see what’s happening to our once great nation is an accomplice and as such should be tried for treason, should the day come when arms are needed to repair their damage.

The American media needs to quilt sheltering and coddling Obama, he needs to answer for his actions and if he’s truly trying to “Chavez” our nation, he’s going to find out WE Americans don’t take kindly to that type of governance. The warning shot was Nov 2nd. The cannonball on his lap will be Nov of 2012….Bye Bye…