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Gun Control vs Voter ID…

The more I have to deal with California Laws, the more frustrated and downright angry I get. For example: My wife suffers with sinus issues. The best medication for her is Claritin-D 24 hour. When she or I pick it … Continue reading

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Texas vs Wendy Davis?

Evidently I am missing something. The Texas state legislature has voted to end abortion after 20 weeks. What is 20 weeks? 5 months. What is 5 months? Over HALF of the total pregnancy time. So Texas has said you must … Continue reading

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Is Feinstein’s Gun Ban Dead?

I allowed myself a moment of gratitude to the GOD of reason when I heard Harry Reid was going to kill Dianne Feinstein’s (D-IPSHITCUNT) bill. Assault weapons ban now unlikely to pass. What happened? Majority leader Reid says the assault … Continue reading

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Fear Mongering, thy name is Democrat

So the liberal narrative is failing before our eyes. ¬†“Fear mongering” the term coined by those on the left who disagreed that our nation was in trouble. The term used to denounce anyone who felt Islam was a danger to … Continue reading

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