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Obama’s College Years: Is this it?

Obama’s College Years: Is this it?

Breitbart claimed that he had damaging evidence of Obama during his years of college and was going to release it on March 1st. Unfortunately he died on March 1st. So what we have now is the “Supposed” evidence being outed by folks within Breitbart’s media team.

Stolen without permission and I’m not sorry for doing it from Free North Carolina


Now I get the point of this bit of footage. The media is in the tank for Obama… Who knew? Everyone. So is this it? Is this as good as it gets?

Personally I hope there’s more because if Bill Ayers, Valerie Jarret, Rev Wright, Van Jones and their relationship wasn’t enough to stop Obama in 08, I doubt Bell will be any different. I Also hope that this is what Andrew Breitbart intended and its not “All that’s left” after “Cleaning”…

O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

The story:

Officers injured during clash with ‘Occupy’ protesters at California Capitol
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – At least two law enforcement officers were injured during a clash with members of the Occupy movement who were at the state Capitol to protest a rally by a pro-white group.

The clash erupted about 3 p.m. Monday as California Highway Patrol and Sacramento city police officers were escorting about 35 members of the South Africa Project to a parking garage following their protest outside the Capitol building.

An Associated Press photographer says roughly 50 members of Occupy Oakland began throwing cans and bottles at the South Africa group and at the officers. The Occupy members then rushed the officers as people with the pro-whites group rushed into the parking garage.
A city police officer was injured when a member of the Occupy group jumped on him, and a CHP officer was hurt after being struck by an object. Both were taken from the scene by ambulance. At least two Occupy members were arrested. The violence abated after a large contingent of law enforcement arrived at the scene, about one block from the Capitol. (Bold type MINE)

Now let’s not put the ownership of the violence on OWS.. Of course not, it’s the PRO-WHITE group. The first thing I thought was Neo-Nazi’s or some other Socialist/Racist group… BUT let’s look into the “South Africa Project” for a minute.

From their website: South Africa Project

Right now the South Africa Project with this brand new website is launching a national campaign that will hopefully  set in motion a domino affect, that  if effective, will unleash an outcry from White voices around the world that will thunder the heavens and ring in the ears of honest, decent, caring individuals in and outside of the political spectrum from around the world. Which hopefully will shock the conscience, forging action, that will bring a stop to, the  ATROCITY of GENOCIDE of Whites blacks in South Africa and around the world.

Here’s the mission of the project:

South Africa Project is launching a campaign to draw concerned men and women to appeal to the masses of White Black citizens of the international community, to convince them to ban together, to form a human tidlewave, a tsunami of flesh, a flood  of outrage that will command attention and action from our lawmakers, our congressmen, our senators, our governors, our politicans and media moguls of every strain, to convince, if not convict them, of the growing threat to the White Black South African.

I  struck through  the word “White” from the statement and inserted word “Black” to not offend anyone. See how simple it is? IF black genocide is happening and Blacks call attention to it, then it’s okay. WHITES on the other hand must be racist if they care… Pretty simple once you understand the rules I guess.

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Why So Quiet Liberals???

Why So Quiet Liberals???

George Bush signed the Patriot act and the left went NUTS, Now Obama signs the “indefinite detention” bill and the crickets are chirping. Ron Paul and his supporters at the very least have been consistent in their outrage over this and the P.A.

While I am NOT very concerned over the “Patriot Act” per se. I have my reasons that are all laid out on previous posts. And the Indefinite Detention bill has it’s merits but it’s also a step closer to that “Tyrant” line. The real answer to both of these acts seems to be evading the powers in charge. Basically it boils down to recognizing the enemy and destroying it. The fact that after 9-11-2001 we still have yet to recognize or destroy is a failure that will be written about by our great grand children.

There was a time when America went after those who threatened her. Sorry to see that time passed. But in 2012 I’m sure we’ll get a chance to defend her from the same enemy we refuse to recognize.

What I’d really like to see is some consistency in liberal media. If a REPUBLICAN would have done half the crap the POS in the WH has done there would be calls for impeachment and resignations… But since DUH WON is in charge it’s all okay… sad isn’t it?




You can’t make this stuff up… But rest assure, the MSM will find away to make this the tea party’s fault…

Obama has said MANY times.. “PASS THIS BILL” on his “Jobs bill” So Republican leader Mitch McConnell asked for unanimous consent to proceed on voting on the bill.

