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Blacks stick with Obama…

Funny stuff right here. The tea party is racist because we don’t like the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triad of DOOM…But black folks 91% are voting for Obama. Who’s the racist again? Ominous new Gallup findings for Democrats: Blacks still love Obama, others … Continue reading

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The TRUTH about Obama-care

IF you haven’t seen this, spend the 8 minutes to educate yourself on the Obamacare plan. Absolute TRUTH. Waiting for libturds head to explode… HT to the PC FREE ZONE

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Obama’s promises. aka LIES From the TOP

Now that the election is over, lets take a look at some of the campaign promises made by Osama bin Obama, AKA Barack Hussein Obama: Taxes • Give a tax break to 95% of Americans. • Restore Clinton-era tax rates … Continue reading

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The B. Hussein Obama Saga Continues..

From TexasFred Stolen in its entirety with permission of course. Senator Obama Signed a Contract with the Chicago Socialist Party Everything on the Post Below is Hyperlinked to a site within the Chicago Democratic party archives, there is no conjecture, … Continue reading

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