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Baby Steps of Gun Control…

California used to have the worst gun laws in the nation. New York has taken the top spot now. But it’s early. In California, 30 round mags are illegal, so are certain firearms. These mags and firearms are readily available … Continue reading

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How do you like the “New Tone?”

Remember when Congresswoman Gifford was wounded and Six others were killed in the shooting in Tucson by a deranged right wing, tea party loving Sarah Palin fan loser? The immediate response from the liberal group think was “We need to … Continue reading

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One Nation Rally had more people than…

The Restoring honor rally? on 8/29? Except the Restoring honor rally was held on 8/28.. Just another fail in a long line of fails… Someone please tell the union thugs, progressive slugs, welfare mugs, and socialist/marxist/communist bugs that this is … Continue reading

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