Then Harry Reid (who by the way hasn’t passed a budget in almost 900 days) OBJECTED to the motion and killed the opportunity for a vote… But it’s those “Republicans” who are not “Compromising” with “Duh Won”…

You can’t make this stuff up. What we have here is a failure to communicate. In 2010 we sent a STRONG message that we’re tired of the liberal elite policies that have bankrupt our nation in six years. Yes I know GWB was the POTUS but anyone who knows how our government works KNOWS congress is the power. Democrat control from 2007 to 2011. How’s it looking folks?….

Harry Reid should have been defeated in 2010. Sharon Angle was painted as a kook by the media. She didn’t help herself by defending the charges. NOBODY ever does themselves any favors by trying to defend the charges of a left biased media. NEVER.

We will prevail in 2012. We will remove Obama from the WH and we will take control of Congress. We may not get 100% of TRUE CONSERVATIVE members. But we’ll get enough to make the rest step up to the plate.

Harry, your days are numbered you worthless pile of filth.

Tea Party vs Wall Street Protesters…

Tea Party vs Wall Street Protesters…

Evidently the way you get GOOD media attention and sympathy is “ANARCHY” our next Tea party rally should aim to beat this liberal show of force…

We will need over 700 patriots to be arrested for breaking the law, we will need a lot of violent rhetoric and signs. The tea party has been going about it all wrong evidently.

3 years of tea party protests, ZERO arrests. 1 week of liberal protests 700+ arrests. Dang it, we’ve been slacking…

Can we please get our act together folks? We can’t let these low life slugs out do us can we?… The media deserves better from us.

Let me right the Story for the MSM Tea Party protest in November…

“Violent racist anti-government tea party activists arrested for inciting violence”….

3 Ladies of the American Tea Party movement were arrested today for pushing their walker across the street on a red light. They were heard yelling anti-Obama slurs as the cops drug them away. They were also later fined for littering since the walkers wouldn’t fit in the Prius’s the cops were driving… The horror of the protests was the signs… The Snake coiled and ready to strike, the 2nd Amendment shirts, the Anti Obama rhetoric was appalling…

Fairness in media and all that…


As the Election Approaches, Watch the MEDIA!

As the Election Approaches, Watch the MEDIA!

When you see this kind of action from “Our Elected Officials” then you know what’s going on is extreme censorship and it’s allowed by those who should be against it.

The guy asked a valid question. He’s a writer for a news organization. Why would you not allow him to ask the question? Why is easy. They don’t want ANY other opinion than theirs on the front pages.

Do you think the statement John Kerry made had any impact? You tell me. The guy was pro tea party okay, but is that different than being pro-Obama? Since when do the media decide which opinion is the right one? NEVER. Out founding fathers wanted the media to watch the rulers. We have never been in this kind of danger in the history of our nation and its the MEDIA who is to blame for it.

You want to know how far off the beaten path our nation has gone? When an alphabet network reporter asks a “REAL QUESTION” of the propaganda minister Jay Carney it makes head line news in conservative quarters. When GWB was in office, they were front page news with all their gotcha questions.

IF we the American people are to survive as the greatest nation in the world, WE the PEOPLE must have information. We the PEOPLE must demand the “Free Media” quit acting like SLAVES to Government. Free media is picking the winners and losers in our government.

We have a couple of options in my humble opinion.

1. Organized boycotts (Never work but if it were extremely wide spread might force some “Honest Reporting”)

2. Challenge the alphabet networks news programs by blanketing them with emails and calls asking them to answer questions since they wont ask their Masters.

Both of those solutions need massive involvement from ALL people. IF you are a libber and believe in ONE MESSAGE ONLY reporting then stay with it. Cable news is not the target of this rant, cable news is paid for, FREE news is over the air waves and is mostly viewed by poor people. What do they hear? Yep that’s why there are so many inner city DEMOCRATS they get their news from the alphabet networks. Those very people get paid off the backs of the poor keep them enslaved. This must change.

What’s worse? Well the people that watch the alphabet networks for their news are poor and probably don’t have internet. So they won’t see how they are being led into bondage. We need to free them if we are to survive. Freeing the slaves of the entitlement mentality is hard work… Who is ready to do it?


Attack on Fox News…

Attack on Fox News…

So Media Matters, Van Jones and the entire liberal/progressive/communist crowd have unveiled the plan to attack Fox. Jon Stewert fired one of the first strikes on Chris Wallace’s show. He was let off the hook for the most part which is a topic for another post. But he was found to be not only lying, but seriously MISINFORMED.

