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Baby Steps of Gun Control…

Baby Steps of Gun Control…

California used to have the worst gun laws in the nation. New York has taken the top spot now. But it’s early.

In California, 30 round mags are illegal, so are certain firearms. These mags and firearms are readily available in neighboring Arizona. A piece of land in AZ is pretty cheap in the desert and having a piece of land in AZ means I can claim residence in AZ. This will allow me to do some very important things around state laws.

In New York, they are making 7 round magazines the max capacity. So we went from high cap to 10 rounds to 7 rounds. What will California do now since they have a democrat Super Majority? Let me guess:

They will go to 5 round mag capacity, they will also add another one or two “Assault weapon” indicators and ban the sale/manufacture/transportation of said firearms. Baby steps.

California will be the top anti-gun state in the nation. Now if you pay attention, you will also notice that the gang members and murderers as well as the criminals will not abide by those laws… I will not be abiding by ANY state or federal law that infringes on my right to bear arms. FACT.

Any LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER either federal or state who follows and abides by any law that infringes on the 2nd amendment rights is an enemy of the people. Any liberal gun grabber is an enemy of the American people. It’s very important that the line be clear. The 2nd amendment is NOT DEBATABLE. IF you are of the mind that “Some bans of firearms is okay” and you believe the current laws banning machine guns and several other arms is not enough. YOU ARE THE ENEMY. IF you are willing to vote for additional bans and you fill a seat in government, you are the enemy. IF you are a member of my family and believe we need more gun laws, you are the enemy.

If the shooting starts you need to know where you stand. I know where I stand.

I stand with this prayer:

Dear GOD, since we are too stupid to prevent the disaster that is coming, please allow the fight to come soon so that I am still young enough to fight. Let the disaster occur now while I can be effective in defense and offense rather than leaving it for my kids and grandkids. Amen.


How do you like the “New Tone?”

How do you like the “New Tone?”

Remember when Congresswoman Gifford was wounded and Six others were killed in the shooting in Tucson by a deranged right wing, tea party loving Sarah Palin fan loser? The immediate response from the liberal group think was “We need to stop the rhetoric and set a new tone”… Now after Wisconsin went into complete chaos over Scott Walkers BOLD COURAGEOUS move, the “New Tone” has given way to Bully, intimidate, riot, lie (As always) and basically do what ever it takes to win.

Angry MoveOn Mob Threatens to Kick Down Boehner’s Door

One woman kicks the door to the screams of “kick it down” behind her. More than a 100 protesters showed up at Boehner’s Ohio office. The protest just happened to be organized by MoveOn.org and the person they interview here is from the SEIU.

Now besides the HYPOCRISY of these morons (No protests against Nancy Pelosi who held the gavel for 4 years and drove us into bankruptcy and huge unemployment rates) I wanted to point out something that I think is being missed.

Where were the SUPPORTERS of Boehner? Where were the supporters of the people WE the PEOPLE put in the house of reps in 2010? Whether or not you are pissed off at John Boehner, whether or not you are pissed off at the house of reps as a whole. This type of protest can not go unchallenged. We are in a fight right now. We need to be visible in defense of the guys/gals on our side.

Let me tell you WHY it’s important that this little temper tantrum by a bunch of idiots should be challenged face to face. Because if you let them get away with it, in 2012 its going to be WAY WORSE. If this type of thing is happening in your area and you don’t agree with it. STAND UP! Grab some friends and STAND THE HELL UP.

IF you are pissed about what some Republican did on one vote or another and decide to stay silent that’s one thing. IF you have RISEN to support them ONCE. It’s very important that WE the PEOPLE be IN IT TO WIN IT. Meaning quite simply, OPPOSE the MORONS face to face. Bring it at least once so the guy in the office will notice you missing next time.

Riots are coming here folks there’s no doubt. The class war is about to get pushed into main street because of one reason. Obama is losing public support at a rapid rate. The blame is being pushed away from him on to you. The opposition is setting the “NEW TONE” and its them against us. We want our leaders to show courage. They aren’t going to if they face this kind of “MoveOn, SEIU” thuggery alone. AND they shouldn’t.

The plan from here on out should be led by local tea party folks. (Something they should actually have been doing since inception) COUNTER THE ACTIONS IN PERSON! Organize within your area, get emails and phone numbers of people willing to STAND and do something other than complain and make phone calls.

Some of you may think I’m upset because this happened to Boehner. Personally I’m not a big fan of Boehner at the moment. But NOBODY in elected office deserves to be protested in this manner. It’s a sign of the times and if we don’t challenge it, it will grow into an SOP for the left. Stand up or keep whining and we will watch this place burn. Your choice.

One Nation Rally had more people than…

One Nation Rally had more people than…

The Restoring honor rally? on 8/29?

Except the Restoring honor rally was held on 8/28.. Just another fail in a long line of fails…

Someone please tell the union thugs, progressive slugs, welfare mugs, and socialist/marxist/communist bugs that this is pathetic. Trying to compare the “Restoring Honor” rally with their PAID to PLAY Soros backed Union rally is really sad. And on top of sad it’s a lie.

So liberpukes, progressives and Demonrats, please stop trying to compare the two it makes you look foolish….You can’t compete, It’s like you clowns are a bunch of frisbee throwing frat boys trying to play football against an NFL team…It doesn’t work.

Oh and one more thing libertrash:
How about maybe, just maybe if it’s not too much to ask… Clean up your mess? I mean it’s you clowns that are pushing the Environmental, global warming hoax…Shouldn’t you try and at least act like you care?

When the Restoring honor rally ended the DC clean up crew had a minor task ahead of them. When the “Environmentalists” left the mall, the task was monumental.

WHY? I guess it’s because of the elite mentality. The “Do as I say not as I do” folks…

Get out the vote guys, if not these are the type of people that will be running our nation for the next four years: