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Gun Control vs Voter ID…

Gun Control vs Voter ID…

The more I have to deal with California Laws, the more frustrated and downright angry I get. For example:

My wife suffers with sinus issues. The best medication for her is Claritin-D 24 hour. When she or I pick it up, we have to show ID and it’s tracked how many times we’ve purchased this medication. IF we’ve bought too much in a 30 day period, they will deny us the medication. And they know within minutes if we’ve hit our limit.

When I go buy a gun in California, I have to go through a background check that costs 30+ dollars. This is added to the price of the firearm. IF I fail the check, I don’t get the money back nor do I get the firearm. I also must wait 10 days, sign more paperwork than if I were buying a car before I can take possession of the firearm.

To vote for politicians and measures/propositions I must simply show up point out a name on a sheet say it’s me, or tell them a name and address. I don’t need to show them ID, fill out any paperwork, prove I know what or who I’m voting for…

So lets look at a potential way to get the Anti-Gun Democrats their dream of universal background checks (NOT REGISTRATION)

In my opinion: VOTING is more dangerous than the prior two. I contend that if they can tell me within minutes that I have purchased too many sinus medications, they can tell me if I’m a felon or illegal to posses a gun in the same time frame. I am in NO WAY in favor of background checks to get a firearm. I don’t like it at all. As an American I’m guarantee’d certain rights. MY RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS NOT UP FOR NEGOTIATION! That being said, we’re in a different world…

We live in a world that is very gray now. It’s not as simple as it used to be and people are far more stupid than they’ve ever been. We can thank our education system and the political class for dumbing down our nation. BUT perhaps common ground is achievable if we did some basic things.

I would give in on the background checks IF:

Universal Background checks done within 30 minutes and with an APPEAL PROCESS headed up by an entity of ELECTED not APPOINTED judges to oversee complaints by COUNTY not STATE with the power to over ride the Denial of rights in a SPEEDY fashion. From denial to Appeal to Judgement within 30 days. And once you have passed the background check, you are then able to get a concealed carry permit, IF you can pass the TEXAS style CCW tests. This has to be done at federal level so CA and NY can’t deny Americans their rights any more.

Democrats give on the VOTER ID:

2. VOTER ID. Must provide a VALID ID before voting. PERIOD. IF you aren’t smart enough to get an ID, you can’t be trusted to vote for someone who has the power to reduce or infringe on my rights.

The Democrat party loves to talk compromise, this is a compromise. It’s also one that would never fly with the Al Sharpton/MSNBC fans. And I don’t think the NRA would be happy with the Background checks.

Look, I’d rather be able to walk into a gun store and buy an AR like I buy a box of sinus medication. Matter of fact I’d like to be able to walk into a gun store and buy a gun like I buy a pepsi, but that’s not realistic these days.

Ive floated this idea before and many pro-gunners felt it was giving too much. I agree. But I also know that a background check is quick and easy. I offer NO Compromise on the registration of firearms, No limits on magazine sizes nor caliber. If you pass a background check, you should be afforded the right to own a defensive weapon of your choice (ICBM’s and F-22 raptors not included)

Voter ID needs to be implemented ASAP and if there’s a way we can get it with compromising universal background checks I say LETS DO IT ON OUR TERMS.


Just some late night thinking agree, disagree I don’t care. I just know that our nation has gone off the rails and someone needs to put it back on the track. Some variation of common sense needs to take hold.

Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Evidently I am missing something. The Texas state legislature has voted to end abortion after 20 weeks. What is 20 weeks? 5 months. What is 5 months? Over HALF of the total pregnancy time. So Texas has said you must decide to kill your child before 20 weeks of your pregnancy and this is wrong?

I am PRO-LIFE the opposite of which is PRO-DEATH. I am anti abortion the opposite of that is PRO-ABORTION. This can be difficult to understand I guess. I believe women do have a right to choose what happens to their body. I believe if a women allows a man to do her, she made the first choice. If she chooses to allow that man to do it unprotected, she made another choice. If she chooses to not to take precautions on her own, she made that choice too.

