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Fast and Furious and Obama’s Dilema

Fast and Furious and Obama’s Dilema

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Just trying to keep our heads above water. We’re doing all we can to stave off the effects of this never ending recession and we’re losing the battle. We’ll survive and we’ll do it without the government. That’s what we do. Now onto the latest example of incompetent leadership.

Eric Holder was held in contempt and Obama inserted his “Executive Privilege” Which is HIS RIGHT TO DO. Presidents have exercised that option throughout history. However; If you spent the last year or so claiming you knew nothing about Operation Fast and Furious, claiming executive privilege makes you either a liar in the first part. OR a very good friend to cover up the lies in the second part. Either way, it’s now YOURS.

Now, the entire investigation has been blamed on Racism is nothing new. But what is new is the latest Pelosi reasoning: “There’s a connection between this witch hunt and the fact that Eric Holder is fighting against voter suppression” WOW How many yoga classes do you have to take to twist facts into that reasoning? Too stupid for words is she. (YODA)

Now the next excuse is.. Wait for it… BUSH’S FAULT. I love this one. And the uneducated believe it.. or are too love struck with king Obama to apply reason and logic to that charge.
Facts are miserable things to liberal/progressive/power hungry democrats.

The heart of the issue for me is simple: The underhandedness at which this operation was undertaken is a real problem. It shows the character of those in charge and it calls into question the lengths they will go to get their agenda through the American people.

Here’s a couple more things to think about:

1. Trayvon Martin looks like Obama’s son. Sandra Fluke gets a call from Obama after Rush correctly pointed out that she’s a slut. Brian Terry’s family has yet to hear from Obama.

2. The Media, the very people who are supposed to be watching the rulers for the people didn’t even run the story until months after it broke. And who broke it? Bloggers.

3. Can you imagine the actions of these agenda driven king complexed elected officials if BLOGGERS were silenced? Can you imagine the damage done to our nation with only NETWORK MEDIA to report?

Just a few things to think about the next time you watch the state run media and think they are doing their jobs.


Tea Party vs Wall Street Protesters…

Tea Party vs Wall Street Protesters…

Evidently the way you get GOOD media attention and sympathy is “ANARCHY” our next Tea party rally should aim to beat this liberal show of force…

We will need over 700 patriots to be arrested for breaking the law, we will need a lot of violent rhetoric and signs. The tea party has been going about it all wrong evidently.

3 years of tea party protests, ZERO arrests. 1 week of liberal protests 700+ arrests. Dang it, we’ve been slacking…

Can we please get our act together folks? We can’t let these low life slugs out do us can we?… The media deserves better from us.

Let me right the Story for the MSM Tea Party protest in November…

“Violent racist anti-government tea party activists arrested for inciting violence”….

3 Ladies of the American Tea Party movement were arrested today for pushing their walker across the street on a red light. They were heard yelling anti-Obama slurs as the cops drug them away. They were also later fined for littering since the walkers wouldn’t fit in the Prius’s the cops were driving… The horror of the protests was the signs… The Snake coiled and ready to strike, the 2nd Amendment shirts, the Anti Obama rhetoric was appalling…

Fairness in media and all that…


N-word hurled at Black lawmakers?

N-word hurled at Black lawmakers?

Really? I wasn’t there so I’ve been digging around looking for some audio proof. I truly don’t doubt that there were some idiots among the crowd that will use the event to prove their idiocy. However; I also know the liberpuke media is prone to make up “Events” as they see fit to promote their cause. MSNBC, NBC, ABC and the like have never failed to make up a story if it helps the socialist cause.

Found at Chicago Rays

Now if this was the incident in question, the proof is clearly audible. NO N-Word heard. That being said, I have met first hand the kind of morons that show up for events like this. When we traveled to DC for the first GOE, there was one idiot in particular that stood out from the crowd. He had a bull horn shouting about “Wetbacks” and “Ragheads” he had about 4 folks around him egging him on. MOST of us either told him to shut the Fk up, or ignored him, however; the media and liberpukes made him the centerpiece of the day.

Folks at rally’s like this can take a couple of actions to limit the idiots exposure to the media. The first one is simple: Move their ass out of your side of the argument. This is very difficult to do in the heat of the day, emotions are high and when you start moving folks out of your area, it tends to lend fuel to the other side. The best thing to do is distance yourself from the idiot. Make them ALONE, make a clear distinction between our side and the idiots. Use the PD to do it if you have to, but do not let the morons corrupt your rally by giving the media a focal point that is not your message.

Anyway, the N-Word was NOT used, I’m trying to find the audio of someone calling Barney Frank a “Faggot” I haven’t found it yet..

The Tea party is made up of hard working Americans for the most part, and just like the liberpukes of ANSWER, and La-RAZA, we got our share of morons that creep in. The difference is the MSM doesn’t focus on the liberpuke idiots, they are “Fair and Balanced” and only pick the folks that can state the cause eloquently, but when the tea party gets some air time, the media seem to single out the folks missing the most teeth, and wearing the flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off…Not that that’s a bad thing but image is everything.