Those of us on the right should be damn glad we have Fox News around. IF it wasn’t for Fox there would be no BALANCE at all. Now I’m not saying Fox is perfect. I have some serious issues with some of their anchors. BUT It’s because I AM A PARTISAN SOB. I’m an extremist. I’m PRO-AMERICA ALL THE TIME. I don’t give a damn about the other view point anymore. I’ve heard about ALL I CARE TO from Chris Tingles, Ed Shultz, any idiot on CNN, Katie Cun#ic or any moron on the Alphabet Networks. I am not interested anymore.

I’ve heard enough of the lies from the left. I’m done trying to see both sides of any issue. Sorry, the left has been found lying so many times it’s not worth the effort to try and meet them half way.

Fox News has at least 7 liberals on their upper tier payroll. Fox elicits other opinions on their show. Fox allows debate between the hero’s of the left and right. Can ANY of the other network say they offer the other viewpoint? Joe Scarborough on MSNBC doesn’t count he’s more left than Geraldo… Sorry, not even close to intelligent opposition.

Fox has been by far the most FAIR news network out there, even if I disagree with some of their programing.

Fox News deserves kudos for standing up for us. They are investigating, they are pushing and questioning. They have been the only news organization that doesn’t carry the governments water. Think about it, if it wasn’t for Fox News we wouldn’t have heard anything about Van Jones, Phlegar, Rev Wright, operation gun walker, or pretty much anything regarding Obama. That’s a fact. Prove me wrong.

ANY item that is negative about Obama got it’s start and push from Fox news. There has been NONE, ZERO investigation into anything that would shine a bad light on Obama from ANY ALPHABET NETWORK since the primaries in 2007… How’s that for fair and balanced.

Anyone who would not stand by Fox News during this assault by Media Matters is not thinking with a clear head. Fox news is being assailed for one reason. To support their guy. They don’t want any negatives out. IF they get their way, what if? As of now, poor folks can get Fox news. Poor folks can at least get some truth from Fox News, without it and with NO Internet connections that’s the news our population gets. How do you like the chances of the truth?

Not good.



Synagogue Blast Suspect found in Cleveland

Synagogue Blast Suspect found in Cleveland

First it was a pipe bomb, then it was a natural gas explosion… Now the truth comes out.

Suspect Charged in Explosion Outside California Synagogue

CLEVELAND — A suspect in an explosion at a California synagogue has been charged in federal court with fleeing to avoid prosecution.

An affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles charges 60-year-old Ron Hirsch with flight to avoid prosecution for damaging or destroying a building. The affidavit says Hirsch, also known as Israel Fisher, violated federal law when he traveled from California to Ohio sometime between April 7 and Monday, when he was arrested in suburban Cleveland Heights.

The fact that some idiot tried to blow up a Jewish place of worship is really not the story here. What is the story is the lack of media attention paid to this act. Lets just change the name from “Synagogue” to “Mosque” and watch the fireworks.

We’ve seen this before haven’t we? Some idiot blasts a Muslim store owner “It’s ISLAMAPHOBIC” it’s a “HATE CRIME” caused by FOX NEWS, and the “RIGHT WING”….Some Mosque gets a piece of bacon thrown on the lawn and the alphabet networks go NUTS…. There are no less than 30 headlines and every station will have a CAIR representative proclaiming their peaceful nature. Oh and don’t forget the marches and protests that will eventually take place…But if it’s a “synagogue” move along, nothing to see here.

While the story was front page in this instance, it was quickly silenced by the “jump to conclusion” of the “Natural cause.” In any incident involving ISLAM the opposite is true. The first conclusion is always anti-Islam extremists. Why is that?

The highest rate of HATE CRIMES occurs against JEWS in our nation. Not GAYS, Not MUSLIMS, NOT BLACKS, NOT HISPANICS.. The Jews. Get it through your liberpuke heads. IF you are seriously about “equality” and “Diversity” how can you not back the one group that is being attacked more than any other? I guess it’s selective outrage. But I also figure it makes a lot of sense. Liberals believe Obama is “The ONE” just like NAZI’s believed Hitler was “the ONE”. When Obama tramples on our constitution, Liberals are okay with it. WHEN GWB did, it was unheard of, it was the rallying cry of liberpukes everywhere. Obama gets a pass…Yep very hitleresque.