A woman who becomes pregnant after the CHOICES she already made then she has another choice the very next morning. There’s evidently a pill for that… Good or bad, its not important for this exercise.  Then, if she chooses NOT to do the “Morning after pill” and waits a week or two, she has another choice- Abortion (Which I don’t agree with, but its currently an option) So up to week 19 in TEXAS women have a total of 6 CHOICES she could make. Actually SEVEN because if you choose to wait until 20 weeks you have made a CHOICE to do NOTHING! That is not the BABY’S FAULT!

Why is this even a topic? ANY NORMAL THINKING HUMAN BEING has got to be seeing this clearly. We have Wendy Davis (D-BabyKiller) and her minions rioting because they want another CHOICE? They want to kill a 21 week old child? They want the right to kill a child in the womb over HALF of its incubation time? WHY IS THIS EVEN A DISCUSSION?

I would say after 3 weeks, if you haven’t made up your mind, you should be locked up and cared for until baby is born, baby given up for adoption and you sent to an island in Siberia because YOU’RE TOO STUPID TO BREED!

The world we live in is upside down. We have a PRO-LIFE stance for everything from lizards to endangered plants. But PRO-DEATH of our kids is okay? WTF?

Is Feinstein’s Gun Ban Dead?

Is Feinstein’s Gun Ban Dead?

I allowed myself a moment of gratitude to the GOD of reason when I heard Harry Reid was going to kill Dianne Feinstein’s (D-IPSHITCUNT) bill.

Assault weapons ban now unlikely to pass. What happened?

Majority leader Reid says the assault weapons ban will not be included in the gun control legislation he’ll bring to the Senate floor, giving the other measures a better chance at passage.


But don’t think it’s over folks. Never forget that SCOTUS is now an even tie for the most part. Don’t think so? How’d Obamacare work out? Also you should remember the very same argument was made during the Obamacare debates. Yet that passed with a few added amendments… Or should we say GIVE AWAYS. Remember the cornhusker kickback etc.. What is our freedom worth to the seat fillers in congress?


You honestly believe that Dianne Feinstein won’t get anything? You really believe that the senate will do minimal damage to our freedom rather than long term crippling? Here’s my crystal ball readings for you all.

Harry Reid will bring fourth a gun control legislation very soon. It will happen about the same time as the economic news is very bad. It will serve to deflect attention from the economy. The Feinstein bill will be offered in amendments by a couple of different senators. The ASSAULT WEAPON BAN WILL BE IN IT and so will the Magazine size limit. The debate will feature “Leaked” pictures of Newtown and/or Aurora… The demonization of anyone opposed to the gun bill will continue and everyone will be focused on this while our economy crashes further….


Hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t been when it comes to these new demonrats.

Fear Mongering, thy name is Democrat

Fear Mongering, thy name is Democrat

So the liberal narrative is failing before our eyes.  “Fear mongering” the term coined by those on the left who disagreed that our nation was in trouble. The term used to denounce anyone who felt Islam was a danger to us… Islam has continued to be a force of evil but that’s not the reason for this post…

The Keystone pipeline was to cause global climate change on a galactic scale… NOW? Well, the state department says no climate change will result from it… Ouch.


The sequester was to create chaos, teachers would be begging for food, police and fire departments would be idle and we would crash into the abyss.. Now? Well, it’s not going to be so bad… Ouch.

This is the liberal tactic that has been unmasked. Now I wish for Americans to awake and look at the current issue: GUNS. The liberal logic behind MORE GUN CONTROL is there’s going to be shootouts in the streets, kids will be massacred in schools if we don’t ban the AR-15 etc… Now? Will you allow the narrative to continue? Will you believe the emotional cries of chicken little or will you apply common sense? Please DEAR GOD, AMERICA MUST AWAKEN before our eyes are shut for good.