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American “Lapdog” Media

I’ve been screaming from the roof tops since 2008 that the American Mainstream Media has forsaken their jobs. Their jobs are the “Watchers” and they have became the “Enablers.” MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL TO BREAK EVEN ONE OF FOUR OBAMA SCANDALS … Continue reading

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Benghazi a Job Well Done.

First off, lets give credit where it’s due. NEW MEDIA held on like a pit bull to this FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP story. Thank GOD for the internet, Fox News and Bloggers across the world. Well done. Now lets talk about … Continue reading

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Media Bias? The Hell you say!

I hope everyone is paying attention to the news these days. Not my favorite folks who read my rants, the sheeple who listen to daily/nightly news. For those of you that may say, “There’s no media bias in the Boston … Continue reading

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Well, Another 4 years.

I had to step away from the blog for a couple days after the election. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going postal or in a rage about the results. I am disgusted. For all the positive things Romney represented … Continue reading

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Obama and his Media wing took a hit.

After the first debate, Romney the clear winner put the Obama campaign on defense. For the very first time in his career, the media actually took a unbiased look at the pretender in chief. It wasn’t very drastic but it … Continue reading

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Jake Tapper tells it like it is.

Many of us have been witness to the media’s water carrying. We’ve known for many years that if you want facts not spin, you need to research yourself. There’s absolutely no reason to rely on the MainStream Media for your … Continue reading

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Obama “Turn off Fox News!”

Obama visited a bar in Ohio while on campaign again. Cruising around on a Canadian made bus talking about everything BUT the TRUE effects of his policies on our nations economy. Now we get the numbers. 8.2% unemployment, stagnant growth, … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious and Obama’s Dilema

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Just trying to keep our heads above water. We’re doing all we can to stave off the effects of this never ending recession and we’re losing the battle. We’ll survive and we’ll do it without … Continue reading

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