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American “Lapdog” Media

I’ve been screaming from the roof tops since 2008 that the American Mainstream Media has forsaken their jobs. Their jobs are the “Watchers” and they have became the “Enablers.” MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL TO BREAK EVEN ONE OF FOUR OBAMA SCANDALS … Continue reading

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After Action Report-Boston

Well, I’ve let the events play out without posting any of the conclusions I came to over the last five days or so. Time to say what’s on my mind… I do NOT hold a grudge against the MUSLIM terrorists. … Continue reading

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Tea Party goes Violent….And What if Palin were POTUS

Sorry, had to put that in the title to get the progressives to see it’s NOT the tea party.. Now that is just the recent vitriol from the LEFT. There are NO Constitutionalists, Conservatives, or TEA PARTY members at any … Continue reading

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So what has this accomplished?

Liberal lies and deceit on this latest act of INDIVIDUAL violence. What have we learned? 1. We learned that any violence against anyone with a D in front of their name is immediately the fault of the tea party, Sarah … Continue reading

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