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Bubba Tells it LIKE IT IS!

Bubba Tells it LIKE IT IS!

Bubba gives a great 2nd Amendment Speech and lets the ignorant media hold both barrels.

Huge tip of the stetson to “The Daily Gator

Now tell me this man doesn’t lay it on the line. This 2nd Amendment speech is one for the ages. He’s done us a great service by posting this and if you can argue ANYTHING he said, you must realize YOU are the problem with this nation. And as such are my enemy, you are my hated adversary and you will be afforded NO RESPECT, NO CIVILITY, NO CORDIALITY.

This video found at daily gator was linked to “What Bubba Knows” I’m not sure if it’s the same Bubba. (I’m thinking it’s gotta be) but give the guy a read. He nails this whole debt limit debate with a perfect analogy. I’ll be adding his site to the “Best of the web” page soon.


Tell the TRUTH!

Tell the TRUTH!

I’ve posted about the bias in the MSM for many years. There are a couple of outlets that call them on it. There have been video after video proof of bias and yet the MSM or SRM (State run media) has yet to correct their ways. Lately though there has been a notable effort on some stations to appear more centrist. Not that they are mind you, but trying to appear that way.

I found this from the MRC at FoxNation.

The reason we have Obama in office right now is a direct result of the MSM deceiving the public. The truth was out there, but since fox news was the only one reporting it, they were deemed crazy. It’s kind of like the neighbor that has a problem with loud music in the neighborhood and complains, but no one else in the neighborhood does. It’s the basic principle of numbers to get action. The tea party, Neighborhood watches community organizations all understand this concept. The media understands it too. As long as Fox is the only network reporting the problems with Obama and co. Fox comes off as a partisan network or crazy.

One of our biggest challenges over the next couple years and beyond will be to get the MSM to start doing their jobs and reporting facts without bias. We do that just like we have been. Stop watching them. I haven’t watched an alphabet network for years. The reason is they are pushing an agenda and they are ALL doing it. CNN to MSNBC and all of the MSM as well as FOX. BUT FOX has more liberals on their news shows than any of the others have conservatives. IF you look at the payroll of FOX news you’ll see SEVERAL liberals on it. Count the Conservatives on the other networks…

Media needs to be held accountable for their actions. IF you are a liberal watch a way, have fun, feel good and keep your head in the sand. IF you are a conservative, don’t click the channel they are on.

You can tell by the ratings who is the most popular…Fox News, the crazy neighbor.